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“A young boy stumbles across a magician in an old building. The magician grants a wish but its turns the boys world upside down.”



Opposite Day

Dec 22, 2022

Bobby walked slowly down the faded boardwalk. The long boards of the wooden walkway jutted up in random places making it a small challenge not to trip. The shops within the boardwalk were long ago boarded up. The tourist attraction quickly lost its luster after three successive hurricanes. The neon signs that lit up the […]

“Larry loses his daughter. He mourns and his life falls apart and he starts drinking. He starts to believe he hears something in the pond behind his house. A mythical monster appears but it is not friendly”


Jul 26, 2011

The sun stood staring down from its mid-day perch. Larry walked across his small yard with a fishing pole on his shoulder and two smaller ones in his left hand. Erica, a blond explosion of energy bounded around him while Robert moped several feet behind both of them. “Why do we have to do this […]