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  • Last post from 6 week project(Zombie Epic)

    One of the woman screamed and instantly the group realized that their hope had been sucked from the room by a tall ‘man-beast’ standing outside the glass walls. The ‘man-beast’ was thin. The skin over his chest tightened every time it breathed in. It’s eyes were black and its nose missing. It’s mouth was large […]

  • Zombie Epic Update July

    Posted an updated version on Working on posted the same version on MySpace blog. Need to work on edited version to post on Everything The Magazine e-zine.

  • Zombie Epic Update

    I stopped posting updates but to let you know I reached the 5000 word mark. BUTLets be honest here. My writing project failed. BUTI have over 5000 words to start my project. I still plan on finishing the book.I have just started to reedit the work that I have begun. I’m going to replace Doctor […]

  • Zombie Epic Part 2

    Suddenly the rest of the group rushed past the office door. Doctor Adams rushed to the door and stepped out. The group quickly ran around the barrier of gurney and down the hall. They stopped at the director’s door and rushed in. Doctor Adams followed them down the hall and approached the director’s door. The […]

  • Zombie Epic

    (4311 words)6 week writing project (The zombie epic)“Doctor Adams!” shouts an intern soaked in blood, “something has gone terribly wrong.”Doctor Adams tosses a large cup of coffee into the sink of the break room and follows the intern out the door.They break into a run to quickly cover the distance between the break room and […]