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Resurrected were strong but most of the fear of them came from the anger and determination to […]
Maximus Illustraticus is an original creation back in 2016. I created him from a Samsung Note 5 […]
Welcome to the Magnificant Menagerie. This page displays my very first project. Description: The “What If” project […]
“What the hell is wrong with you, man?”  Mitch stood over a large bald man.  The bald […]
I met God the other day. He was sitting on a steel park bench marveling about the craftsmanship of such a simple, overlooked chair. God was about 5’ 7” and kind of looked like me. He had a kind face and a welcoming smile when I walked up to him. “No autographs, please,” he said then laughed. I sat down, braver then I had always believed I was, and asked him a question. “Why haven’t you done anything about humans killing humans and humans destroying the world?”