Ready for NaMo?

“Are you ready for NaMo?”

Are you asking me?

“Yes, you?”

I am not ready.  I am so not ready.  I have City of Zombies that I could redo and I have this novel idea from my young daughter Kortni.  We agreed to write a story about a boy in a Happy town that runs into a women that is threatening to make everyone sad… but… it’s a bit shallow.  It makes me sad.

“I’m sorry your sad.”

Yeah, it’s just one of many sad things.  Worried about my dad and my job and my family.  I have to maintain and paint new stuff.  It’s been an insanely busy year for me.  By the way… I’m wearing my new Hoodie.

“Ah, I see.  You must like your stuff.”

I do.  They are the best thing outside of the words I put on this blog.  I really love my stories and do miss writing.  Unfortunately, my words don’t make me any money.  I hate to admit that.  Such a passion but I need to make a leaving.  I’m so lucky to have my job and my art.  They both support my writing.

“So what are you going to do for NaMo or National Writing month?”

You know this is my plan.  With all the psuedo-plans I’ve tried to make… I am going to write everyday.  That is my plan.  If I write something that sticks then I’m going there.  I have a whole lot of material.  I really like the Shortz family.  I’m not sure what the details are for the world they live in.  It would be interesting.  I also want to pick up the train story again.

Ahh… Some days

So frustrated today…

Sorry for any delays in storytelling lately.  I’m finding some success, all though very small, running

I will still write and this is not a sign off… this is just a expression of exhaustion regarding an application I’m working on at work.

My writing is coming up to November and Novel Writing month.  I want to participate but I will have to pause work at the studio.  It’s really hard to shift gears from something you know is working to something you just like to do.  My daughter wants me to write a novel on a happy boy in a happy town that finds something wrong.  I’m stressing over this…

Never done anything like this.  My goal was to write an outline but I’ve never been all that great at sitting down and writing that framework.  Now, I have recently started DM’ing a game at  We are always looking for more players by the way.  🙂

Creating these modules are very interesting and helpful.  They are certainly an asset when you are trying to tell a story.  I could very well set up these with my previous novel attempts and this new one.  If I was to do this boy story I really need some more details.  I’ve got a few days to work this out… stay tuned here for more details.  Also plan to add my new site here when I get a couple free moments.

Thanks for sticking with me… 🙂