A to Z Chupacabra- Part 3

“What are we going to do?  This creature will not let me move,” Gabriel shouted.

“His name is Diablo,” Oscar inserted.  “He a chupacabra.  Not sure how it appeared here. I dream’t about it.”

The backdoors opened.  The driver of the ambulance disappeared from the front seat and shouted at the others to close the door.

Gabriel watched the dark leather folds around Diablo’s dog-like shoulders twitch as it shifted its weight to it’s thin front legs.  Diablo bared its long front canines and walked slowly toward the hospital receiving crew.

“A chupa… what.  Isn’t that a… All I know,” Gabriel began.  He recalled faint memories of a dog-like tale but the creature leap forward.  He shouted at the chupacabra.  He tried to distract the monster.  It was all he could do.  Outside the ambulance several nurses stood staring at the starved, leather creature.  A large, male nurse approached.

“Dude, that is not a good idea,” Gabriel warned then began to swing his arms and taunt the creature.  Anything to distract him.  “Hey!  You! Leatherface!  Oscar, do something.  It listens to you.”

Oscar yelled at the chupacabra and it paused.  It looked back at the officer lying in the gurney then at Gabriel. It’s lip curled up revealing a long, curved, sharp tooth followed by dozens of smaller pointed teeth.  Diablo crept toward Gabriel.  The male nurse stepped forward and Diablo leapt from the back of the ambulance.  Diablo fell into the male nurse, knocking him to the ground.  The animal cleared it’s head and approached the nurse.  The others in the hospital receiving crew left and hide within the doors of the hospital.  They were joined by an audience of patience and panic.

The chupacabra walked slowly, measuring his victim, accessing the soft tissues and then clamped down on his neck.  The nurse let out a garbled scream as the audience behind the hospital doors gasp.  Diablo held the man’s neck in a vise grip till the man stopped moving then released.  The chupacabra sniffed at the blood falling from the nurse’s neck then began to lick up the crimson mess.  Gabriel watched from the ambulance.  He then noticed the black onyx sitting in a small recess next to the door.  Light from the floods above the hospital awning reflected of the stone and Gabriel could see movement within the stone.  He approached the stone carefully, watching and trying to interrupt the opera playing out within it.

It was difficult to make out but as Gabriel got closer he could see a couple dancing then the light washed away the scene.  The next scene displayed an animal but it was too difficult to make out the shapes.  Gabriel stood above the stone, the world outside of the scenes were washing away when he was snapped back to reality.

Diablo stood a foot from him.  His teeth exposed and growl angry.  The chupacabra barked.  The percussion filled Gabriel’s ears with pain.  Gabriel looked at the stone.  It’s mystery overwhelming then the beast protecting it.  The last thing he remembered was reaching and then the world went black.


The View

The pungent smell of death was everywhere.  It burned your nose, not like a flame but like a punch to your brain.  The view, outside the garage, was unreal.  Neighbors standing in the corner of the yard staring at nothing.  Body parts dangling from gnawed bones.  Others following the leader beside the privacy fence in the back yard.

“We can head into my house,” Jacob offered.

“No Sharon is in there and Barbara.”

Jacob took in a deep breath in all the commotion yesterday he had forgot that his wife Barbara had been the first to fall.  They were less than a foot from the exit when Michael’s wife Sharon was ripped from his arms.

“Oh god,” Jacob almost fell to his knees and stepped back into the garage.

“You are not dying in that garage by yourself,” Michael whispered.  “I am not going back in there.  Are you going to follow me or not?”

Jacob looked at his friend.  In two days Michael’s face had aged twenty years.  His blue eyes hidden within the swelling of a black eye and lack of sleep.

“What the hell you looking at?  Let’s go.”

Jacob followed Michael from the garage.  They leapt over to the house and followed the outside wall.  At the first window Jacob stopped and looked inside.  Michael continued to the next window.

She was in there.  Her perfect hair screwed up.  Her face long and drawn down.  Her jaw slack and her arms to her side.  She stood staring at nothing till she saw him in the window.  Something flashed inside her and she began forward.  Jacob felt Michael tug at him but Barbara was coming.

“Maybe she hadn’t been bitten,” he thought.  “Maybe she wasn’t part of this.  Maybe all this will go away with one more look at her.”


Michael jerked him to the side just before Barbara appeared at the window.

“Ass!  She was fine,” Jacob shouted then realized what he had done.  He had just alerted ten… maybe twenty infected undead to his location.

Three standing in the driveway woke up suddenly.  Their eyes burst with excitement.  They took one careful step then another.  One of them jolted forward and both men ran toward the front of the house.  They stopped mid-front yard and looked at the view ahead of them.  The population of human corruption stumbling in lines forward and backward.  Lives missing and replaced by a corrosive mental condition called the Darkness.

Ahhhh! Hungry

“Ahhhh!”  Michael screamed, stood against the garage wall and laid his face upon the cold stone.

“Don’t scream, man you will attract more,” Jacob replied.

“Don’t tell me what I already know!”

Jacob stood next to Michael.  “Come on, please dude.  If you lose it what the hell am I going to do.”

Michael sighed but stared at the back of the garage.  He watched the undead remnants of a woman walk slowly past a window.  The woman, no longer human, wore a white wedding dress smeared with darkness, likely blood.  The sight infuriated Michael but he stood perfectly still overtly signaling to Jacob.  Jacob saw the woman and noticed she stopped and stared into the window.  It looked like the woman was curious.  Was she wondering what was inside?

Both men stood statue-still watching as the woman rubbed a nasty hand over the thin glass window but within seconds she had covered the outside of the window in grim.  A minute later she became bored and left.

Michael turned and fell to a sitting position.  Tears fell and welled up for seconds upon the pronounced cheekbones of the 20 year old man.  Jacob stood, silent then turned away struggling to hold back the emotion.

“We’ve been here two days!”  Michael finally said.  “I am hungry as hell.  We can’t stay in here any longer.  Jacob.”  Michael wiped away the tears.  “You are my best friend but if you try to stop me I will kill you.”

“What do you expect me to do, dude?  Stand in your way.  You are a big boy.  I’m just telling you it will be much more painful out there then in here.”

“Starving to death isn’t painful?”

“I don’t know, man, I haven’t gone more than four hours without food.  It feel like I’m starving now.  I have very little energy to do anything.  How are we going to fight what twenty of those things?”

“We have to do something.”  Michael walked across the concrete floor and over to the wooden garage door.”

“I wish I could see through this damn door.”

Jacob stood behind him then banged hard on the door.

“What are you doing?”

Jacob was quiet and listened then said, “If they were close one of them would of smacked the door but it didn’t.  We can try this.  Just far enough to find a house with food.”

A to Z Chupacabra- Part 2

Gabriel watched the small dog-like creature. Gabriel tried to comprehend the scene.  Terrence Stone had stood on the other side of the gurney till he collapsed.  Within moments replaced by a terrifying, leather-skinned, chupacabra that fought with the uniform of the former EMT.

Officer Reyes stared at the ceiling of the ambulance.  His eyelids were heavy and his head throbbed.  The pain in his leg reminded him of the events with the blob and he growled.  He turned his head and stared at the frightening face of Diablo.

“What the hell is this?”  Oscar shouted recalling the dream seconds ago.

The chupacabra slipped from the EMT’s uniform and looked up at Oscar.  It then sat and looked at Oscar.  Gabriel moved right along the side of the gurney and looked over Oscar’s blood drenched leg.  The frightful thing turned it’s head.  It’s leathery lip curled revealing a pair of long, sharp teeth.  The growl terrified Gabriel and his legs began to shake.  The chupacabra stood and walked toward him.  Oscar laid, strapped to the  gurney, and watched Diablo square up near the corner of the gurney.

Oscar swallowed hard.  He inspected the EMT uniform on the floor then Diablo.  Oscar shouted at the creature just as it was about to leap at Gabriel.  Diablo stopped and continued to stare at Gabriel.

“Diablo, come here,” Oscar ordered and the creature turned and sat near his head.  Oscar struggled as his leg burned.  The stone fell from between his arm and side.   Gabriel watched the small black object fall from the officer’s body. The polished, black stone bounced over the floor and settled by the back doors. Gabriel moved toward the stone curious to identify the weird item but Diablo leap toward him as he reached for the stone.  Gabriel checked Oscar’s leg wound until the chupacabra turned and growled.

He checked the front window and saw the hospital approaching.

A to Z Chupacabra

A woman stood, surrounded by clouds brushed around her thin features.  Her skin was fair and her eyes were brown.  A beautiful woman, but underneath the woman struggled with mental illness.  Oscar managed to survive the shouts and insanity by distracting his mother by talking about the chupacabra.  His mother, Olivia, was fearful of the mythical beast.  Whether that fear was warranted didn’t matter to Oscar because it deflected the symptoms for  moments.

Those moments became shorter and shorter as Oscar became older but this dream drilled down to his younger years.  His mother sat.  The chupacabra sat at her side staring forward, uninterested.

“Oscar, sit,” she instructed.  Olivia stretched out her hand and Oscar took it.  She lead him over to the dog-like creature and it stared up at him.  Oscar backed away and sat at his mother’s feet.

“This is Diablo, do you like him?”  Olivia said with a smile.

“Mother,” Oscar said quietly as the creature studied him.  “This is the monster that frightens you so much. Why do you call it your pet?”

Olivia laughed and Diablo seemed to smile.  The chupacabra’s nose was long.  It’s  head was stretched and thin and it’s skin looked like it had been baked and prepared by a taxidermist.  Oscar turned his head to the right and tried to measure the danger of this strange mid-sized animal. Diablo mirrored Oscar and growled just enough to reveal a thin pointed tooth, longer than the others.  The remainder of it’s teeth were stained with blood.

“Please mother,” Oscar pleaded but she only laughed.

“My boy, there is nothing to worry about…”

A flash of light overwhelmed the dream and Oscar gasp.  Oxygen seared the inside of his throat.  The world filled with noise as Gabriel Van Cleese revived the officer and stared at the creature growling back at him from where his partner stood.

The long face, pointed teeth, and brown tanned hide grumbled as it walked slowly to the right.

“NOW stop!”  Gabriel ordered, but the animal continued to search for a clear path to the medic.

“Jeremy!”  He screamed to the driver as the ambulance jerked, forcing him to brace himself.

“We are almost there Gabriel hold on.”

“How the hell are we going to kill a sharp-toothed dog that used to be a paramedic.  You need to tell me this?”

“I don’t know Gabriel but we have to do something.”

A to Z – Chupacabra

Officer Reyes struggled as the paramedics tried to stop the acidic beast digesting his right leg.  The small, greenish, circular blob inched up his leg as it grew larger.  It wrapped tightly around the officer’s leg leaving smoke and the smell of burning flesh within the small, portable ER.

The hospital was only moments away but the officer’s contaminated leg prevented the ambulance from leaving the scene.

“We have to tourniquet his leg,”  shouted Emily Watson, an EMT, over the noise of the siren above her.

“We can’t get the tourniquet on his leg.  This blob, or whatever it is, keeps moving up it’s leg,” replied the second EMT.

“Grab that bottle of water and dilute the object.”

“It’s acid based and a creature.  Won’t that just push it too the floor?”  Replied the second EMT.  Emily paused for a moment, lost in thought.

“Guys, use this soda ash on the creature.  It causes it to melt into a puddle.”  Sean Baker stood in the large, open doorway of the ambulance with a bag of soda ash in his hands.  “Trust me, this took out the big guy.  The tox guys are mopping him up right now.”

Emily shouted orders and they began to pour the ash onto the officer’s leg.  Within moments the gelatin began to breakdown and fell upon the white sheet below.

“We need to replace this sheet.”  The paramedics replaced the sheet, with help from the hazmat team they contained the remaining remnants of the blob.  The driver of the ambulance pulled forward and headed West toward  the hospital.  Officer Reyes screamed as the team tightened the tourniquet.  The pain overwhelmed him and he began to struggle.  A stone, hidden within his breast pocket, wrestled free and fell, unnoticed between his exposed forearm and side.  Darkness began to swirl within the stone and within moments officer Rayes was unresponsive.

The paramedics panicked but officer Reyes began to dream…


A to Z – The Blob part 7

The gelatinous blob sat quietly stewing upon the asphalt of the exit ramp.  Brian stepped aside as three men dressed in chemical suits stepped forward.  He stepped around, almost tripping, over a large box.  He watched as the hazmat men dumped more kitty litter over the mass until it burped, raising a small cylindrical section and throwing off the kitty litter.  The contents of another bag of litter fell from the hands of another hazmat and seconds later another burp followed by a couple more.  The hazmat team left to get more bags.  Brian watched as officer Reyes inspected the blob.  It had expanded and grew small nodules ready to pop.

“I would not stand to close, Oscar.”  Brian warned just before the first shot blasted toward the officer.  The acidic gelatin struck the officer in the right leg.  It immediately began to eat through the black uniformed pants and stuck to the man’s bare leg.  Officer Reyes screamed.  The smaller mass wrapped itself around the officer’s leg and began to dissolve the skin tissue.  Brian leap over to the officer and helped drag him from the scene.  The blob fired off several other shots.  This left smaller versions of the blob crawling along the off-ramp.

Officer Reyes squirmed.  Paramedics loaded him onto a stretcher and barely avoided another round of shots.  The distance of the shots increased three-fold and struck another man waiting too close to the scene.

The screaming was unnerving.  Brian hid beside the Hazmat truck waiting to find a way to disappear.

“It’s not worth it,” he thought to himself.  “This wasn’t supposed to be this dangerous.”  That was until a large red pickup truck squealed to a stop.

Brian disappeared behind the truck and ran across the off-ramp and toward the service drive.  Two large men, dressed in crude armor, stepped from the back of the truck.  A small woman stepped from the driver’s seat.

“Rebecca!  I am so in love right now,” Brain shouted.

The small woman smiled.

“Acidic nature, we covered it with clay based kitty litter but it just pissed it off.  Now it’s shooting out acidic nodules.”

“I bet it did,” replied one of the armored men.  His caramel-toned skin hidden behind a beaten steel mask.  “An acidic monster and you dumped clay on it.  It’s not an oil spill.”

The other armored man stepped up beside the first.  “Sean, I’ll go get the soda ash.  That should neutralize the acidic stuff.

A explosion of green gelatin burst against the steel breastplate of Sean’s armor.

“Holy crap, man.”

Both men turned.  Brian hid behind the big red truck and stood next to the small woman.

“I’m sorry I got Alan, you and the Baker brothers into this.  This is insane.”

“Alan,” replied Rebecca, emotion sitting at the edges of her pale face, “Alan volunteered, the Baker brothers are absolutely nuts and I am still here.  What would you do without me?”

Brian smiled and peeked over the truck bed.  The Baker brothers, dressed in armor, walked forward.  They held large white bags of soda ash.  The blob spit out resistance but the two men moved forward.  Within moments the men dumped the bags and the gelatin sank to the ground.  It left a moist ring.

“Look at that Andrew,” Sean shouted, excitement evident.

Andrew turned to his younger brother and punched him hard in the chest.

“We are the best, brother,” Andrew replied.

The blob left scars upon the men and women scattered over the off-ramp. The small nodules feed upon the arms, legs and chest of the victims.  Brian and the Tipene agents helped the other first responders and dissolved what they could find.  The EMT’s tied off Officer Oscar Reyes leg and prepared it for removal.  The remains too badly eaten away to save.  Officer Reyes lay silent within the ambulance holding a cloth covered stone in his breast pocket.

A to Z – The Blob part 6

The resistance was phenomenal as five men tried to pull the fireman from the grasp of the blob.  The weight of the mass hung over him as it crept forward.  The other firefighters managed to pull the man back far enough to expose his waist.  Smoke tunneled upward from exposed skin and small sections where the protection failed.  The group of firemen pulled and managed to pull his legs partially free.  The rest of the escape came from the man pulling his feet from his boots but it came at a severe cost.

With the fireman free the others pulled him to the paramedics.  The blob sat motionless, happy to search the fireman’s boots for anything.

“I think the extinguisher damaged the blob creature but it certainly didn’t stop it,” Brian thought outloud.

“Come on, you’re telling me that your business is monsters and you can’t figure this out.”

Brian turned quickly.  “If you have any ideas come over here and try something!”

The man, grumbled inaudibly, turned and sat in his car.

“Come on Brian…”

“Kitty litter.  We need kitty litter.”  The hazmat men stood at their truck talking about dinner, kids and food.  “Are you three going to do anything!”

“That thing is alive, said the first man.  “We deal with dangers that are not alive.  This is on you.  Once it’s dead we’ll clean it up.”

“Do you, at least, have kitty litter?”

“Sure, we can help you out there.”

Brian gathered up several bags of kitty litter.  Officer Reyes grabbed a bag along with two of the firemen.  The blob began to stand again, forming the columns for legs then sculpting a mass that would serve as its waist.  The men poured the kitty litter along the base of the blob and immediately it stopped and recalled the long columns.  The mass of gelatin expanded and all three men jumped backward.  Officer Reyes dropped the remainder of his bag and swore.

The blob managed to roll over the kitty litter, keeping it at the bottom of the mass but it stopped all activity.  Any attempt to grow had stopped.  Any attempt to move ceased.  It sat so the two remaining firemen poured the rest of the kitty litter on top.

The dark sky was bright with reds, blues and yellows.  Conversations erupted randomly throughout the exit ramp as highway traffic buzzed by with barely a noticed.  Residents from Grayling and neighboring homes stood outside the long yellow tape wrapped around the scene.

Brian Tipene, Officer Oscar Reyes and the firemen waited.

A-Z -The Blob – Part 5

Gunshots exploded from behind Brian as he leapt out of the way.  The man-like gelatinous creature stepped forward.  It exercised its legs as it worked out it’s balancing skills.  The bullets slid through its transparent skin only stopped by the remaining organs of Brian’s brother-in-law.  The organs broke apart while the bullets exited the monster and hid within the side of Alan’s truck.

The off ramp was a buzz of activity.  A long string of cars sat watching the activities along the service drive.  Several stood outside their cars.  There was a collective gasp after the weapon fire failed to stop the blob man.

“Do something, monster man!”  Brian heard the single man shouting but it felt like the world looked upon him to do something.  He searched for anything he could use to disable or kill the beast but this was a new situation.  The blob stepped forward it had grew upward several inches making it now over six foot tall.  It towered over Officer Oscar Reyes who was a little over five foot tall.  Officer Reyes stood.  He looked up as he screamed at the vague, green, human face.  The figure imprinted within the gelatinous tower didn’t move.  It didn’t smile and didn’t growl.  It just stared forward as the head bounced back and forth.

“No way,” Brian said as he realized the blob could not keep this current form for very long.  “Get away from the blob!”  Brian scream. “Get as far away as you can.  Oscar, move!”

Everyone moved back and this left the blob and Brian standing within eight feet of each other.  The blob turned suddenly toward Brian.  He stepped forward causing his shoulders and head to fall back then forward.  The blob had to take an extra step to readjust and not fall forward.  The blob reached forward with a third step and Brian retreated.  Again, he searched for anything.

“Detergent? I have nothing here.  What about heat or cold?  Hell I have nothing.  I have weapons but not on me.  Idiot.”  Brian said as he walked backward.  The blob stepped forward again and the mass fell forward at the waist.  It gave the creature an extended reach and the explosion of acidic gelatin once it fell would certain cause him pain, if not kill him.

“Acid?  Doesn’t that need some sort of a base to neutralize it?  Fire extinguisher?  I need a fire extinguisher?”

A fireman, dressed in fire gear, and hard hat stood next to Brian and fired a stream of foam at the blob.

“It’s like covering the thing in whip topping,” Brian replied as the fireman exhausted the can.   The blob shuddered then shook but the liquid mixture stuck within its gelatinous flesh.  The blob threw up both cylindrical arms then rushed forward. Within seconds it fell forward again and staggered toward the fireman.  The top half of the six foot column of gelatin fell forward as it’s legs tried to correct the fall.  The fireman fell backward and the blob fell on top of him.  The acidic, carnivorous blob fell over the fireman leaving only his chest and head exposed.

The man screamed but his protective equipment delayed any immediate danger.  The extinguisher mixture ate away at the first layer of green flesh.  The blob folded in upon itself.  It’s human-like legs disappearing within the mass.  The fireman screamed as the acid began to seep through his equipment.  The blob began to move forward toward the man’s exposed face.

Brian tried to help but the other firemen warned him to avoid getting closer.  They grabbed the man’s arms and began to pull.

A-Z -The Blob – Part 4

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

Brian jumped.  He looked back to see a large truck and a couple of men standing beside it.  “I told you not open the door.  What the hell did you do?”

Both men, dressed in Hazmat suits, approached.  The larger man dragged a large silver box behind them.

“Get out of the way,” stated the taller man.  He slide the box over to the greenish blob and opened it.

“Hey, I know you,” the other man said as he passed.  “Aren’t you the monster man on the commercials.  I think Tipese or Tip-something investigation?”

“I am Brian Tipene, how are you going to clean up this mess?”

“We have procedures.  The others will be here in a moment,” the man replied.

The taller man screamed and all the others turned.  He quickly pulled the box back and shook off his left leg.  “The thing attacked me. It tried to trip me.”

“No way.”

Brian stepped toward the truck. “Gentlemen, this is not just a chemical spill.  This is a predator.”

He watched as the green blob reached out again and attempted to wrap a gelatinous arm around the taller Hazmat man.

“It didn’t do that before,” shouted the officer as he pointed his handgun at the mass of green.  The taller man stepped back and watched as the blob began to grow taller.  Brian watched as two gelatinous columns began to form under a large mass of translucent blob.

“It’s growing legs!  It’s growing legs!”  The officer began to panic.

“Officer Reyes, keep you head on,” Brian stepped over to the officer.  The Hazmat men stepped back toward the truck.  “Officer Oscar Reyes I don’t think shooting it will stop it.”

“It’s growing a body…” The officer shot several times.  Each round slid through the mass easily.  Each one settled within the side of Alan’s white truck.

A second large box truck pulled up to the scene followed by several more police cars.  Brian noticed a backup of traffic began to move slowly past the scene.  The blob stood six-foot tall and began to grow columns on each side of it’s new body.

Brian backed away from the blob. The officers stepped from their cars, guns drawn.

“Don’t shoot the mass.  It will not work.”  Brian shouted.