The Mine – Chapter 1 – (Archive story)

Place: Small mining town North of Cheyenne, 1990

Two miners talk about home as they exit a large tunnel.
“You going to see Mary, Paul?”
“Yea, she’s hav’n problems with the baby,” Paul is a pot-bellied, middle-aged man.
The other man, Joe kicks the dirt then says, “I’m sorry wish I could help.”
“Appreciate it.”
Paul and Joe disappear under a steel and rock.  Several tracks sit upon the ground.  The carts left an hour ago.  Paul and Joe are running late.  Five steps later a small rumble gurgled up from within the mine.  This gurgle continued to mumble as it also grew louder.  Seconds later, an explosion erupts from the mine and the entryway begins to shake.  Paul and Joe turn and run but become overwhelmed within the dust and rocks.

Place: Seattle, Washington

Daniel Saxc walks out of the bathroon and into the bedroom of his hotel room.  Pulling the covers off his bed, he slides into bad.  “Finally,” he says.  “These long nightes are killing me.”

As he closes his eyes and begins to sleep, the phone rigns.  It rings twice then he awakes withi a start.  “Damn.  What is it.”

He answers irritated.  “Mr Daniel Sax, a Dr. John Mason is on the phone for you.  Said it’s really important.

“Yea, whatever,” Daniel says rudely.  “I’ll be right there.”

“Alright, sir,” said the voice.

“Damn it,”  Daniel places the phone upon the receiver and rubs his face.  “I’ll be lucky if this is a prank call.”

Ten minutes later, Danial walks down a set of stairs to the lobby.  He gets to the bottom of the stairs and ai small man brushes by him.. “Excuse me.”

“Sorry,” Daniel replies and the man disappears down the hallway.  At the front desk a tall, acne-faced kid stands talking to several people at once.

“Shawn!”  Daniel shouts due to the increase in volume as more people enter the front door.

“Where’s the phone?”  Shawn, the clerk points to the right and Daniel finds the phone.

“Hello, Mr. Sax?”

“What is going on Dr. Mason?”

“I am a geologist studying abandoned mines in Wyoming.”

“I know of you Dr. Mason.”

“Well, I got a phone call a couple of hours ago.  Just after I returned from my office…”  Daniel’s attention diverts to the man he ran into earlier.  He bolts from the hotel.  The lobby is busier then it normally is this late at night.  It’s odd.

“… the was a mine explosion near a small city in Cheyenne.  Several of their men are trapped in the mine.  Five already confirmed dead and many more missing.”

Place: Dallas, Texas – Several days later

Behind an office door a small middle-aged man sits uncomfortably within his office chair.  He balances a phone within his left shoulder and ear and is searching with his right hand for a file on his mess of a desk.

“I have it right here,” he confirms as the file appears under a pile of candy wrappers.

“Daniel Sax, born July 4th, 1970 in Columbus, Ohio.  His father left the family when he was 10 and they seemed to of moved to Seattle.  He studied Geology at Pennsylvania University but quit after 3 years.”

“That’s fine,” said the voice on the phone.  “He states he found what in Cheyenne?”

“Sir,  he says he found dinosaur bones and other monsters within a mine.”

“Did you say monsters? ”

“Yes, sir.”


Opposite Day_new Part 2

Bobby’s fathers car hit a tall telephone pole.  The pole bent forward as the front end of the car swallowed the pole.  Everyone within the car fell forward.  The cat slid forward and grabbed the back of the driver’s seat with her claws.  The old woman disappeared under knots of long hair as she tried to stop herself from replacing her teeth with the leather passenger seat.  Bobby fell forward, surprised by the sudden stop and slipped through over the center console.  The driver’s airbag inflated and pushed him to the right and into the second airbag.  Both stopped him from passing through the windshield.

His father sat quietly nursing a broken nose.  Bobby sat, with his shoulders on the passenger side door.  He looked up at the rear-view mirror and noticed the magician stood within a foot of the car smiling.  This infuriated Bobby but he was unable to move too quickly.  Suddenly, the magician moved forward toward the car.  He walked slowly toward Bobby’s father while staring intently at Bobby.  “Why is he watching me?  Other then to be a psycho.”  He thought as he began to measure up his injuries.  The magician opened the back door of the small 4-door and let the cat out.  He bent over, his long fingers holding the felt hat on his hat, and examined the old woman.

“She’s dead,” he said with glee and stood up.  He then walked over to Bobby’s father and looked within the broken window.  “Stay away from my father!  Psycho, bastard.”

His father stared at him through the blood leaking from his hands.  “What are you talking about?”

“There is a magician outside your window.”

Bobby said  in one breath.  “The man is insane.  I ran into him yesterday.  He gave me a card and now the day is all messed up.”

His father looked and nodded at the magician.  “I don’t care if he’s Harry Houdini.  He’s offered to help us get out of the car.”

Bobby looked back at the magician but found he had been replaced by shorter man with a dress shirt and blue tie.  Both men stared at Bobby.  Reading their faces Bobby dropped his objections.  He wrestled with his legs and feet and finally managed to slide them under the deflated passenger airbag.  He looked back to find the old lady gone and someone approached the passenger window.

“Can I help you, son,”  The individual offered but Bobby advised he was fine but that was until he saw the hat as the man bent down.  Bobby immediately pushed the door open.  The magician fell backward.  Shock plastered all over his face.  Bobby noticed that the magician went out of his way to keep his hat on his head.  Bobby began to step out but his legs were sore.  The magician scooted backward.  It wasn’t fear on the magician’s face but concern.  There was a partial smile then confirmed to Bobby that he was insane.

Bobby stood slowly, his legs resisting and the Magician disappeared.  Replacing the Magician was an EMT with a starched blue and white uniform.  A red bag sat beside Bobby’s feet.

“Ok, ok… your ok,” stated the man.  He was struggling to back away.

“Bobby, calm down,” his father spoke through the broken pieces of his nose.

The EMT put his hands up signifying no intent to harm.  Bobby held onto the door, his knees throbbing.  “I’m sorry.  I thought you were someone else.”

The EMT stood and cautiously approached Bobby and grabbed the red bag.  He turned and left.

Bobby found the Magician laughing with a beautiful blond woman.  He pretended to be in a conversation but would occasionally look in his direction.

Bobby watched as the conversation ended and the woman turned and left.  She walked to the edge of the sidewalk, lifted her left hand and then stepped in front of a cab.  The cab unfortunately did not see her and pushed her forward then under the car.  Bobby turned away.

“Isn’t opposite day a blast,” the Magician said as he appeared beside Bobby.  Bobby immediately swiped at him but the Magician avoided it.  “Whoa, now… you must really like me.  You’ve tried to hurt me twice.”

“Are you saying you like my father and I because you hurt us!”

“I have so much hatred for you.”  The Magician said as his dull red eyes lite up with rage, “but its opposite day so I must be friendly.”  The Magician then smiled.  His eyes dimmed and he looked content to be friendly.

“Oh, my God.  Can you just leave me and my family alone.”

“Alone,”  the Magician asked.  “But I am your guide.  I will help you through the day.”

“Just removed the curse.”

“Curse, I am offended.  This is a gift.  Your objections to my gift hurt me and I struggle to ‘not like you’.”  The magician winked.  Making sure Bobby understood the opposite of ‘not like you’.

Bobby stood quiet.  Thinking.  He suddenly noticed the EMT approaching quickly.  Within his small hand was a scalpel.  The magician watched, from beside Bobby as the EMT attempted to stab him.  “Really!”  Bobby shouted as he avoided another thrust.  His father shouted from within the car.  The driver’s door was jammed.


Opposite Day – Part 2

“Get out of bed, loser!  The day has started.”  Shouted Bobby’s roommate as he lay half asleep.  A sudden kick swept the sleep from him and he fell between the bed and wall and then onto the floor.   Seconds afterward his roommate tore the mattresses off his bed.  His roommate, always the kidder, looked frightening as he held a bat in his left hand.  His face was twisted into utmost hatred.

“It’s about time you pay for my grievances Bobby.  The pot smoking, the woman… you are paying for all of it.”  His roommate then swung the bat.  He smacked the metal foundation of the bed making it ring loudly.  Bobby scooted under the spring of the bed as his roommate swung over and over.  Several forcing the spring into his chest and face.

“Stop!  Stop!”  Bobby shouted but his room mate just laughed and smack harder.  He had no escape from the rage of his long time college friend.  His room mate began to lift the bed when Bobby’s ex-girlfriend walked into the dorm room.  She hated his guts and he was sure the problems would only start but they only got strange.  Ashley, his ex, shoved Bobby’s roommate.  The young man tripped and fell sideways.  He hit his head hard upon a shelf of books and passed out.  Ashley waited patiently as Bobby slid from under the bed.  The steel spring would never be the same and he would likely have to call Mom and Dad for more money.

“How will I explain this to my parents?”  He asked rhetorically as Ashley helped him up.

Ashley nodded and looked over at Bobby’s room mate.  Bobby followed her gaze and noticed a pool of blood growing under his room mate.

“Oh, my God, is he dead?” Shouted Bobby as he rushed over to look him over.  Ashley stopped him.  “He just tried to kill you.  I saved you.  You should care about me more.”

“Are you crazy?  You think I’m Satan’s brood.  you told me.  What is wrong with you?”

She laughed.  “I said that.  I don’t recall.”

“Doesn’t matter, we have to stop the bleeding or Derrick is going to die.”  Ashley laughed again.  “Die Smeye.  He is going to a far better place.”

“That is heartless.  What is wrong with you?”

“Do you love me?”  She asked impatiently.  “Yes,” Bobby answered impatiently, “can you get me a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey in the student center?”

Ashley giggled with delight and bounced out of the room.  Bobby stared in disbelief but quickly turned back to his room mate.  He applied pressure to the side of his young head to stop them bleeding.  He searched the room for anything he could use to tie it to his head.  A woman’s scarf sat a stretch away so he grabbed it, wrapped the head and placed it down carefully.

Several moments to think gives you so many thoughts.  Murder, police, jail, execution, escape… “Oh my God.”

Bobby’s room mate woke and stared.



Opposite Day – Part 1

Bobby walked slowly down the faded boardwalk.  The long boards of the wooden walk way jutted up here and there making it a small challenge not to trip.  The shops were long boarded up.  Former neon signs now looked like dark broken tubes which helped to keep people away instead of bring them to the shop.  The windows were long boarded up due to a hurricane which blew in years ago.  No one turned the power back on.  No one walked the rickety, broken floor.  No one cared much for boardwalk anymore.

Bobby rounded the corner.  An abandoned toy store stood sad and depressed.  The plywood that held up the large picture window had fallen slightly and Bobby could see something strange.  A red glow from something inside.  The power had been cut for the whole board walk so to see anything but black and gray over here was weird.  Bobby pulled on the plywood, which gave easily and walked into the building.  The small red glow sat in a corner of the toy story.  Bobby could not yet tell what was making it.  The shelves of the small toy store sat empty.  It’s shelves fallen face first onto the dusty ground.  A few toys were scattered but most were covered and dust and unwanted by the looters years ago.  Bobby had to climb over a couple shelves to get to the red object.  It sat over a thin cover, dusty like everything else.  Bobby covered his mouth and pulled.

Under the cover was a coin-operated magician.  A partial man, hat, head and shoulders, stood staring away from Bobby.  Inside his small square prison he looked like he just came off the manufacturer’s floor.  His hat was a tall stove pipe with a brim.  His face was painted on ceramic, wrinkles and all.  The partial man wore a half tie and suit.  The red light shone brightly from the top of the square glass case.

“Alfonso, the Great,”  shouted the letters as it spelled out the name.  Underneath the glass box was a steel slot and beside that a tin sign, bent slightly at the corner, that said 25 cents.

Bobby shook his pockets and found a quarter.  He pushed the quarter into the slot and the magician came alive.  First thing it did was straighten its gaze.  It looked forward into Bobby’s chest for a moment then upward.  It’s painted on eyes seemed to become real as it soon caught Bobby’s gaze.  “Young man, how are you?”  Said the magician his halved body moving back and forth as he continued to stare right at Bobby.

“I’m so sorry staring is rude,” he said as he adjusted his gaze to something less creepy.  “You don’t understand its been years since I’ve seen a young boy your age.”  The magician laughed.  It’s voice was metallic, his accent slightly British.  “I am Alfonso, the Great.  Magician extraordinaire.  I am hear for your pleasure.  “Would you like me to perform a trick for you?”

Bobby shifted uncomfortably.  Fear doubled up in his legs and gut.  “I think I’m just going to go,” he said but his legs would not move.

“Don’t be frightened, young man,”  said the magician.  “What am I going to do, I’m in a glass box for Christ’s sake and I have no legs.”

Bobby attempted a smile which peaked slightly at the edges.

“Let me get my small arms working so I can take off this old hat.”  Two small wooden arms moved slowly, stuttering at first, then eventually pushing upward to remove the magician’s black hat.  For a few seconds the magician’s gaze disappeared behind his hat.  Bobby breathed in deeply till his gaze returned.

“Alright,” said the magician, “let me reach into my hat and pull out a trick.”

Bobby watched as the magician’s hands moved mechanically into the hat and pulled out a small card.  The magician then turned, while still watching, and dropped the card into a large black pit area.  The card dropped and the magician asked Bobby to remove the card.  Bobby pushed himself forward.  He reached carefully.  Pushing the tin cover in.  The card sat face down at the bottom of the pit.  Bobby picked up the card.  He watched the magician carefully for any sudden moves.  The magician looked forward.  The paint in its eyes chipped slightly.  It’s two arms sat at the base of the glass case.  Bobby stood.  The light above the magician flickered then went out.  The magician suddenly disappeared into the darkness of the abandoned toy store.

Bobby shook off the nerves and turned back toward the only light he could find.  He stumbled over the fallen shelves and toys until he reached the front of the store.  He stepped out into the salted air and onto the uneven boardwalk.  He placed the card into his pocket and walked away.

Reaching home, just after midnight Bobby pulled the card from his pocket and sat on the bed.  He stared at the neatly typed letters on a business card shaped magic trick.  The only words displayed showed ‘Opposite Day’.  Bobby huffed.  Upset at the commotion this little incident caused him.  The fear and the weird gaze only to get a card that says Opposite Day.  He placed the card on his bedroom dresser and slipped into bed.

First Street

Erik drove the Mustang slowly though the city.  The towering steel and glass structures of a post apocalyptic city stared down at him.  The dead walked around the car for the most part uninterested in the noise that didn’t smell like food.  It still took a long time to move through and it was approaching evening by the time they had reached the last 12-story building.  

“Grandma Ann lives on First street.  Last house on the left,” said Kali with a smile.

“Of course, last house on the left,” Erik snapped, “it couldn’t be first house right the hell in front of me!  I need a beer.”  He then reached into his duffel bag and fumbled around till he found one.  He opened the warm can and drank it quickly.  He then opened the window and hit a passing teenage prom queen with the can.  The zombie growled and began toward them but Erik drove away and turned right onto First. 

The street began at the base of a large hill

Midnight Snack

Peering through the windows of the garage Kali could see it was dark.  A fluorescent light flickered highlighting a shadow.  The shadow paced in front of the garage door. “Where did they go,” said one voice speaking to others somewhere outside.  Kali could hear the muffled whispers of other people talking and walking on the tin roof of the garage.
“We have to find them, Aaron is already pissed we wasted another day getting off on zombie blood, said another as he approached the shadow in front of the garage.  “They gotta be in the garage,” insisted the first shadow.  Kali’s heart jumped but the other seemed to dismiss it.  “No, they would of broke into the house first.  We check that.”  Kali watched both shadows move away from the garage door.  She could then hear them upon the roof of the house.  The windows on the second-story were unblocked.  Kali heard the windows break.  They entered the house then screams escaped into night air.  Chills raced throughout Kali’s body and she fell to the cold concrete floor. She looked over to Erik but he was completely unconscious.  Another situation left to deal with alone.  Laughter erupted after the screaming.  A chilling realization that these creatures didn’t care.  Kali stepped forward and stood under the light of the moon.  Her forehead barely reached the high windows on the garage door but she could see the vampire walking upon the roof of the house.  A pair of vampire paced outside the busted second-story windows as more screams erupted.  Kali looked over to see Erik stirring but didn’t wake.   The nurse still lay staring at Kali with her infected gaze.  with hopes that Erik heard the commotion but he was still asleep and the nurse still lay bloody on the concrete floor. Kali looked out the window again only to crouch quickly when a figure leapt up to look in from the other side. “Hopefully,” she thought, “he didn’t see her.”
“Hey, guys I think I found her,” said the young voice to the others on the roof.
“Doesn’t matter, ” said one of the others, “we have fresh meals all in this house. Tony says its a safe house. Let’s go.”
“..but guys,” the young voice protested.
“Come on, dumbass. If you did find her they won’t go very far. Their stuck in a garage.”
“Fine but its your ass.” Kali watched as a young man, not too much older then her leapt from the ground and onto the first-story roof of the house. He then disappeared threw the broken window. The others followed and Kali had to wake Erik.

Short, quick paragraph 1

The cold air blew through the hidden cracks in the room.  If Sam wanted to become a psychopath he could search the room for each individual chilly escape of air but this was only a hotel room.  A cheap one at that but he would have to deal with it. “Well at least I won’t need to sleep tonight,” he said to himself.