Hard boiled – Saint and Company Blog-series

The tiger woman introduced herself as Mrs. Sayomi Menonx.

“Excuse me, is there anywhere to sit down,” she asked.

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Menonx,” Lou shoved a stack of law books from a chair then placed the chair behind the woman.

“Call me Sayomi.  I killed my husband.”

“Now how did you do this?”  Asked Lou.

“A shovel to the face then I beat him till he stopped moving.”  Lou watched Sayomi’s face as it struggled to stay put.  Her large nose wiggled slightly and her eye shifted then returned the gaze.

“This is not an investigation, just confess to the police?” Jed said.  He picked up the chair and moved it closer to the woman.  Sayomi ignored the comment and stared at Lou.  Her gaze caught him by surprise.

“We will take the case, Sayomi.”

Without a thank you Sayomi stood, brushed off her short black skirt and turned.  She began walking toward the door.  Lou followed the tall woman studying the mane of thick hair falling from the center of her striped head.  Sayomi left and Lou shut the door.  He turned on his heels.

“Wow, she was hot,” Lou said as the Sayomi stepped from the room.

“Did you not notice the tiger mask?”  Jed replied.

“She is a Menonx, one of several different races around here. Very ferocious temper but also very beautiful.”

“And you know this in what… three months being here?”

“Jed, this world is not like the others we have visited.  There is Democracy and technology like you wouldn’t believe.  As soon as you stomp out that door there is an explosion of color on most of these creatures.”

“So what are we doing about the Menonx that killed her husband?”

“Well, for one, she’s lying.  For an odd reason she felt she couldn’t speak the truth about the situation.  We need to follow her.”

“We can do that with the tablet.”

“Let’s pull out the tablet and see what we can look into.”

Jed disappeared into the next room.  A few minutes later he returned with a thin rectangular device.  Once activated the device shot out a ray of light and displayed the screen on the wall.

“Alright, let’s see.  The Menonx live in a segregated community west of St. Andrew. Sayomi should be leaving the building about now.  We will have to follow her with the government monitor drones.”

Hard boiled – Saint and Company

“See, I just poofed my candle on.”

“That’s preety cool, Lou.  Can you make it bigger?”

“Are you serious?  Is that all you think about it that and the woman you use it on?”

“Dude, think what I can do.”

“Stop that thought.  I just saw a woman pass by the door.  I think she’ll come back around.  Probably lost.”

“I can find her for you, Lou.”

“No, sit your sick ass on the seat and shut up.  I’ll find her.”

Louis Saint stood from behind his desk. Books, cups and beer cans fell from his desk.  He stepped over the trash and around his desk to the door.  He opened the and stepped out into the dim, lit hallway.

She stood twenty feet from him and cupped her hands over the dirty glass of the door next door.  A beautiful woman, far surpassing the dingy apartment slash business condo Lou and Jed worked in.  He swallowed hard before he spoke and almost swallowed the few words he was able to say.

“Excuse me, are you looking for a…”  Lou stopped and his jaw fell loose.  The woman, so beautiful from the expensive pumps on her feet to the perfect white blouse, stared at him with greenish eyes.  The irises with the eyes extended horizontally.  Her nose was large and extended forward.  Her skin struck with orange hair and black stripes.

“I’m looking for Saint detective agency.  Can you help me?”  She asked.  Her voice sweet behind a pair of sharp, meat-eating incisors.

“Um, certainly.”  Lou said, stumbling a bit.

“Hey, is she hot!”  Jed asked loudly.  Lou tried to ignore him then recalled what the room looked like.  The beautiful tiger woman began to walk toward him and Lou stuck his head back into the room.  Large piles of trash lie in the corners of his office.  His desk was partially buried in paper and beer cans.

“Get the desk cleared off.”  Lou said between his teeth.  Jed stood up immediately and began to shove the trash upon the floor.  Lou winced and partially closed the door.  The woman stood in front of him.

“Is there a problem?”  She said.

“You know.. ”  Lou stalled. “My office is not very clean.”

“It’s Ok, Mr. Saint.. I assume.  This whole building is not very clean.”

“That is very true.. well if you would like.  You can have a seat in front of my desk.”

“Yes, please.”

Lou Saint stepped to the side and heard a crash.  He stepped into the room to see Jed struggling to stand after falling from his chair.

“Excuse my partner.  He is a bit clumsy.”

The tiger woman kept quiet.  Adjusted her skirt and stood in front of Lou’s desk.

“So what can I do for you?”  Lou said.

“Well, I may have killed my husband.”