Kali and Company part 1

“This used to be New York City,” Steve Summers said to his daughter staring from the wreckage of the

George Washington Bridge.  The city was in shambles.  The towers of steel and glass that made up the city were mangled.  Large black holes spread like a virus over the sky high buildings. There were a few places in the city that still worked.  The few buildings that were not struck with curse of war were lit up at night.  The lights on the Empire State building still lite up at night and this is where Steve needed to be.  These buildings served as stations for the living but swimming in the middle of a sea of death.
The George Washington bridge had be damaged.  A large hole near the center prevented any infected from exiting the city.  The large bomb toppled one of the tall towers supporting the bridge.  The suspension cables laid over the gap making the travel scary but possible.  Any car traffic was parted on the South side of the bridge.  The rest of the trip would have to be made by foot.
Kali trembled as the suspension cable beneath her swung slightly.  Steve noticed.
“Move Kali, we have been through tougher stuff than this,” he said.  His tone was harsh but the intent was not.
“We haven’t crossed a bridge Dad.  Never have,” Kali replied. “Why are we doing this?”
“Don’t question my intentions,” Steve shot back.
Kali tried to turn around to shout back but the cable moved and she stopped.
“Move, Kali!”
Steve’s wife, Andrea warned Steve to be easier on Kali.  Steve grumbled then replied.
“This is not your business, Andrea.”
All three walked across the gap slowly.  The weather was warm and the wind only picked up on occasion.  When it did it was frightening but the three made it across successfully.
A small shack was built on the other side of the gap.  Behind the shack was a tall double wall of razor wire and a small column allowing access to the city.
Steve lead them to the small shack and stepped in.  Metal shelves lined the outside walls.  The shelves held food and survival gear for the trip into the city.  A gruff man, beard sitting upon a glass counter, stood and stared at the family.  Other visitors to the city milled around the small shack buying rucksacks and cans of food and water.
“Go with Kali and buy us some food,” he commanded, not looking at Andrea.
Andrea did as she was told and pulled small backpack from Kali’s back.  She began to fill it with cans of food and water.
Steve stepped up to the grizzly man and pulled out a worn map of the city.
 “Listen to me, old man,” Steve began.  “I’m looking for Lord Adam’s residence.  Can you help me out? “
The grizzly man never cracked a smile.  He opened his mouth to reveal yellow, broken teeth.
“I cannot reveal Lord Adam’s residence to you.  Even if I wanted too and I don’t.”  The old man turned away from Steve.
“Hey!  Don’t turn away from me.”  Steve kept the volume low but forceful enough to make the man stop.

The Baker Brothers

The church basement was dark but dry.  Sean walked through the darkness till he dumped over something but it clattered loudly over the floor.

“What the fuck, man!”  Sean’s brother Andrew whispered through clenched teeth.  “Are you trying to bring them down here.”  He added.

“Dude, we’ve been down here three god-damn days.  I’m thirsty and hungry.  I thought you had a plan to get us out.”

“You’re going to have to wait for it, Sean.  My plan is working.”

“What!  Are you kidding me,” Sean replied as he stepped up to Andrew.  “Are you waiting till they leave?  Is that your fucking plan?”

“No, that ain’t my plan, man.  Are you fucking nuts.”

“Then what’s your plan?”

“We wait for an opportunity.”

“Are you serious?  That’s no different the no damn plan.”

“Shh.. I think someone’s coming.”  The Baker brothers listened as the vampire walked above them.  Without the ability to count them they could only rely on a guess of twenty winged monsters but something had them moving around more then usual.  The brothers listened as several heavy steps neared the basement door.  The door knob squeaked as it turned.

“Did you lock the door like I told you?”  Andrew whispered.

“Hell yeah, I locked it.”

Andrew then grabbed Sean by the wrist and pulled him into the darkness of the basement.  Andrew stopped under the wooden stairs near a large rectangular closet.  He waited till Sean stood next to them then both fell to their knees.

“Who locked this door,” they could hear someone say.  “Hell if I know,” replied another voice.

“Sounds like there is someone in the basement.”

“Shut the hell up you always think you hear crap.  It’s probably just a raccoon or something.”

“We haven’t eaten in two days.  A coon would be a nice snack.”

The doorknob rattled.  A thud and someone fell to floor.  A fight rumbled above as the vampire soon forgot about the door.

“They are steroid freaks, I swear,” Sean commented quietly.

“What was that.”  Sean and Andrew stopped immediately and covered their mouths.

“I’m telling you I heard a human voice in the basement.”

Another thud and a crash.  “Listen here, Christopher.  Gabriel said he has a plan and we are to wait.  No feeding.  I don’t care if their are fifty humans down there.  No feeding.”

“Get the hell off me.  You don’t control me.  You are not my seed.”

“Yeah, I’m not your seed but Gabriel left me in charge not you.”

Another thump of several feet approached.

“Get up, you idiots.  Gabriel says things are ready in Ransom.  We meet on the church peek in ten minutes.  Got it?”

Andrew slapped Sean on the shoulder.  Sean bit his lip hard trying not to say something.

Twenty minutes later the noise from the vampire was gone.

Sean and Andrew slowly walked up the stairs and to the basement door.  Andrew turned the lock and opened the door.  The stench hit them first and both men almost staggered back down the stairs.

“What the hell did they do crap everywhere?”  Sean asked as he covered his mouth and nose.

The rooms upstairs were lit from the broken roof.  It was still dim but both men could see where they were going.  They navigated around as much vampire crap as they could and stepped into the front lobby.  The front doors were wide open.

Sean suddenly stopped Andrew.  “What if they are watching us from above?”

“They are not,” Andrew replied and if they are we will crush them, right?  Hunter?”

Sean didn’t reply and followed his brother out into the fresh air.

Who is Gabriel?

A monstrous flying creature pushed through the sky.  He was more bird-like than the rest of the vampire clan in the area.  He still had attractive human features in his face, although his jaw was elongated to make room for the larger canine teeth.  His chest and arms were human but the rest barely resembled anything human.  His legs were thin and covered in hair.  Large wings hung over him as he flew over the steel structures that were home.  Gabriel used his legs and feet as a rudder to steer him through the air.

The area around Ransom belonged to Gabriel and his merry band of vampire.

“Most of the others are idiots,” he thought as he watched a group feasting upon the zombies below.  The zombies had become a delicacy for the vampire, even replacing the human prey at times, but at a price.  The oxygenated blood and parasites within it excite the brain inside the vampire.  It gives them a wicked high.  It makes them easy to control but dependent on this food.  Gabriel accepts this inconvenience as an easy way to reign but doesn’t dine on the zombies himself. “It would soften my mind,”  he thinks.

Gabriel approaches the tallest building in Ransom.  He leans back and fills his large wings with air.

“I will call us Aethon. That was the name of the eagle that tormented the god Prometheus, ” he says as he lands softly upon the roof of the building.  Marcus, a large winged man approached.  “Marcus, my lieutenant, we are the Aethon clan.”

Marcus smiles and Gabriel walks with the overweight man toward the entrance to the building.

Erik —

The screams were deafening as the infected began to approach the group.  Nicolas Emmet, a large, muscular man, shot toward the slowly closing gate.  He grabbed the gate and attempted to stop it.  Several BlackAdder guards grabbed the gate and attempted to pull it close.

“Let me out!”  shouted Nicolas.  Leslie Brown,limping from the fight with the guards joined Nicolas and pulled the gate.  The gate opened wider as the guards shouted and threaten to fire into the prisoners.  Realizing that he shoot within the line of fire Erik turned and ran toward the field of abandoned cars.  The Summers family followed him joined by the Baker brothers and a tall, dark skinned man that someone referred to as the Haitian.

Erik stopped.  He took in a deep breath and cursed at his worn out forty year old body.  The rest of the group stopped several feet ahead of him.  Gun fired erupted from the gate and everyone fell to the ground.  After several seconds it was quiet, except for the crunching of the dry grass around him.

Erik sat up and listened as the crunching multiplied and the tall grass moved from all sides.  Fear shook him but he stayed put.  He listened as the infected approached.  He could hear two coming from the left and three headed toward him from the right.  He but his head on his knees and waited.

“What are you doing?” 

Erik looked up and found his wife staring down at him.  She was taken weeks after the infected escaped from County Hospital, where he worked.  She would often visit him dressed in a long white dress tied around the waist with a blue ribbon and a bow.

“What are you doing?”  She repeated.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Erik said.  “I can’t hide.  I can’t run.  I can’t live without you and Sara anymore.”

“I call bullshit on that, Erik.  It’s been five years and you decide this now!  Don’t be a dick.”  

“A dick?  Don’t be a dick?  Is that all you have to say?”  Erik looked up.  His wife was as beautiful as she was in life all those years ago.  Her dark brown hair framed the soft pale skin of her face.  Her brown eyes sparkled as she smiled.

“Your not giving up, Erik.  I will not let you.”  

“What are you going to do, bug me to death?”

A torn dress shoe stepped from grass on Erik’s left.  This shoe was followed by several others and then they were upon him.  Grabbing for anything that would lead to Erik falling toward one or the other side.  The infected tore Erik’s t-shirt.  The collar strangled Erik till it finally broke away.  As much as he wanted to just sit still his hands and feet fought off the hungry, rotting faces that bent down to tear him apart.  A small boy grabbed a hold of his ankle and dug his long nails into Erik’s skin.  Erik cried out in pain and kicked hard.  The boy fell backward into the tall grass and Erik turned over.  Stood on his knees the fought to stand.  A bloody hand met the side of his face and Erik stumbled backward.  He fell hard to the ground then stood.

“Fuck you!”  Erik shouted.  He counted five plus the young boy all hungry and grunting as they walked toward him.  “The infection disabled any sort of human emotion”, he thought.  “The Bacterial Meningtis caused confusion, fever and headaches.  It can’t be the reason for this hunger and ability to live after death.”  Erik’s analitical mind took over.  “Acute Ocular Melanoma,”  Erik noticed the thick white film over the eyes of the infected.  He also noticed that the infected reached and often confused the other infected for the living only to recoil when they got too close.  “They are blind and their sense of smell is minimal.”


Erik stood up.  He looked forward toward the broken city of Ransom and ran forward into a pair of infected.  He pushed them into each other causing them to fall into each other then escaped.  Within ten feet Erik ran into the tall dark-skinned man.

“Hi, my name is Cary.  Some people call me the Haitian but I prefer Cary.  I didn’t think you were going to make that.  Were you waiting for them to attack you?”

“Nice to meet you Cary.  You seem to be a very smart man.  Let’s stop talking and find some place safe to stay.”

Intake – Revision 7

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The chains and iron shackles clanged loudly as the BlackAdder guards helped a middle-aged man from a non-descript white van.  The chains were wrapped around his waist and then followed up his back to a leather strap around his neck.  Erik Lynn Moore did not resist the harsh treatment.  He had been dreading this day for five years.

“Put him next to the others!”  Shouted an overweight man dressed in black.  Upon his shoulders was a pair of red straps that identified him as Sergeant of the Guard.

One of the guards pulled on his chain causing him to stumble.   Erik and the two other guards walked to a line of other prisoners.  They stood in front of a long, double walled fence.  Wrapped throughout the fence was razor wire.  The guards placed Erik between an older white man and a pair of young black men.  Next to the older…

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Shoot Them!

The guards in front stepped to the side and the group was pushed into the prison.  Within moments the infected appeared within the tall grass.  The guards pushed the small crowd forward as the infected stepped closer.  The prisoners near the front of the group began to panic and peeled from the makeshift circle and ran toward the gate.  The guards shouted as they approached.  They rushed to close the gate.  Several prisoners screamed as the exit closed.  The rest of the group stood within a hungry horde of infected.

Erik stood within the small group of prisoners.  The first ten had disappeared into the tall grass, most had been eaten by the cannibalist infected.  This left ten stranded between the steel gate and human cruelty and an unnatural cruelty created by science.

Erik knew something about he infected, he was the Butcher.  It was a nickname that Erik partially expected when he took over as spokesman of Viacantone Pharmaceutical.  Especially, after the explosion and the invasion of infected.  The irony wasn’t lost on Erik either.  Ransom was where everything started.  Erik had fled for many years only to come back after his family died.  It was inevitable he would be caught drunk under the only bridge in town.

As everyone chattered loudly and stepped into a tight circle Erik stared at the infected thinking.  “A bacterial meningitis sets in within hours of initial infection.  The first indication of infection are large patches of acne-like lesions that climb from the chest to the neck.  The bacteria overwhelms the body and quickly kills the human parts of the brain leaving a monster-like host that only wants to spread the infection.  Cancerous melanoma develops after several weeks causing blindness.”

“They are blind,” Erik shouts but it’s barely audible through the noise.  Erik steps forward.  The crowd of prisoners surges forward.  Sean and Andrew Baker bum rush one infected each and shove them to the ground.  A taller gentleman walks carefully between the two infected and immediately becomes entangled in the flailing arms of the infected.  Erik side steps the taller man and follows the Baker brothers.  An infected woman, in a tattered business suit, steps up to Erik from the side.  Erik leaps forward and away from her outstretched arms.  He then slows, watching the two Baker brothers fight off the infected as they go.  He begins to walk, listening as he steps forward.  Erik measures each step to reduce noise.  He approaches a pair of infected on the right.  The pair stumble past Erik, one brushing inches from his shoulder but neither recognize Erik as anything useful.

Erik follows the pair back toward the gate.  They head toward a group of prisoners tangled within the infected.  Erik noticed a foreigner wrestling within the group.  His skin, dark as night, coalesces with his height causing him to stick out within the mass of screams and throws.  The foreigner frees the other man from the infected and steps away.  He assists the injured man as he moans.  They limp along followed by the infected.  Erik turns and walks forward, careful to make as little noise as possible.

A group of infected walk slowly toward Erik and the others.  Erik held in severe anxiety as the group stumbled close to him.