Michael and Jacob – Plywood derby

“Do vampires have feelings? Asking for a friend.” Narrator

Michael’s head began to swim then a wave of nausea struck. He heaved and this was followed by a second. His throat screamed as nothing came up. Michael looked down to notice blood on the ground when his body seized and he fell to his side.

Michael woke up strapped to a piece of plywood. The plywood was canted upward and he was moving backward. Michael could see someone above him. A monstrously tall man with a large backpack under a black trench coat. To the right Michael noticed Jacob strapped to a second piece of plywood. Thick leather straps held him securely as his sneakers dragged over the asphalt.

Michael looked himself over and found a large, bandage wrapped around his waste. A large red stain near his wound and a second near his chest. His boots dragging the ground. Behind him was a mob of zombies. Michael began to get a better sense of his surrounding as he continued to wake. The houses had begun to get bigger as he realized they had left his previous street and were now moving toward the center of the city.

“What is this?” He thought. “Broadway? Richie riches used to live here. Now they are all dead or fled to the North. The monster do not like the cold up there. Leave us poor folk to lie and steal and spend eternity in the City of Monsters. Frick’n backwoods justice from here to Buffalo. If that city still exists…”

Michael’s driver suddenly dropped him with a thud and he complained. He watched as the zombies approached. To the left was a large gate. The tall man was struggling to close. To the right was a small army. They fired and Michael’s ears rang. A row of zombie lay motionless. The tall man strained to pull the heavy gate further till a zombie approached and attempted to surprise him.

“Holy crap,” Jacob said as the tall man grasp the zombie and bit into its rotten flesh. The man didn’t chew but seemed to suck from the zombie victim. He then tossed it away, shook and pulled the gate closed like it was a thin sheet of paper. He turned to Jacob and Michael, his face covered in gore.

“Come on, no! This is not happening,” Michael began. “I understand the zombie apocalypse and all and the shit show my brother and I started by stealing from the Governor. I get that the punishment was life behind the walls of the city for me and my family. All that sucks and now my family is dead but this is not going to happen. I’m done. I am not staying here strapped to a wooden barbecue plate waiting to be sucked dry.”


“No Jacob. This is the end for me. I’m not being left a husk of skin and bones.” Michael struggled to free himself but was barely able to move.

“I understand,” said the tall man as he grabbed a towel from a go bag and cleaned up his face. “I should of introduced myself.” He said.

“John Peterson and I am a vampire.”

Mitch and Kyle and the vampire

“There ain’t no rest for the wicked.”

“Isn’t that a song?”

“Hey, so?  We have been plowing through this cave for days.  Didn’t you just say you wanted to rest.”

“You ain’t got anything original?”


“Thought so.”

“You know sometimes you are the biggest ass, Mitch.”

“Hey, what can I say… ”

“You can say something other than, ‘What can I say!”

“Shutup.. hey, what’s that over there?”

The cave system sank lower and there was no light, except for the torch Kyle put together.  That said a yellow glow leaked through maybe 50 yards away.

“I don’t want to go that way,” said Kyle.

“Aw.. come on you weiner.  To be honest we really have no other direction to go.  We can’t go back up the cave and we can’t take this way because it’s too small for our overgrown bellies.”

Kyle stepped to the left, leaving Mitch to fuss in the growing darkness.  That was until something moved far in the darkness.

“Why’d you leave me ass?”

Kyle laughed.

Both  men stepped carefully over the fallen stones and small streams of water.  The light expanded till it revealed another torch planted in a crevice in the wall.

“Did you put this here?”  Mitch asked.

“How could I have put that there when I didn’t know it was even here?”

“I don’t know!”

The two men passed the touch and stepped into an antechamber.  A large round room with torches every couple feet.

“Dude, we could set up camp here.”

“Mitch, look.”

Mitch followed several shadows, slowly moving to the left.  He stepped forward and went the opposite direction.   He held tightly to a hammer, spiked on the backside.

The shadows continued moved along the parameter of the antechamber.  Mitch continued following in the opposite direction.

“What are you doing?”  Kyle suddenly shouted.

Mitch paused.  The shadows stopped and he could make out a quiet conversation.

“What the hell is wrong with you!”  Mitch replied quietly.

“Me… what’s wrong with you, idiot.”

“You know…” Mitch began.  His temper flaring.  He stopped when one of the shadows began to rise and disappear.

He could hear the beating of wings above his head.


Both men ran into the center of the round room.  They turned and searched for a doorway.  They could hear several beast hovering over their heads.

Kyle felt the cool breath of one of the beast and turned.  He trust the touch upward.  Fire lite the thin, white hair of a stretched out pale face.  The creature screamed and fell to the ground.  Another screamed and attacked Mitch.

Mitch swung his hammer and missed.  He turned the hammer around and swung again and connected with the spiked end.  The creature squealed and walked away.

“Give me back my hammer you thief.”  Mitch shouted as he instinctively followed the creature.

Kyle stared at the black eyes of the creature as the flames inch up his head.  The creature struggled to dampen out the flames with thin, bony fingers.  Another creature flew into Kyle and grabbed him.  It pulled him upward then let him go.  Kyle hit the ground hard.  Within moments the creature was above him and began to pummel him with its bony fists.

The blows were enormous.  Each connection knocked his head left then right.  He could also hear the rustling of the creatures wings and feel them as they brushed by his left hand.  After a strong right cross Kyle grabbed the right wing.  He bunched the loose, leather-like material in his hand and pulled.

The creature, surprised, fell to the side.  Kyle stood up and without much thought crushed the creature’s skull with his boot.

“Mitch, they have a hell of a punch but I crushed this one with a boot.”

He waited for a response but didn’t receive one.  The touch was near the center of the room.  The other creature had disappeared but he could hear another fighting in the darkness.


The Baker Brothers

The church basement was dark but dry.  Sean walked through the darkness till he dumped over something but it clattered loudly over the floor.

“What the fuck, man!”  Sean’s brother Andrew whispered through clenched teeth.  “Are you trying to bring them down here.”  He added.

“Dude, we’ve been down here three god-damn days.  I’m thirsty and hungry.  I thought you had a plan to get us out.”

“You’re going to have to wait for it, Sean.  My plan is working.”

“What!  Are you kidding me,” Sean replied as he stepped up to Andrew.  “Are you waiting till they leave?  Is that your fucking plan?”

“No, that ain’t my plan, man.  Are you fucking nuts.”

“Then what’s your plan?”

“We wait for an opportunity.”

“Are you serious?  That’s no different the no damn plan.”

“Shh.. I think someone’s coming.”  The Baker brothers listened as the vampire walked above them.  Without the ability to count them they could only rely on a guess of twenty winged monsters but something had them moving around more then usual.  The brothers listened as several heavy steps neared the basement door.  The door knob squeaked as it turned.

“Did you lock the door like I told you?”  Andrew whispered.

“Hell yeah, I locked it.”

Andrew then grabbed Sean by the wrist and pulled him into the darkness of the basement.  Andrew stopped under the wooden stairs near a large rectangular closet.  He waited till Sean stood next to them then both fell to their knees.

“Who locked this door,” they could hear someone say.  “Hell if I know,” replied another voice.

“Sounds like there is someone in the basement.”

“Shut the hell up you always think you hear crap.  It’s probably just a raccoon or something.”

“We haven’t eaten in two days.  A coon would be a nice snack.”

The doorknob rattled.  A thud and someone fell to floor.  A fight rumbled above as the vampire soon forgot about the door.

“They are steroid freaks, I swear,” Sean commented quietly.

“What was that.”  Sean and Andrew stopped immediately and covered their mouths.

“I’m telling you I heard a human voice in the basement.”

Another thud and a crash.  “Listen here, Christopher.  Gabriel said he has a plan and we are to wait.  No feeding.  I don’t care if their are fifty humans down there.  No feeding.”

“Get the hell off me.  You don’t control me.  You are not my seed.”

“Yeah, I’m not your seed but Gabriel left me in charge not you.”

Another thump of several feet approached.

“Get up, you idiots.  Gabriel says things are ready in Ransom.  We meet on the church peek in ten minutes.  Got it?”

Andrew slapped Sean on the shoulder.  Sean bit his lip hard trying not to say something.

Twenty minutes later the noise from the vampire was gone.

Sean and Andrew slowly walked up the stairs and to the basement door.  Andrew turned the lock and opened the door.  The stench hit them first and both men almost staggered back down the stairs.

“What the hell did they do crap everywhere?”  Sean asked as he covered his mouth and nose.

The rooms upstairs were lit from the broken roof.  It was still dim but both men could see where they were going.  They navigated around as much vampire crap as they could and stepped into the front lobby.  The front doors were wide open.

Sean suddenly stopped Andrew.  “What if they are watching us from above?”

“They are not,” Andrew replied and if they are we will crush them, right?  Hunter?”

Sean didn’t reply and followed his brother out into the fresh air.

Who is Gabriel?

A monstrous flying creature pushed through the sky.  He was more bird-like than the rest of the vampire clan in the area.  He still had attractive human features in his face, although his jaw was elongated to make room for the larger canine teeth.  His chest and arms were human but the rest barely resembled anything human.  His legs were thin and covered in hair.  Large wings hung over him as he flew over the steel structures that were home.  Gabriel used his legs and feet as a rudder to steer him through the air.

The area around Ransom belonged to Gabriel and his merry band of vampire.

“Most of the others are idiots,” he thought as he watched a group feasting upon the zombies below.  The zombies had become a delicacy for the vampire, even replacing the human prey at times, but at a price.  The oxygenated blood and parasites within it excite the brain inside the vampire.  It gives them a wicked high.  It makes them easy to control but dependent on this food.  Gabriel accepts this inconvenience as an easy way to reign but doesn’t dine on the zombies himself. “It would soften my mind,”  he thinks.

Gabriel approaches the tallest building in Ransom.  He leans back and fills his large wings with air.

“I will call us Aethon. That was the name of the eagle that tormented the god Prometheus, ” he says as he lands softly upon the roof of the building.  Marcus, a large winged man approached.  “Marcus, my lieutenant, we are the Aethon clan.”

Marcus smiles and Gabriel walks with the overweight man toward the entrance to the building.

Sucker born every minute

“Ok, Bruce… Let’s go over this again.”  Steve Bolton circled Bruce Rose.  Bruce sat uncomfortable within a steel chair.  Both men were within a small concrete room with one reflective window.

“A vampire tried to suck on your neck?”


“And you escaped?”

“Of course.  How am I here?”

“Well, several things could be argued.  Maybe you are only a copy of yourself and you are still there?”

“You’re kidding me?”

“Kid, I’ve seen crazier things.”

“I’m older than you.”

“No way,” Steve stared at Bruce’s dry complexion and the skin that pulled up near the corners of his mouth.

“Ok, sure.  Your older then me.  Anyways, back to the question.  Where were you on the date of March 4th?”

Bruce stared at the detective.  “Uhm, are you nuts?  I’m talking about an incident last night and your playing around.”

Steve, the detective, took a step back and smiled.  His teeth were jagged and sharp.

“Just a little off the top please.”  Said Steve to someone behind Bruce.

A puncture to his neck surprised Bruce but when he tried to jump a pair of long, pale hands held his shoulders.

“Stop!! Stop…”

Steve walks around the steel table and passes Bruce and a thin, ugly beast.  The beast was draining the blood from Bruce.  Steve slaps the beast on the shoulder and says, “A sucker born every minute.”  He then laughs and leaves.

Gabriel (Remaining at The City of Zombies wordpress blog)

The vampire stepped into the early October afternoon air.  The sun was high, the air brisk. The several vampire peeled off and attacked the zombie milling around attempting to make a meal out of them.  Kali walked slowly, fighting every step.  A tall vampire with pale skin and a facial scar struggled to push her forward and not break her.  The vampire seemed determined to capture her.  He watched the zombie with a hungry eye.  The high he built up earlier fell and he needed a boost.  The human in his hands would help but that would only last so long.  The zombie venom burned within him.  It smoked the angry parasite living within him.  I allowed happiness to leak into a hard shell for moments.  Kali pulled hard, her backpack ripped open and fell.  Upon the ground fell a dark shadow-less stone.  It stopped the vampire immediately and gave an opportunity opening to a zombie a vampire on his left.  The zombie tackled the vampire and they fell toward Kali and the taller vampire.  They fell over the backpack and the stone.  The zombie bit into the vampire’s arm causing him to scream.  The vampire punched the zombie with his free hand.  The zombie released his hand but only to get a better grip.  Both monsters wrestled upon the ground.  The vampire’s wings flailing.  The other vampire walked around the battle.  They dropped the zombies they had pulled aside and leaped into the house then into the sky.  The tall, pale, vampire circled around the fight attempting to grab the black shadow-less stone.  The vampire on the ground unintentionally blocked his attempts with his wings.  Shouts of frustration as he tried again and again to grab the stone.  Kali backed away too frightened to move too far away.  The zombie surrounding them had thinned to only a few.  The Haitian burst through the house door and growled.  The pale vampire growled back.  He then returned to the stone.  Kali watched as the Haitian walked closer.  Suddenly, Erik appears from the back yard, confusion upon his face.  A large bird-like creature sweeps over his head and he falls to the ground.  The bird-like creature lands upon the wrestling match and slides a large claw into the back to the zombies neck.  He kicks the zombie over and crushed the vampire’s neck.

“Gabriel, we found the stone,”  the pale vampire’s voice shook as he spoke.  Gabriel smiled, his face and chest human.  He looked at Kali then back at the pale vampire.  “Get the stone.  We are taking the girl.”

“Yes, sir.”  The pale vampire searched desperately for the stone then grabbed it.  He quickly placed it within his pocket then leaped upon the house and disappeared.

Kali stepped backward away from the large bird man.  The Haitian inched closer as Erik shouted but the bird man quickly snatched up the young girl and picked her off the ground.  Quickly, they disappeared toward the center of the city.

“God damn it!”  Erik shouted.  “Why can’t I protect that girl?”

“Brother, you are not alone,” the Haitian said as he watched Gabriel disappear within the corroded hole of the tallest building in Ransom.  “I will go with you and we will find Kali.”

“Damn right, we will.”  Erik swung an ax wildly at an zombie that crept toward them.  He partially decapitated the zombie causing it to fall.  “Damn it.”

—– End of Chapter —-

Midnight Snack

“Outside, Kali suddenly heard movement. This was not the shuffle-shuffle of zombies. It was a single individual with quiet steps.”
The quiet steps were then followed by several others, they seemed to appear from nowhere. Like they had jumped from outside of ear-shot to in front of the garage. Kali could hear the muffled whispers of people talking.
“Where did they go,” said one voice, sounding like a boy slightly older then Kali.
“We have to find them, Aaron is already pissed we wasted another day getting off on zombie blood, said another.
Kali’s heart jumped when the young boy mentioned the garage but the others, sounded like four others, dismissed it and then leapt onto the house. The windows on the second-story were unblocked and Kali heard the windows breaking and laughter followed by screaming. Kali stood, her eyes barely reaching the high windows on the garage door, could see several figures with wings walking around upon the house. It was likely the vampire-looking creatures they had came across earlier but they sounded and looked very much unsure of themselves unlike the vampires in movies. They paced outside the busted second-story windows as women screamed inside the house. Kali looked over, with hopes that Erik heard the commotion but he was still asleep and the nurse still lay bloody on the concrete floor. Kali looked out the window again only to crouch quickly when a figure leapt up to look in from the other side. “Hopefully,” she thought, “he didn’t see her.”
“Hey, guys I think I found her,” said the young voice to the others on the roof.
“Doesn’t matter, ” said one of the others, “we have fresh meals all in this house. Tony says its a safe house. Let’s go.”
“..but guys,” the young voice protested.
“Come on, dumbass. If you did find her they won’t go very far. Their stuck in a garage.”
“Fine but its your ass.” Kali watched as a young man, not too much older then her leapt from the ground and onto the first-story roof of the house. He then disappeared threw the broken window. The others followed and Kali had to wake Erik.