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  • Midnight Snack

    “Outside, Kali suddenly heard movement. This was not the shuffle-shuffle of zombies. It was a single individual with quiet steps.” The quiet steps were then followed by several others, they seemed to appear from nowhere. Like they had jumped from outside of ear-shot to in front of the garage. Kali could hear the muffled whispers […]

  • Kali Who?

    The deer stood above Erik, its guts dangling over him like a chandelier in an expensive house.  Its blood poured over Erik’s T-shirt and jeans.  It bayed, took a heavy breath, then walked slowly over him.  Erik laid staring upward at the blue, empty sky.  His beer buzz was gone and so was all the […]

  • Fruit-tation

    Ewww!  Growl!  I am shorter then the average tree.  I stare at the evergreen and the maple and wonder what makes them so tall.  My lowly stature starving below these monsters.  What to I have to give with my tiny shadow length but fruit?  The humans, smaller then I, stand under my branches at pick […]

  • Annabelle’s Journey

    The vampires walked, in their smooth methodical way, over the steel floors of the sewer.  Bartow was in the lead followed by the orator, and a couple younger ones.  Newly converted Maggie, a 9 year old beast of a creature held on to Anna as she trailed behind.  “Why had she let Chris and his […]

  • Annabelle’s Journey

    “Annabelle, we grow weary of your games,” the tall, dark orator says as he stands above her.  Ann sits in a hard wooden chair with built in leather restraints.  The leather is treated with human blood which prevents her from escaping. “She is not going to tell us where she took them.”  A thin, malnourished […]

  • Biggest post in a while… This is Kingsboro_Beginnings..

    Dr. Daniel Stein sat within his Cadillac. The underground parking lot is dark but for the halogen lamps which lights small circles of asphalt. The Cadillac’s doors are locked, and he watches as patients, doctors and everyone else appear and disappear through the small circles. They pass his car, without noticing him sitting, watching. He opened up the Kingsboro Times, bravely fending off his fear, and began to rea

  • Journal Entry

    Six people on a bus driving through a town of the dead.  Andrea, … All hell I can’t get anything out.  My wife’s upset at me.  I’m tired… I really want to write but I can’t figure a think out. “I’ve worked for the man for a decade and haven’t seen him do that”  from […]

  • New thoughts

    I’m seriously thinking about building a website built like a newspaper.  The newspaper will report on news from Kingsboro

  • Journal Entry 3-24

     Excerpt from (“Do we just leave everyone? We have patients still in rooms. We have staff we need to notify.” “Well, we better start doing something…” A muffled argument burst from the end of the hall. Suddenly glass burst outward from a glass door. Someone fell through it. Dr. Stein and Kerry ran toward […]

  • Storm beginning

    The storm echoed through the steel warehouse structure.  The booms of thunder increased in volume as the sound bounced through empty partitioned halls. Dr. Stein sat alone in the executive break room.  Within the room sat a small closet, which served as a bathroom; a sink, microwave and refrigerator.  It was nothing to proud of.  […]