The Tribute Page

There are several artists that have influenced my art. None more than Dali and Magritte. I love the idea of changing a reference piece into something completely different by adding something that isn’t normally there. Creation of a whole new world, for the most part.  This is why I paint. I love to imagine a new world

Most of my prints are currently sitting on, a very good Fine Art America site.

Tribute to Dali

Painted with Procreate – charcoal/ink

Painted with Dali in mind but with a twist of my unique muse. The reference a picture taken by me on my way home.

NightWork (Tribute to Hopper)

Painted with Procreate – charcoal/ink

Painted based on Edward Hopper’s famous work and added my Menagerie twist. One of my favorite works because it displays a world where all the creatures are together. 

Self Portrait (Tribute to Magritte) 

Painted with Procreate – charcoal/ink

An older piece inspired by Rene Magritte but not borrowing any part of the piece. This is an original portrait of the artist.

Note: I need to update this piece.. not a fan of it right now.