Random thoughts

I don’t know what to do with the 200 year old man.  I started with the idea of having this guy obsessed with this really old man.  I began to write it but it then became some supernatural story.  I really like supernatural stories but… hmmm

I had this other idea about an ancient poker game.  The devil’s game was won by age.  The loser gains age and the winner loses age.  The story started to go this route.  Normally, I let my stories tell themselves.  City of Zombies has built itself almost entirely.  Today, I have a very good idea where my mojo has gone.  It’s called Netflix.  Watched Brothers Grimm and now I’m watching TimeLine.  I just love this fantasy stuff..

I’m so in love with story telling.  Movies are only one part of the huge world of storytelling.  I’m thinking just like the oral traditions of old.  So I have some story telling in my ear how can I honestly think I could write anything so I journal.

I just joined a Pathfinder Online game.  It is the first time I’ve done anything like this.  I have created a Rogue named Wilford Grimly.  Of course he will end up as a Grim.  Such an interesting creature a Grim.  A scary bringer of death that I want to designate as a good person.  Someone willing to help.

Instant time travel: An interesting concept.  Really something unbelievable in my opinion.  Disintegrating the body and reassembling it somewhere else.  So many variables.  The human body is so complex.  I just don’t see if happening.

FYI – My Awesome readers

I’m starting a search for a new theme to go with my new .com or whatever I choose.  I’m thinking matthewrstitt.com or maybe mymonstersandme.com (but that sounds to kiddie like).  I’ve always love monsters but this blog it really about what I really like to do.  ART/Writing/Talk about stuff.. Anyways, my kingsboro blog will be going through some changes.. Feel free to comment on whether you like the changes I make.


My novel skills..

Was trying to write the whole story ‘200 year old man’ but its so hard for me to type everything in one session. I’m going to start posting the pieces of the story till its completed. It’s interesting as I explore my writing skills. I seem to have become very comfortable with blogging but blogging is in itself uncomfortable because it is public. Any time someone could take my work and this is ashame… BUT…
This is the crux of the issue with my blogging. I enjoy it a great deal. I like the idea of people reading my work. I like the idea, the freedom to write what I want and finding that others may agree or disagree.
Lastly, I like to write. The power of a god to build anything, anywhere at any time. It’s such a tough job but it’s my favorite job. That’s my time goodnight.. next up 200 year old man- 1st part

To Do for 2015

My blog tends to be all over the place lately.  Other then my CityofZombies  posts and the other wonderful posts I add from others.  My addition of Monster stories has been missing.  I have plenty of material to add and I promise to make some changes this year.  I have loved monster stories since I first watched Dracula when I was a boy.  A little secret I will share.  I was terrified of vampire till I was 16 years old.  I would wrap something around my neck every night so I would not be bitten.  Luckily, I never strangled myself.

Often nights, I would envision monsters in the closet.  I would imagine shapes and build the monsters in my closet.  I spent many nights terrified that I would be attacked by human monsters.  Noises interrupting my sleep at night.  The house creeping and squeaking.  I have always have the most vivid imagination.  Imagine 3D images 24/7  prancing around within feet of your face every day.  I think of it a lot of times like a medium of monster-dom.  Instead of listening and seeing the dead I see fictional monsters.

I watched the last Night of the Museum tonight and I couldn’t help loving the sights and sounds of the creatures in the British museum.  It was like watching a whole new world develop right before my eyes.  This excitement is what keeps me moving.  The idea of writing something no one else has ever seen just thrills me.

My novel City of Zombies should be completed by June.  I am back to posting once a week but I am so close to the end of the novel.  I look forward to thwarting the zombie invasion below the streets and doing something with Gabriel.  Not really sure what I want to do to him.  My monsters will be all over that world by the time I’m done.

My other monsters will be populating this blog.  I have so many unfinished works in my journals and even within this blog.  I will be rewriting some key moments and recounting the journal entries.  I have a great take on Ten Little Indians by Agatha Christie.  One of my favorite books.  I wrote it years ago, never finished.

Last up: I will be suiting up for a brand new web address this year.  My Monsters and Me will be becoming a .com or whatever strikes me as interesting.  I plan to start this next week.  To y’all out there have a great year.

Thanks matthew r. stitt

Author (Freewriting) Dec 23, 2014

I’m watching the latest Paranormal Activities movie, good reason why I can’t write but still.  I just don’t have any energy to write.  I’m going to have to force myself to write.  I’m writing this post just to free write something.  Paranormal Activity 4 is a very interesting return to the original intention of the franchise.  My opinion, of course but I find the setting within the Latino community very interesting.  It adds to the mythology of these movies.  They also add a lot more supernatural events.  The characters are played very well by unknowns.  It’s back to “what the hell is going to happen?”

To other stuff… what about a story mixing monsters and supernatural horror like Paranormal Activity.

Hmmm.. a new twist.. someone took the main character..

I know this is all over the place but I need to write something.. been watching Helix.  Completed the first season.  Very good series about CDC scientist trying to fix extreme sci fi infections.. I think these days are excellent for fans of sci fi.

They are approaching a thin, white door.  The camera light fails as they walk in.  Inside the room is a fake head and some covered appliances.  They are searching for their brother in an old house.  Currently looking inside a horse stall.  Yikes.. crazy witches.. lol

They are inside the house with the witches outside staring.. looks like a goat head inside a pentagram.  They are looking at a window intensely till someone bangs on it.  Marisol is missing…

Oops.. she fell from the ceiling now Hector is running around the house screaming.  This would be intensely frightening if I was in this house.  All sorts of crazy things going on.. He’s opening the door… everything is quiet…

Till Jesse shows up and chases him.. yikes

Wow.. he broke down the door.. now Hector runs through a door and he is in the original Paranormal Activity house..

Scary zombie woman walking around.. ok.. he’s dead..


Journal Entry (Plot the whole story)

120 people stand in line to enter the Company. They file in at 8:00 on Monday morning. Single out the four but include a few more.  They walk into the Company and perform their duties as they normally would on Monday morning.  The nurses care for the patients, the doctors work in their offices and the maint. crews sweep the floors.

Today is going to be different though…work in this town is going to come to a halt.  From the dark and unknown section of the Company a door will be open, on accident, and the patients will slip out.  The patients being zombies.  The first zombies are supposed to be super soldiers.  Super strong former Marines.  The purpose is kinda like this…if you kill us we will rise up and stomp your ass…  As these super soldiers feed on innocent victims these victims turn into zombies and so on and so on…

Within the next two days the super soldiers tear up the company and create about 100 new zombies, this includes the patients dumb enough to step from their cells.  After this the four along with however many make it out of the company alive find the exit and leave.  They find it is getting dark and they run to the rolling fence at the end of the parking lot.

“What the hell are we going to do?”  Asks someone.

Dr. Stein volunteers his car and they smash through the gate with it.  Before they can drive to safety another paniced driver smashes their car into a power pole.

With no where to run the four begin to run with the zombies following slowly after.  They find the town almost abandoned due to a voluntary evacuation.  They didn’t believe that man-eating zombies could be attacking a town.  They run about a mile ahead of the zombies.  That’s where they find the old farm house.  They find that they are joined by the man that ran them off the road, his car had died and several others.  They plot a defense but cannot find any guns.  They decide to hide…It’s about the only thing they can do.  The majority opinion is to go downstairs but Derrick and couple others decide to go upstairs…for some unknown reason Derrick is the only one the pick the attic…I don’t know if there is a conflict or what but he is the only one up there.  Maybe he is the only one small enough to fit in the door.

Late that night the zombies find the home and beat on it and beat on it.  Early in the morning they break through and begin to invade the house.  They bust through the basement door first and kill everyone in there then begin upstairs.  They go room by room finding everyone that looks delicious and eating them…Derrick is above them in the attic and hears it all.  He hears Nancy being eaten then hears Andrea but she is not screaming…She is looking for him.  I would like her to be a zombie but I would also like her to be a love interest.

Derrick and Andrea escape the house through the window in the attic…Standing outside on the roof they notice men fighting through the mass of zombies.  These men are muscular and very strong.  They swing wood, metal, shoot guns and anything that will make the zombies go down.  They clear a path to the house and rescue Derrick and Andrea… Andrea finds that she knows the leader of the pack because he drives the city bus.  All these men are functional experments with one blind eye.  The expermental drugs forced them to lose the site in the eye.  After being saved they make there way to Kingsboro prison.  With the help of the remaining pack they clear the prison and plot an overall plan of attack for these zombies…

That’s when Derrick see’s the snow and finds hope for the future…or at least an escape up north….

Newest Update (The Beginning)

Andrea Tomlinson sat quietly next to the aisle in the dirty bus. An empty seat sat to the left of her. She sat near the center of the bus. She never liked sitting too close to the front or the back. She watched as the driver of the bus bounced up and down and left and right listening to tunes that bled into his ears from earphones. He seemed a little too happy to be driving a city bus in a depressed little town like Kingsboro.
Kingsboro was always a podunk little town stuck in the south central palm of Michigan. Jobs were moving out and economy was quickly getting worse. The residents fought over the reason. It was the president, it was the governor, it was killer bees from Mexico—Andrea really didn’t care why the town was falling apart she was only interested in finding a job.
Through the large bus windshield she watched as a young man, cute from a distance of 20 yards, stood at a bus stop. He had his hands in his pockets and watched as the bus approached. Andrea noticed his hair was trimmed short and he wore an ironed shirt and pants. They were not starched but neat.
“He looks like a recent military veteran,” she thought. That gave him extra cuteness points.
The bus stopped with a jolt and the front door opened. The man— the young veteran walked in and immediately smiled.
“Did he see something he liked?” She thought curiously then it hit her. She was staring at the man. He thought she like him. She looked down at her naked knees. She adjusted her short red skirt and shuffled her coordinated heels upon the dirty bus floor.
“How are you doing?” The man asked as Andrea pretended not to she him. “May I sit here?”
Andrea said nothing and just stared at her knees.
“Miss?” He asked.
He said “Miss”. She added a couple more points then looked up. He had a nice face, thin and sculpted. His eyes were young and blue and his hair was brown.
“May I sit here?” He asked again.
“Yes, sure,” She said with a nervousness that was surely noticeable.
“Thanks,” he said and stepped over her knees and slid into the seat next to the window.
As soon as he sat down he began to ramble. Something about computers and processors and how difficult it was. The man’s points whittled away as he pronounced each three to four syllable word over and over. The man continued to babble until the bus jolted to a stop again. Andrea stood and stepped out into the aisle way. A woman she did not see almost ran into her from behind. Andrea apologized quickly and walked toward the front of the bus. The man followed close behind. She had hoped he would of stayed on the bus but what could she do. Another man unavoidably attracted to her and she would have to deal with it.
Nancy Smith, sat in the back of a dirty city bus. In front of her sat several other passengers going about their business of laughing, joking and whatnot. The temperature of the bus always seemed to reach ten or twenty degrees higher then the temperature outside. Today is was 82 degrees.
“It would be nice to have a steady job, a steady paycheck and a steady place to live,” she thought.
She received the e-mail several days ago.
Looking for a nurse to care for patients at a research center. Interested in individuals that enjoy a challenge, or want to make a difference in peoples lives. No background check. 1 to 2 years experience.
Nancy wanted to make a difference but it wasn’t what interested her. It was the no background check. She had a checkered past that seemed to follow her. She was never at a job for longer then 3 months, if she even got the job.
“Don’t think about that,” she warned herself sternly, “maybe this is the one.”
Hope filled some of her empty heart but the stern look on the judge’s face and the reluctant verdict fought to take any hopeful gains away from her.
“I wasn’t convicted of a crime,” she thought, “it wasn’t a crime. I did the right thing.”
The bus slowed then stopped with a jolt. The driver laughed loudly. His gleeful cackle bounced throughout the steel and glass walls of the bus. Nancy stood up quickly. She began toward the front of the bus to tell the driver what she thought of his joke when a woman step out into the aisle in front of her. Nancy stopped centimeters from the back of the woman’s head. The woman’s blond hair brushed her face as she turned to apologize. Nancy smiled and accepted her apology. She allowed the blond woman and the man she sat with to move into the aisle and move toward the front of the bus. Nancy followed them out of the bus and was certain that she was going to say something to the driver. She approached the driver but only scowled at him. The driver smiled, the center two teeth under his top lip were missing and he seemed to have a corneal ulcer in his right eye. The infection, usually caused by a bacterium, caused the eye to look cloudy. Nancy smiled back, she again wanted to say something to the driver but she could not. She stood staring at his eye.
“Is there a problem?” The driver asked with noticeable uncomfort then looked forward through the front windshield.
“I’m sorry,” Nancy said, “I noticed your eye and wanted to recommend you get it treated.”
“Your so kind,” the driver said sharply, “I’m going to close the door are you getting out?” Nancy had offended him and she immediately felt awful. She turned and walked ashamed down the bus steps. She stepped upon the ground and the driver closed the door. The door slid closed with a thump that startled Nancy. “Was this how her day was going to start?”
A familiar Cadillac sat ahead of her. There was a large dent just behind the passenger door.
“Obviously, Dr. Stein still didn’t notice my accident two weeks ago,” she smiled slightly then stopped.
“Is he working here too? I think I see him sitting in the driver’s seat. I should see if he’s ok.”
Dr. Daniel Stein
Sitting in his car, Dr. Daniel Stein, recently retired from Kingsboro Mercy Hospital, thumbs through the Kingsboro Times.
He laid the paper down upon the passenger seat and glanced out the windshield at the bland, gray rectangle that was the Kingsboro Research and Development Co. He glanced at his watch—another twenty minutes to go.
He went over in his mind all that had happened in the last weeks. There had been the purchase of the hospital by Dallas Truman, a local real estate tycoon, the thorough investigation and analysis by the FBI, then the appearance of what would be called a freak.
Dr. Stein stared out the windshield wondering why his life had taken such a strange unexpected turn. He disappeared into thought and the busy hallways of the Kingsboro Mercy Hospital replaced the bland exterior of his new job.
“Can you believe they are going to force me out,” Dr. Stein had said with disbelief as he walked quickly through the hospital front hall with Andy Koffman. Andy was still a resident but when they met for the first time they became quick friends.
“I’m so sorry they are treating you like this Daniel,” Andy said
“I just don’t understand why? I’ve been here 25 years and you are barely a doctor.” Said Dr. Stein.
“We may never understand—,” Andy began but never finished. A large argument ensured behind the white curtain an ER triage unit. Soon something burst and left a dark stain upon the curtain. Andy and Dr. Stein began toward it when an irate patient, covered in blood, stepped from the curtain. He looked at Dr. Stein, his expression deadpan and his eyes cloudy. He then thrust his arms out and felt for a heavy wooden chair that sat outside the unit. He grasped it and with enormous strength tossed it at the two men. Dr. Stein ducked and fell to the floor. The heavy chair hit Andy full in the chest and he collapsed under it. Dr. Stein looked back to see his friend unconscious, under the chair. He began to stand when an IV line, with pole attached, just missed his head. Several people, staff, patients and security converged and surrounded the man. Three men in black suits burst into the ER from the right of the patient and grabbed him. The man threw them off him easily then proceeded toward the nurse’s station. He tore it apart. The large desk portions he through over his head. The chairs, he threw, flew with such force that anyone caught with one was dead. Dr. Stein lay on the floor looking back. Andy lay under the large chair still motionless.
“He’s probably dead,” Dr. Stein, said to himself as he began to slide backward to get a better look. Paper and computer equipment flew across the room. A flat screen computer monitor hit a surgeon in scrubs dumb enough to run across the hallway. The monitor hit him in the side of the head and broke his neck. The noise was disturbing. A loud crack and the surgeon fell to the floor. The three black suited men stood against a hallway wall not moving. They looked terrified, scared to even move a muscle. The people that initially gathered had all but left. The hallway was empty except for Dr. Stein, three men in suits and bodies’ dead or unconscious. After the nurse’s desk had been destroyed and thrown over the hall the man fell to his knees and then fell forward. Dr. Stein, stood and pulled the chair from on top of Andy. Andy’s chest was sunken and his face was mangled but he was alive.
“Someone get me a gurney,” he shouted. A nurse appeared from a far room and grabbed the first one she could find. She quickly pushed it up the Dr. Stein and they preceded gather Andy up. The three suited men, stood against the wall for a short time longer then rushed over to the irate patient. They talked quickly and seemed to be smiling.
“What the hell are they smiling at,” Dr. Stein said loudly. The nurse hadn’t heard him. She began to push Andy toward a room. Dr. Stein stood watching the men. They were inspecting the man as he sat face first on the ground.
“Dr. Stein?” Said the nurse.
The drab building, Kingsboro Research and Development Co., reappeared. A thin woman with long red hair stood outside Dr. Stein’s car.
“Dr. Stein, your going to be late,” she said with a smile.
Dr. Stein looked at his watch and it was five minutes to 5:00 in the morning.
“Oh, hell,” and he opened his drivers door. He straightened his black tie and began to walk quickly toward the building. He stopped and looked back. The redheaded woman was walking toward a large city bus. The driver stood outside the front door smoking a cigarette.

Chapter 1 re-edit Sept 08

Kingsboro Epic

Chapter 1– New Employees

The long dark hallway just inside the entrance to The Company was quiet at 7:59. As the seconds ticked by the darkness prepared for the new day.

8:00 began the workday. A large steel blue door opened and light illuminated the hallway in front of it. The florescence lights above the hallway lit up and the day began.

Derrick Adams, Eric Hoyt, Dr. Daniel Stein, Nancy Smith and Andrea Alexander walked through the dark blue door and into the nondescript hallway. They stood together off to the left of the door.

“Did you notice no one walked to the left down this hallway?” Andrea Alexander said, as she watched 200 or so people walk to the right into a maze of perpendicular hallways.

Nancy Smith, stood beside Andi and look to the left down the hallway. She noticed a single door painted darkly at the end of the hall. There was a small bulb lit above the door. No other doors are within the hall, just faded plaster walls and a paint strip down the center of the floor.

Nancy brushed long brunette hair from her face and answered, “I wouldn’t call it a strange thing.”

The rest of the group looked to the left and stared into the hallway. Curiosity peeked like a child in the refrigerator.

“How’s it going?” Said a voice from behind them. The group jumped in unison and turned toward the voice. A small Latino man dressed in a sharp black suit and light blue shirt approached the group smiling.

“Derrick Adams, Eric Hoyt, Dr. Stein, Nancy Smith and Andrea Alexander,” he began professionally.

“I’m Dr. Ruiz. Follow me,” he said.

“Wait,” Andrea Alexander asked then added. “What’s down that hallway? No one walked down that way.”

Dr. Ruiz hesitated slightly, “There are some storage rooms and other rooms that aren’t used,” he said.

“But there is only one room down there,” she countered.

“Lets continue,” Dr. Ruiz stated, ignoring her comment.

The first hallway was on the left. It was well lit with several people walking in and out. Derrick Adams, the new resident IT specialist, spotted a man standing by himself outside a doorway on the right.

“Hey, what’s going on Kerry,” Derrick said.

The man looked. The large sacks under his eyes were drooping and wrinkles were prominent upon his middle-aged face. When he saw Derrick he smiled and waved.

“You know that man,” said Eric Hoyt sharply. He was a large man with a square jaw. He fit better in the Secret Service then in a Research and Development company.

“Why do you ask?” Said Derrick suspiciously.

“Don’t know,” replied Eric Hoyt, “just curious.”

A muffled argument burst from an opening door at the end of the hall. Suddenly, the glass within the door burst outward and a man in black slacks fell through it. Everyone within eyesight gasp but no one went to investigate. The man sat unmoving within the door. A door burst open from somewhere and men rushed out into the halls. The clamor of heavy leather boots announced introduced the Company guards. The guards pushed through Dr. Ruiz and the group of new employees. They rushed up the hall and stood in front of the door at the end of the hall.

Doctor Ruiz stepped in front of the group. “The conference room is in the last hallway…” He began.

“…all the way to the right, down the hall. Go in and pick a chair. I’ll meet you in a few.”

Dr. Ruiz walked toward the commotion. The group stood watching for several minutes then, lead by the women, they began to walk down toward the conference room. They said little till they sat in the conference room.

The conference room was a large room, lit brightly, with four tables pushed together in the center of the room. Three black overstuffed chairs were pushed neatly under each table. Nancy Smith and Derrick Adams entered first and walked around the table. Nancy Smith sat on the left and Derrick Adams on the right. Andrea Alexander, Dr. Stein and Eric Hoyt came in last and sat closest to the door.

“What brings you here, Andrea?” Nancy Smith said trying to avoid talking about the situation down the hall.

“I’m not really interested in small talk,” Andrea said with no contempt but no interest in the conversation, “I want to know what happened down the hall.”

“It simply looked like an argument,” said Dr. Stein.

The group looked at him. He was the oldest of the group. He wore a white doctor’s coat with a small insignia on the right chest.

“Your probably right,” Andrea said.

“Alright, group,” said Dr. Ruiz as he stood within the doorway, “Let’s get this started.”

The meeting lasted only 30 minutes. Dr. Ruiz explained the history of the company; it’s procedures and safety guidelines. He introduced the head of each department by picture only. He intended to have them visit but because of the commotion they were not available. He dismissed the group and they left for their perspective positions.

Derrick Adams stood outside the door of the conference room waiting for Gary Minux. He was head of IT for The Company.

Gary Minux stepped from the main hallway and began toward Derrick.

“Hi, welcome to the Company,” said the man. He was a small man with a large forehead and thin hair. He spoke in a quiet, almost bored tone.

“My name is Gary Minux and I am the Technology Director. Come with me,” he said.

Chapter 1 Addendum

“Hi, welcome the the Company,” said a small balding man in a quiet, almost bored tone.
“My name is Gary Minux and I am the Technology director. Come with me,” he said.
As Derrick began to follow the small man Dr. Rebecca San Mario stormed out of the conference room.
“You have some balls,” she shouted back into the room as she slammed her fist on the wall outside the room. She pushed past Gary and Derrick and disappeared down the hall.
“Hey,” Dr. Ruiz shouted from the doorway. “Don’t tell the director what I said.”
Derrick smiled and said, “Did you just come on to her?”
Dr. Ruiz glared at him. His face was pale.
“You are the man,” Derrick said as he laughed hard.
He repeated this several times as he began to follow Gary again.
“I wish I was just coming on to her,” Dr. Ruiz said quietly as the color returned to his face and his lips pursed. He then disappeared back into the conference room.

Chapter 1 First Draft

Chapter 1– New Employees
The long dark hallway just inside the entrance to The Company was quiet at 7:59. As the seconds ticked by the darkness prepared for the new day.
8:00 began the workday. The clock struck 8:00. A large steel door opened and light illuminated the hallway in front of it. Seconds after, the florescence lights above the hallway lit up and the day was beginning.
Derrick Adams, Eric Hoyt, Dr. Daniel Stein, Nancy Smith and Andrea Alexander walked through the dark blue door and into the nondescript hallway. They stood together off to the left of the door.
“Did you notice no one walked to the left down this hallway?” Andrea Alexander said, as she watched 200 or so people walk to the right. Most of them walked a ways then turn left or right into their elected hallways. Andi, as she liked to be called, was a blond woman, taller then most, confidant and a newcomer to the nursing field. This was her first job.
Nancy Smith, stood beside Andi and look to the left down the hallway. She didn’t notice anything unusual down the hall. It was dark and a single door stood in the center of the hall. There was a small bulb lit above the door. a 40-year-old veteran nurse and mother of three, brushed back long brunette hair from her face and answered.
“I wouldn’t call it a strange thing,” she said.
The group looked to the left and gazed into the hallway till it disappeared into darkness.
“How’s it going?” Said a voice from behind them. A small Latino man dressed in a sharp black suit and light blue shirt approached the group smiling.
“Derrick Adams, Eric Hoyt, Dr. Stein, Nancy Smith and Andrea Alexander,” the man began as he read the groups names off a clipboard.
“I’m Dr. Ruiz and I’ll show you around,” he said, his voice broken with a hint of Mexico.
“Can you call me Andi?” Andrea Alexander asked then added. “Could you tell me what’s down that hallway? No one walked down that way.”
Dr. Ruiz hesitated slightly, “Sure, I’ll called you anything you like. He looked down the hallway and paused.
“There are some storage rooms and other rooms that aren’t used,” he said then turned.
“This is exciting,” said Derrick Adams, a 6-foot, twenty-some, IT specialist. He walked in front of Dr. Stein. Dr. Stein was the oldest of the group. He was dressed in a white hospital smock with the Kingsboro Mercy Hospital logo sewn onto the left breast.
Eric Hoyt was the last of the group. He was a large man with a square jaw and the posture of a ‘Last Action Hero’. He looked over his shoulder one last time before the group disappeared around a corner.
“Coming up is the Administration hall,” said Dr. Ruiz. “Human Resources, Finance, Research and Development and the Director’s office are in this hallway.”
The group passed the hallway. A thirty-year old man stood just outside a doorway watching the group passed. Derrick Adams threw up a hand and waved. The man returned the wave.
“You know him,” Hoyt asked. He was gruff. His statement was short and accusatory.
“He’s my cousin. He got me the job,” Derrick Adams said with a smile.
“Up next is the patient hallways,” Dr. Ruiz said. “The patients take up the majority of the room in the building. I think its 4 maybe 5 hallways. The conference room is in the last hallway all the way to the right. Walk down there and pick a chair. I’ll meet you in a few.”
Dr. Ruiz turned left and headed down one of patient halls. The group continued down the hallway and turned to the right.
The conference room was a large room, lit brightly, with four tables pushed together in the center of the room. Three black overstuffed chairs were pushed neatly under each table. Nancy Smith and Derrick Adams entered first and walked around the table. Nancy Smith sat on the left and Derrick Adams on the right. Andrea Alexander, Dr. Stein and Eric Hoyt came in last and sat closest to the door.
The group of five sat in the conference room quietly for several minutes. When it became unbearable the women began to talk.
“What brings you here, Andi?” Nancy Smith said smiling.
“A car and about 50 dollars in gas,” Andi said with a pleasant grin that showed a set of perfectly kept teeth.
“I hear you there,” Nancy Smith replied, “the price of gas is outrageous.”
“How about you guys?” She asks.
“Well Nancy,” Derrick Adams begins man full with confidence. “I just came from a technical college outside of Detroit. I finally got my degree. This is my first job outside college.”
“Good for you Derrick. How about anyone else?”
Dr. Stein stared at the table as if ignoring everyone else sitting in the conference room. Eric Hoyt just looked at Nancy and grumbled something unintelligible.
“Guess not,” Nancy said with some disappointment.
The room door opened and Dr. Ruiz stepped in. A beautiful woman, in her 30’s, followed him. She had red hair that fell over her shoulders and a slim manicured face.
Dr. Ruiz stood in front of a large white board and the woman stood confidently beside him. She was dressed in a mauve power suit. She held herself like a woman on a mission.
“This is Dr. Rebecca San Marino,” Dr. Ruiz began. “She is head of Research and Development and your introductory rules and procedure lecturer.”

Dr. San Marino, an accomplished woman, was single-minded in her endeavor to achieve ‘great things’. She pursued each project with the vigor of a lioness. She became head of Research and Development within 6 months of signing her application. She secured her reputation with the Department of Defense assignment. The assignment will net The Company up to 25 million dollars if successful.
“Welcome,” Dr. San Marino began with a pleasant smile, “The Company is a multibillion dollar research facility. We research experimental drugs for private enterprise and for the military. There are several procedures that must be adhered to. If not it will result in immediate termination or worse, criminal prosecution.”
Dr. San Marino emphasized the last two words, obviously attempting to make a point or a threat. The group responded with little interest. Dr. Stein looked forward but seemed lost in thought. Eric Hoyt seemed uninterested and the other three were in various stages of boredom.
“First procedure is patient care,” Dr. San Marino began.
“The patients within these walls,” she said this as she spread her thin, tan arms outward, “are in the process of a medical study for Cancer. These patients are accessible and will be your main focus. Each one of you has their own job in regards to these patients.” She placed her arm back to her sides and began to walk from the front of the room toward the door.
“Patient care is our number one concern. The other concerns are employee attendance and ability to do your jobs,” she said this, accentuating her words venomously, as she passed by Eric Hoyt and Dr. Stein. Both men sat up a little straighter and stared forward. As Dr. San Marino walked slowed around the table and toward Derrick Adams the men followed her with their eyes. With Eric Hoyt and Dr. Stein paying attention, Dr. San Marino explained the attendance procedures, pay schedule and hours. After this she dismissed the group and they filed out into the hallway.
“She’s a ball-buster, ain’t she?” Derrick Adams said to Eric Hoyt with a slight smile.
“She’s a tough woman,” Eric Hoyt replied then added, “I’ve met my share of tough women.”
“I bet you have,” Derrick Adams stated, “Uhm, what are you doing here? What’s your job?”
“Security,” Eric Hoyt said.
“Oh, well sure. I should of know that,” said Derrick Adams.
Eric Hoyt smiled. It was a warm smile that indicated there was more to him then what he seemed to put on.
The group began to disappear throughout the building, each person going to his, or her, superior. Derrick Adams stayed next to the door of the conference room. He had not been told who to contact and where to go. Dr. San Marino and Dr. Ruiz were inside the room discussing rumors about some project.
“How could you accept a project like that?” Dr. Ruiz asked.
“How could I not,” Dr. San Marino replied.