Category: Searching in the darkness

  • The Engineer

    The brakes of the train screamed as the conductor pressed forward on the valve turning on the air brakes. He pressed against the side of the metal cab as the friction from the brakes attempted to hold the train from moving forward. His presence in this world solidified by his effort to stop the train. […]

  • The Darkness

    The darkness pressed upon the stranger as he stared upward at the thin strips of light from the moon. The train car rattled loudly and chills danced from the tips of his fingers to the back of his shoulders. The stranger listened to whispers that passed through his ears. The whispers spoke of love lost, […]

  • Stranger

    You know about the Train, and the Engineer but inside the wooden train cars, within the think film of the spirits of the dead lay the living. Being alive in the Netherworld is not supposed to happen but it does. On the living world it was compared to a ‘dime a dozen’. In this world […]

  • Long Black Train

    The netherworld has no cows so the train has no cow catcher. The large outward grill of an earthly steam-powered train is absent but the tall round-edge box on wheels rolls past slowly as the Narcissus’s forest approaches. Above the train and into the night shoots a tall cylinder of white smoke. Behind the smoke […]

  • Gabriel

    Ken shakes dirt from his hair and squints as the small pieces irritate his eyes.  He pushes through the roots above him till he can reach through the dirt.  He feels around, finds a durable root, and pulls himself upward, thrusts up his second hand to clear some room for his broad shoulders and then […]

  • Not the Death you would expect

    Ken looked up to see the battle still happening but the noise had become muted. Ken looked over at the taller man and he was reloading his pistol while hiding behind the front desk. Once the pistol was ready the tall man stepped from behind the desk and began shooting. It was a suicidal death […]