City of Monsters

Jacob and Michael- The next part – part 4

The beginnings of a trap emerge. The room constricted as a pair of zombies approached. One on the right and the other near the center of the room. The two remaining zombies negotiated a pile of bedding in the doorway.

“Bust the window!” Jacob shouted.

“No way, it will attract more from outside. We will never make it through without being mauled,” Michael replied.

Michael peered out the window, into the darkness.

“I can’t see a damn thing.”

“Smash it!” Jacob insisted. He approached the zombie in the center of the room with the bat. He swung and struck the creature in the chest. It heaved a breath. It stumbled, stood for a moment then continued forward. Jacob swung a second time hitting the creature’s shoulder. The bat fell. Jacob’s hands shook.

Michael tapped the window with his own bat putting a small hole in the center of the lower pain. A second tap shattered the rest of the glass. Michael pushed out the outside screen and stuck his head out the window. A pair of arms wrapped themself around Michael’s waist and he took in a panicked breath. Pulled from the window Michael turned and shoved Jacob into the opposite wall. Jacob tumbled into the wall, stuck it and slide to the floor.

“Dude.. no!” Michael warned.

Jacob gasp then replied, “Ass… look.”

Michael turned to find a pair of swollen hands grabbing at the meal that was in the window for a moment.

“Damn…” Michael grumbled. “Frickn monsters. Five years Jacob! We have been in this crap five years. Monster invasion in New York City and now were are all in the soup. Brother…”. He said to Jacob. “We are done.”

Micheal squared up in front of a zombie. He swung at his face and stuck the zombie. It’s face twisted, the zombie didn’t hesitate and stepped forward.

Jacob stood and prepared to attack the other zombie but his bat lay on the floor beside the creature.

Michael swung again and his zombie fell. He banged the gore-covered bat on the floor. Moved to face zombie two, Michael swung and the bat became twisted in the rubbery arms of the reaching zombie. Michael watched the bat cartwheel into the wall. The zombie’s arms fell to its side at the elbow. It moved forward as if it hadn’t just walked into an aluminum fan.

“What the hell, dude?” Jacob grumbled.

“Hey, you did it first.”

“Now what!”

“We go melee,” Michael said as his took a boxer stance.

“Like your cleric… what was it’s name Wisconsin. Remember that melee?” Jacob asked.

“This is not a remember D&D moment Jacob!” Michael warned, paused then laughed.

“Wisconsin was a good character name.”

Both men laughed then stood firm waiting for the inevitable.

Neither knew how to fight outside of an occasional scuffle. They managed to scrap out some life within the City of Monsters.

Monster Stories Shortz Stories


“Dad, are you sure this is a good idea.”  Janice shouts from the back seat of the old Escort.

“Hey, hey.. enough shouting already.  Little car big ears remember?”  Darrin replied as he grabbed his right ear.

“Why do you have such big ears?”  A smaller version of Janice asked.

Tracy chuckled then swallowed hard.  She turned and faced the two young girls in the back seat.  “There is a kinder way to ask that Sarah.  You are so blunt…”

“Hold up…” Darrin began, “…you may want to turn around.”

Parked on the side of the road was a rusty old truck, with the hood open.  A pair of blue-jeaned legs, waist and shirt were visible but the rest of the man was out of sight.

“Looks like he is having car trouble.”

“You’re not going to help him are you?”  Tracy asked.

“It’s dangerous to be out here too long.  If I can help I would like too.”

“But Darrin… there are Pterodactyl outside.  They are always hungry and pick people up all the time.”

“..but..” Darrin protested and slowed as they approached.

The man stepped from the truck.  He had a full beard, orange and grey with age.  His hair was thin and his hands were dirty.  He began to flag them down.

Darrin slowed to a stop looked behind and saw no traffic.  On the right was a row of trees and the left was a field of half-grown corn.  Above the field he could see a pair of Pterodactyl circling.  These large reptiles were at least five hundred feet away.

“What’s going on with the truck,” Darrin asked as the older man approached.

“Well, I lost a belt… I think.  I’ve been here all day.  Do you have a splash of water?”

“Sure.. sure,” Darrin turns toward the back to ask the girls for a bottle of water.  The older man pulls a knife from his pocket.  With a single motion he opens the car door and wraps the knife around Darrin’s neck.  Tracy, strapped into the passenger seat, grabs the man’s hand and wrist and pulls long enough to allow Darrin to push the knife into the steering wheel.  Darrin punches the underside of the elbow causing the knife to fall to the car floor.  He then shoves the older man onto the street.

Darrin unbuckles his seatbelt and steps outside.  He kicks the man in the gut and tries to shove him out of the way.  The man fights back and sweeps a leg causing Darrin to stumble.  Tracy unbuckles and closes the driver’s door.  She then steps out of the car.

“Get back in the car,” Darrin shouts.

“No, I’m going to help.”

“I got this,” Darrin said as he grabbed the man’s legs and dragged him toward the culvert on the opposite side of the road.  The man struggled to free himself as Darrin watched Tracy from the corner of his eye.  He watched as she walked toward the back of the car.  He knew she was looking for the rifle.

Determined to control the situation, Darrin threw the man’s legs toward the culvert and waited for the weight of his body to take him.  Tracy opened the truck and fished for the rifle.

“My wife is going to shoot you.  Stay still and you might live.  We just want to pass.  We are heading to Ohio.  I was being nice and you just pissed that away.”

The man lay still.  His orange-grey beard flecked with dirt.  Darrin could feel the growl before the man showed it.

“Don’t you move,” Darrin warned.  Tracy inched closer with the rifle.  He caught sight of his children plastered to the inside of the closed car windows.  His youngest daughter had climbed into the front seat.

“Damn,” he thought as he ran through a scenario of running and driving away.  “Tracy would have to get in plus Sarah in the way…”

Tracy stepped forward.  The rifle sits just below her shoulder.  Her right eye zeroed in.

“We are going to walk away,” Darrin stated as both he and Tracy stepped back.

Darrin could hear a banging from behind him.  He tried to ignore it.  “Kids,” he thought.

He turned to see them pointing upward.

Circling above him were the giant predatory reptiles.  The large pointed heads and leather wings left a massive shadow that circled both cars.


Tracy and Darrin ran for the car.  Darrin watched as Tracy disappeared behind the car.  The old man punched him in the kidney.  The pain sent him into the side of the car.  The girls screamed.

The fright shot up Darrin’s back.  The thought of a crazed man free to kill his children.

The pain disappeared and Darrin turned.  He forced his right fist into the man’s jaw.  Tracy fired a shot at the same time but it missed.  Darrin opened the driver’s door as the man stumbled backward.  He sat inside, shoving Sarah into the center of the seat.  Her small leg pinned underneath him.  Tracy placed the rifle onto the back seat and sat in the passenger seat.  She wrestled with Sarah’s legs as Darrin tried to put the car in gear and sit up at the same time.  The old man banged on the driver’s door, trying to bust it.  Darrin barely clears the old man’s truck when he realizes the man has a pistol.  He used it to bang on the window but now he is standing alone behind the Escort.  His front foot set and the pistol pointed at them.

“Get your heads down!”  Darrin yelled.

Tense and ready for the explosion Darrin drove around the truck with his head down as much as possible.  A large shadow hovered over him for moments then disappeared.  The explosion of gunfire never stuck the fragile glass of the Escort.  Darrin looked into the rearview mirror to see the thin leather back of a Pterodactyl pecking away at something lying in the road.  He slowed the car then turn to get a better look.  The two girls followed his lead and squealed in disgust.

Kingsboro Journal Searching in the darkness

Yanfis – Darkness series

The small brick and mortar building in Yanfis withstood a downpour as the rain fell hard.  Dontarious covered his face as Angel disappeared into a small building.  He followed.

The rain was a dim fraction of the noise within this room.  It was full of creatures Dontarious could name from fantasy and mythology.  He saw a couple elves.  The ears extending over their bald, round heads, as they stood at a counter.  A long counter sat on the end of a spacious room.  On top of the counter were stacked glasses.  Behind the counter were several shelves containing glass bottles.  Behind the bar was a strange, snake-like creature that hissed when it spoke.  This creature, green and full of scales, had a pair of human arms and hands and a human-isk face.

“Are you going to move,” someone shouted.  Dontarious turned to see the pale face and extended canines of a vampire.  The quintessential bad guy in any action fantasy he had seen once when he was still on Earth proper.

“You can’t stand in front of the door.  Human, you’re lucky I like this place and have to be invited or you would be a crumpled mass of skin and bone by now.

Dontarious stepped back and looked for Angel.  He found him, with his wings behind his back and pushing through the crowd of noise.  Near the left side of the room several other harpies stood talking.

“He is the only guide I have to this world,” Dontarious told himself and pushed through the crowd of colorful creatures.

“Ah, here he is!”  Angel shouted as Dontarious approached.

“You are hanging with a human, Angel… disgusting,” this harpy wore a Cincinnati Reds baseball can over platinum blond hair.  He looked to be nineteen years old or younger.  His wings were smaller than the rest.

“Angel, we don’t want him around here.”

“Wait,” Angel said addressing the largest of the harpies.  An older looking birdman with greying hair and skin folded under his eyes.  “Christoff, the human can help us with the operation.  If you hear what I’m saying.”

The older harpie stood.  He flexed his wings and shook his head violently.  “How can this small human help us?”

Angel had an answer prepared, “he hopped the Spirit of the Dead from the world above.”

The harpies all gasp at the same time.

Kingsboro Journal Sudden, Off the Top of my Head, Stories.

Lament of a SuperVillan

Freewriting lament..

Erik, the Terrible paced the grounds.  His minions, despicable characters that complimented the super villain, wandered nervously waiting for the man to make a decision.

“Every time,” Erik shouted.  “Every time I do anything this man… Super-something flies in and stops me.”

“His name is SuperAlan.”  A large man, dressed in black says as he paces alongside the supervillain.

Erik stopped, “SuperAlan?  Are you serious?  Alan?”

The large man stopped and stood.  He shook, fear erupted within him.  He took in a breath.  “I read it in the paper.  The Daily Digest.  They called him SuperAlan.”

“You can’t call him SuperAlan,” Erik advised.

“What do you want me to call him,” the man replied.

“I don’t know.  Just make something up… just not SuperAlan.”

The big man thought for several moments as Erik continued to pace.

“So to finance my new evil plan I will need to have a Nuclear submarine in my arsenal.  I can alter it to take out Super…”

“Have you came up with a name yet?”  He shouted.
The big man jumped.

“Yes, sir.  Super Pancake.”

Erik stopped walking immediately and turned on his heels.  A smile stuck on the dirty, usually sour face.

The big man returned the smile but was very cautious.  Any sort of emotional response could be interpreted badly and the man could end up at the end of a bullet.

Erik, the Terrible was the only employer in the area for a man that spend most of his youth in jail.  Assault, murder and a bunch of unsavory connections.  Those connections are what got him this job.  This job is not something you get fired from.  The smallest indication of disrespect will get you killed.

Erik, the Terrible felt the smile upon his face.  He rubbed the corners of his mouth and the muscles that pulled them upward.

Suddenly, the supervillain laughed.  He did more than that… he roared.  This roar was followed by an uneasy response by everyone in the room.  A forced reply to a presumed joke.

As spontaneously as the laughter started it stopped and everyone, outside of Erik and the big man continued working.

The big man stared at Erik as the supervillain started back.

Erik laughed again.  A short escape of glee.

“This is why I keep you around.  What’s your name again?  I can not ever remember.”

The big man began to speak… but Erik spoke over him.

“Funny, SuperPancake.. that is so funny.”

He then walked away while Patrick stood alone.

a to z

A to Z Chupacabra- Part 3

“What are we going to do?  This creature will not let me move,” Gabriel shouted.

“His name is Diablo,” Oscar inserted.  “He a chupacabra.  Not sure how it appeared here. I dream’t about it.”

The backdoors opened.  The driver of the ambulance disappeared from the front seat and shouted at the others to close the door.

Gabriel watched the dark leather folds around Diablo’s dog-like shoulders twitch as it shifted its weight to it’s thin front legs.  Diablo bared its long front canines and walked slowly toward the hospital receiving crew.

“A chupa… what.  Isn’t that a… All I know,” Gabriel began.  He recalled faint memories of a dog-like tale but the creature leap forward.  He shouted at the chupacabra.  He tried to distract the monster.  It was all he could do.  Outside the ambulance several nurses stood staring at the starved, leather creature.  A large, male nurse approached.

“Dude, that is not a good idea,” Gabriel warned then began to swing his arms and taunt the creature.  Anything to distract him.  “Hey!  You! Leatherface!  Oscar, do something.  It listens to you.”

Oscar yelled at the chupacabra and it paused.  It looked back at the officer lying in the gurney then at Gabriel. It’s lip curled up revealing a long, curved, sharp tooth followed by dozens of smaller pointed teeth.  Diablo crept toward Gabriel.  The male nurse stepped forward and Diablo leapt from the back of the ambulance.  Diablo fell into the male nurse, knocking him to the ground.  The animal cleared it’s head and approached the nurse.  The others in the hospital receiving crew left and hide within the doors of the hospital.  They were joined by an audience of patience and panic.

The chupacabra walked slowly, measuring his victim, accessing the soft tissues and then clamped down on his neck.  The nurse let out a garbled scream as the audience behind the hospital doors gasp.  Diablo held the man’s neck in a vise grip till the man stopped moving then released.  The chupacabra sniffed at the blood falling from the nurse’s neck then began to lick up the crimson mess.  Gabriel watched from the ambulance.  He then noticed the black onyx sitting in a small recess next to the door.  Light from the floods above the hospital awning reflected of the stone and Gabriel could see movement within the stone.  He approached the stone carefully, watching and trying to interrupt the opera playing out within it.

It was difficult to make out but as Gabriel got closer he could see a couple dancing then the light washed away the scene.  The next scene displayed an animal but it was too difficult to make out the shapes.  Gabriel stood above the stone, the world outside of the scenes were washing away when he was snapped back to reality.

Diablo stood a foot from him.  His teeth exposed and growl angry.  The chupacabra barked.  The percussion filled Gabriel’s ears with pain.  Gabriel looked at the stone.  It’s mystery overwhelming then the beast protecting it.  The last thing he remembered was reaching and then the world went black.


City of Zombies Kingsboro Journal

The View

The pungent smell of death was everywhere.  It burned your nose, not like a flame but like a punch to your brain.  The view, outside the garage, was unreal.  Neighbors standing in the corner of the yard staring at nothing.  Body parts dangling from gnawed bones.  Others following the leader beside the privacy fence in the back yard.

“We can head into my house,” Jacob offered.

“No Sharon is in there and Barbara.”

Jacob took in a deep breath in all the commotion yesterday he had forgot that his wife Barbara had been the first to fall.  They were less than a foot from the exit when Michael’s wife Sharon was ripped from his arms.

“Oh god,” Jacob almost fell to his knees and stepped back into the garage.

“You are not dying in that garage by yourself,” Michael whispered.  “I am not going back in there.  Are you going to follow me or not?”

Jacob looked at his friend.  In two days Michael’s face had aged twenty years.  His blue eyes hidden within the swelling of a black eye and lack of sleep.

“What the hell you looking at?  Let’s go.”

Jacob followed Michael from the garage.  They leapt over to the house and followed the outside wall.  At the first window Jacob stopped and looked inside.  Michael continued to the next window.

She was in there.  Her perfect hair screwed up.  Her face long and drawn down.  Her jaw slack and her arms to her side.  She stood staring at nothing till she saw him in the window.  Something flashed inside her and she began forward.  Jacob felt Michael tug at him but Barbara was coming.

“Maybe she hadn’t been bitten,” he thought.  “Maybe she wasn’t part of this.  Maybe all this will go away with one more look at her.”


Michael jerked him to the side just before Barbara appeared at the window.

“Ass!  She was fine,” Jacob shouted then realized what he had done.  He had just alerted ten… maybe twenty infected undead to his location.

Three standing in the driveway woke up suddenly.  Their eyes burst with excitement.  They took one careful step then another.  One of them jolted forward and both men ran toward the front of the house.  They stopped mid-front yard and looked at the view ahead of them.  The population of human corruption stumbling in lines forward and backward.  Lives missing and replaced by a corrosive mental condition called the Darkness.

Helpful Writing Notes

New Titles

Gah, I lost my post.. 😦 Not happy
Anyways, I was trying to find a new title for City of Zombies.
I have settled on a couple
1. Erik Moore and the Monster Hunters
2. When God Throws Stones
SubTitle: Erik Moore and the Monster Hunters
— I really like this one ^ with/without the subtitle
3. The Vampire, the zombies and the scientist
4. The Network within us All
5. The Fall of Gabriel
6. Building a City of Dead
7: I Gotta Go Get My Daughter
— No Really I do 🙂

Thanks for listening..

Helpful Writing Notes Kingsboro Journal

My novel skills..

Was trying to write the whole story ‘200 year old man’ but its so hard for me to type everything in one session. I’m going to start posting the pieces of the story till its completed. It’s interesting as I explore my writing skills. I seem to have become very comfortable with blogging but blogging is in itself uncomfortable because it is public. Any time someone could take my work and this is ashame… BUT…
This is the crux of the issue with my blogging. I enjoy it a great deal. I like the idea of people reading my work. I like the idea, the freedom to write what I want and finding that others may agree or disagree.
Lastly, I like to write. The power of a god to build anything, anywhere at any time. It’s such a tough job but it’s my favorite job. That’s my time goodnight.. next up 200 year old man- 1st part

Kingsboro Journal

Journal Entry (Plot the whole story)

120 people stand in line to enter the Company. They file in at 8:00 on Monday morning. Single out the four but include a few more.  They walk into the Company and perform their duties as they normally would on Monday morning.  The nurses care for the patients, the doctors work in their offices and the maint. crews sweep the floors.

Today is going to be different though…work in this town is going to come to a halt.  From the dark and unknown section of the Company a door will be open, on accident, and the patients will slip out.  The patients being zombies.  The first zombies are supposed to be super soldiers.  Super strong former Marines.  The purpose is kinda like this…if you kill us we will rise up and stomp your ass…  As these super soldiers feed on innocent victims these victims turn into zombies and so on and so on…

Within the next two days the super soldiers tear up the company and create about 100 new zombies, this includes the patients dumb enough to step from their cells.  After this the four along with however many make it out of the company alive find the exit and leave.  They find it is getting dark and they run to the rolling fence at the end of the parking lot.

“What the hell are we going to do?”  Asks someone.

Dr. Stein volunteers his car and they smash through the gate with it.  Before they can drive to safety another paniced driver smashes their car into a power pole.

With no where to run the four begin to run with the zombies following slowly after.  They find the town almost abandoned due to a voluntary evacuation.  They didn’t believe that man-eating zombies could be attacking a town.  They run about a mile ahead of the zombies.  That’s where they find the old farm house.  They find that they are joined by the man that ran them off the road, his car had died and several others.  They plot a defense but cannot find any guns.  They decide to hide…It’s about the only thing they can do.  The majority opinion is to go downstairs but Derrick and couple others decide to go upstairs…for some unknown reason Derrick is the only one the pick the attic…I don’t know if there is a conflict or what but he is the only one up there.  Maybe he is the only one small enough to fit in the door.

Late that night the zombies find the home and beat on it and beat on it.  Early in the morning they break through and begin to invade the house.  They bust through the basement door first and kill everyone in there then begin upstairs.  They go room by room finding everyone that looks delicious and eating them…Derrick is above them in the attic and hears it all.  He hears Nancy being eaten then hears Andrea but she is not screaming…She is looking for him.  I would like her to be a zombie but I would also like her to be a love interest.

Derrick and Andrea escape the house through the window in the attic…Standing outside on the roof they notice men fighting through the mass of zombies.  These men are muscular and very strong.  They swing wood, metal, shoot guns and anything that will make the zombies go down.  They clear a path to the house and rescue Derrick and Andrea… Andrea finds that she knows the leader of the pack because he drives the city bus.  All these men are functional experments with one blind eye.  The expermental drugs forced them to lose the site in the eye.  After being saved they make there way to Kingsboro prison.  With the help of the remaining pack they clear the prison and plot an overall plan of attack for these zombies…

That’s when Derrick see’s the snow and finds hope for the future…or at least an escape up north….

Kingsboro Journal Unsorted Posts

Newest Update (The Beginning)

Andrea Tomlinson sat quietly next to the aisle in the dirty bus. An empty seat sat to the left of her. She sat near the center of the bus. She never liked sitting too close to the front or the back. She watched as the driver of the bus bounced up and down and left and right listening to tunes that bled into his ears from earphones. He seemed a little too happy to be driving a city bus in a depressed little town like Kingsboro.
Kingsboro was always a podunk little town stuck in the south central palm of Michigan. Jobs were moving out and economy was quickly getting worse. The residents fought over the reason. It was the president, it was the governor, it was killer bees from Mexico—Andrea really didn’t care why the town was falling apart she was only interested in finding a job.
Through the large bus windshield she watched as a young man, cute from a distance of 20 yards, stood at a bus stop. He had his hands in his pockets and watched as the bus approached. Andrea noticed his hair was trimmed short and he wore an ironed shirt and pants. They were not starched but neat.
“He looks like a recent military veteran,” she thought. That gave him extra cuteness points.
The bus stopped with a jolt and the front door opened. The man— the young veteran walked in and immediately smiled.
“Did he see something he liked?” She thought curiously then it hit her. She was staring at the man. He thought she like him. She looked down at her naked knees. She adjusted her short red skirt and shuffled her coordinated heels upon the dirty bus floor.
“How are you doing?” The man asked as Andrea pretended not to she him. “May I sit here?”
Andrea said nothing and just stared at her knees.
“Miss?” He asked.
He said “Miss”. She added a couple more points then looked up. He had a nice face, thin and sculpted. His eyes were young and blue and his hair was brown.
“May I sit here?” He asked again.
“Yes, sure,” She said with a nervousness that was surely noticeable.
“Thanks,” he said and stepped over her knees and slid into the seat next to the window.
As soon as he sat down he began to ramble. Something about computers and processors and how difficult it was. The man’s points whittled away as he pronounced each three to four syllable word over and over. The man continued to babble until the bus jolted to a stop again. Andrea stood and stepped out into the aisle way. A woman she did not see almost ran into her from behind. Andrea apologized quickly and walked toward the front of the bus. The man followed close behind. She had hoped he would of stayed on the bus but what could she do. Another man unavoidably attracted to her and she would have to deal with it.
Nancy Smith, sat in the back of a dirty city bus. In front of her sat several other passengers going about their business of laughing, joking and whatnot. The temperature of the bus always seemed to reach ten or twenty degrees higher then the temperature outside. Today is was 82 degrees.
“It would be nice to have a steady job, a steady paycheck and a steady place to live,” she thought.
She received the e-mail several days ago.
Looking for a nurse to care for patients at a research center. Interested in individuals that enjoy a challenge, or want to make a difference in peoples lives. No background check. 1 to 2 years experience.
Nancy wanted to make a difference but it wasn’t what interested her. It was the no background check. She had a checkered past that seemed to follow her. She was never at a job for longer then 3 months, if she even got the job.
“Don’t think about that,” she warned herself sternly, “maybe this is the one.”
Hope filled some of her empty heart but the stern look on the judge’s face and the reluctant verdict fought to take any hopeful gains away from her.
“I wasn’t convicted of a crime,” she thought, “it wasn’t a crime. I did the right thing.”
The bus slowed then stopped with a jolt. The driver laughed loudly. His gleeful cackle bounced throughout the steel and glass walls of the bus. Nancy stood up quickly. She began toward the front of the bus to tell the driver what she thought of his joke when a woman step out into the aisle in front of her. Nancy stopped centimeters from the back of the woman’s head. The woman’s blond hair brushed her face as she turned to apologize. Nancy smiled and accepted her apology. She allowed the blond woman and the man she sat with to move into the aisle and move toward the front of the bus. Nancy followed them out of the bus and was certain that she was going to say something to the driver. She approached the driver but only scowled at him. The driver smiled, the center two teeth under his top lip were missing and he seemed to have a corneal ulcer in his right eye. The infection, usually caused by a bacterium, caused the eye to look cloudy. Nancy smiled back, she again wanted to say something to the driver but she could not. She stood staring at his eye.
“Is there a problem?” The driver asked with noticeable uncomfort then looked forward through the front windshield.
“I’m sorry,” Nancy said, “I noticed your eye and wanted to recommend you get it treated.”
“Your so kind,” the driver said sharply, “I’m going to close the door are you getting out?” Nancy had offended him and she immediately felt awful. She turned and walked ashamed down the bus steps. She stepped upon the ground and the driver closed the door. The door slid closed with a thump that startled Nancy. “Was this how her day was going to start?”
A familiar Cadillac sat ahead of her. There was a large dent just behind the passenger door.
“Obviously, Dr. Stein still didn’t notice my accident two weeks ago,” she smiled slightly then stopped.
“Is he working here too? I think I see him sitting in the driver’s seat. I should see if he’s ok.”
Dr. Daniel Stein
Sitting in his car, Dr. Daniel Stein, recently retired from Kingsboro Mercy Hospital, thumbs through the Kingsboro Times.
He laid the paper down upon the passenger seat and glanced out the windshield at the bland, gray rectangle that was the Kingsboro Research and Development Co. He glanced at his watch—another twenty minutes to go.
He went over in his mind all that had happened in the last weeks. There had been the purchase of the hospital by Dallas Truman, a local real estate tycoon, the thorough investigation and analysis by the FBI, then the appearance of what would be called a freak.
Dr. Stein stared out the windshield wondering why his life had taken such a strange unexpected turn. He disappeared into thought and the busy hallways of the Kingsboro Mercy Hospital replaced the bland exterior of his new job.
“Can you believe they are going to force me out,” Dr. Stein had said with disbelief as he walked quickly through the hospital front hall with Andy Koffman. Andy was still a resident but when they met for the first time they became quick friends.
“I’m so sorry they are treating you like this Daniel,” Andy said
“I just don’t understand why? I’ve been here 25 years and you are barely a doctor.” Said Dr. Stein.
“We may never understand—,” Andy began but never finished. A large argument ensured behind the white curtain an ER triage unit. Soon something burst and left a dark stain upon the curtain. Andy and Dr. Stein began toward it when an irate patient, covered in blood, stepped from the curtain. He looked at Dr. Stein, his expression deadpan and his eyes cloudy. He then thrust his arms out and felt for a heavy wooden chair that sat outside the unit. He grasped it and with enormous strength tossed it at the two men. Dr. Stein ducked and fell to the floor. The heavy chair hit Andy full in the chest and he collapsed under it. Dr. Stein looked back to see his friend unconscious, under the chair. He began to stand when an IV line, with pole attached, just missed his head. Several people, staff, patients and security converged and surrounded the man. Three men in black suits burst into the ER from the right of the patient and grabbed him. The man threw them off him easily then proceeded toward the nurse’s station. He tore it apart. The large desk portions he through over his head. The chairs, he threw, flew with such force that anyone caught with one was dead. Dr. Stein lay on the floor looking back. Andy lay under the large chair still motionless.
“He’s probably dead,” Dr. Stein, said to himself as he began to slide backward to get a better look. Paper and computer equipment flew across the room. A flat screen computer monitor hit a surgeon in scrubs dumb enough to run across the hallway. The monitor hit him in the side of the head and broke his neck. The noise was disturbing. A loud crack and the surgeon fell to the floor. The three black suited men stood against a hallway wall not moving. They looked terrified, scared to even move a muscle. The people that initially gathered had all but left. The hallway was empty except for Dr. Stein, three men in suits and bodies’ dead or unconscious. After the nurse’s desk had been destroyed and thrown over the hall the man fell to his knees and then fell forward. Dr. Stein, stood and pulled the chair from on top of Andy. Andy’s chest was sunken and his face was mangled but he was alive.
“Someone get me a gurney,” he shouted. A nurse appeared from a far room and grabbed the first one she could find. She quickly pushed it up the Dr. Stein and they preceded gather Andy up. The three suited men, stood against the wall for a short time longer then rushed over to the irate patient. They talked quickly and seemed to be smiling.
“What the hell are they smiling at,” Dr. Stein said loudly. The nurse hadn’t heard him. She began to push Andy toward a room. Dr. Stein stood watching the men. They were inspecting the man as he sat face first on the ground.
“Dr. Stein?” Said the nurse.
The drab building, Kingsboro Research and Development Co., reappeared. A thin woman with long red hair stood outside Dr. Stein’s car.
“Dr. Stein, your going to be late,” she said with a smile.
Dr. Stein looked at his watch and it was five minutes to 5:00 in the morning.
“Oh, hell,” and he opened his drivers door. He straightened his black tie and began to walk quickly toward the building. He stopped and looked back. The redheaded woman was walking toward a large city bus. The driver stood outside the front door smoking a cigarette.