A-Z -The Blob – Part 2


“Yes, yes I know I’m busting our budget but we have a monster epidemic going on.  I need to hire more investigators.”  Brian Tipene explains as he sits with his feet upon a small desk.

“No, we are the only investigators right now.”  A small brunette woman walks into the room.  Her face hangs as tears fall from the corners of her eyes.  Brian’s gut sinks before he excuses himself from the phone call.

“Susan, what’s going on?”

Susan brushes the tears from her face and struggles to talk.

“Please, don’t tell me something happened to Alan.”

Susan stumbles.  Brian struggles to move from behind his desk but catches her before she falls.

“My god, this is not good.  What happened to him?”

After some time Susan explains that Alan was involved in a chemical accident within his truck.  She relayed that he was stripped to the bone.

Brian swallowed hard.  He was responsible for the death of his brother-in-law now what was he going to do?

Brian helped Susan, called her family, then sat within his small sportscar.  “I have to check out the scene,”  he thought to himself.  “He told me he picked up an odd box.”  Guilt washed over him as he started the car but he couldn’t drive forward.

“I have six agents now.  They are all family and friends.  What have I got myself into…”

“…Brian?”  A CB radio installed under the dash broke the thought.  “I just heard about Alan.  What are we going to do?”

Brian picked up the CB receiver and replied.  “Tom, we are going to figure out what happened.  What do you know?”

Tom explained the details of the accident.  He explained the chaos when the firefighters opened the door of the truck.

“They said a green goo fell from the truck.  They talked about bringing in the FBI but apparently they got impatient and opened the door.  The blob of green goo then chased off the rescuers.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, that’s what I heard. What are we going to do?”

Brian snapped out of self-reflection and back into work.

“We are going to figure out what this is and defeat it.  That’s what we do.”  Brian pulled from the driveway of his small home and headed toward the accident scene.

A-Z -The Blob – Part 1

Alan’s truck was beaten and ran badly but it got the job done. The strange gelatin sat in a the box he found it in.  The gelatin seemed to move but he couldn’t confirm that and headquarters wasn’t helpful, like usual.  Alan placed the box on the back seat and left the farm.  The pot holes from the dirt road jarred Alan’s old truck but he eventually made it to Interstate 75.  The sun hide behind a set of clouds as it settled in for the night.  Alan turned the truck lights on and drove South.

Nearly two hours into his trip Alan began to get drowsy and he pulled into a truck stop.  He relieved himself, bought a cheap cup of coffee and got back into his truck.  He checked the box in the back seat and noticed the lid sat a little off center and corrected it.  He felt something push up on the lid slightly but ignored it.

Alan got back on the highway, noticed a thumping.  Looked back and saw nothing.

The highway droned on for another hour when the thumping began again.  Alan looked back and noticed the top of the box was jarred again.  He reached back.  He knocked the corner of the lid to the left but the lid leap ajar again.  Alan adjusted the steering wheel before he drove the truck off the road.  He looked back and noticed the box lid was half off.  The gelatin substance rippled.  Alan reached back, grabbed the box lid and covered the gelatin.  As he slid his fingers from the box pain racked the tips of his fingers.  His left hand struggled to hold the wheel straight.  Alan pulled his fingers from the box, noticing the tips were dark pink and pulsing with pain.

Alan held his right hand in a tight fist waiting for the pain to go away.  He listened as the lid of the box leap and slid to the seat next to it.  Alan looked back and watched as the gelatin draped itself over the right side.

A small exit approached and Alan quickly took it.  Street signs posted the name of the city as Grayling as be began to slow down.  Alan listened as the box flipped up and spilled the gelatin.  A small car sat quickly at the end of the exit.  Alan looked back to verify what he heard and slammed into the back of the small car.

Everything in the cab was thrown forward.  Trash in the passenger seat. A pair of jumper cables in the back seat and then the gelatin.  The mass of green gelatin flew toward the front of the truck and struck Alan in the back of the head.  The remainder of the gelatin wrapped around Alan’s head and held tight.  Alan attempted to breath through his mouth only to inhale the mass.  The small amount of air available under his nose was replaced within moments.  The pain started at the bridge of his nose and extended along his cheekbones then the left side of his head.  His lungs screamed silently as they were starved of air.  His face burned as the acidic nature of the gelatin burned away at the layers of skin.  Alan placed his hand over the gelatin only to have the pain transfer to the palms of his hands.  He tried to clear his mouth only to have it replaced by the mass.  After calmly trying to clear a breathing path Alan began to panic and shook his head.  He screamed but the noise was muffled.

Outside of the trunk a young woman stood.  She examined her wounds then looked over the remainder of her car.  She looked at the driver of the truck and stared as the man shook his head like a maniac.  His hands, covered in a green goo, were planted on the driver’s window.


The man called Anger

My mission tonight.. visualize anger.

A tower of muscle and testosterone.  His skin burns red and orange like a flame burns slowly just under the surface of his skin.  His face is screwed inward forcing his lips to purse.

A thunderstorm of emotion waits within the muscular structure of the big man but he sits and he waits patiently.  This is the thing with Anger.  He is patient.  He will wait…

Anger stands behind me, hovering over me and waiting for just the right moment to step in.

“I got you, bro” He assures me as life punches me in the gut multiple times.

“I can handle this,” he offers but I decline.  “Bro, you need some backup.  I got this.  I can punish with the best of them other emotions.”

The situation gets dire and I’m tired and sick.  My own strength is waning as Anger grows bigger.  Soon he is twice his size and towers over me.

“I’m done asking,” his says.  His voice booms as he shoves me to the side.  Lightning bursts from the sky above me as thunder shakes the ground beneath me.  Others tremble in fear or run from Anger as he tears through the world.  Within moments,  it’s over I stand up.  The large man, that was Anger is gone.  Nowhere to be seen.  The village beneath me burns.  The small homes fall apart leaving only the skeletal remains.  The world is set ablaze and the man that did it is gone leaving only me to take on the responsibility.  So…

I do what I have to do whenever Anger gets involved and fall to my knees to pick up the pieces that he destroyed.

The Shadow man

The horizon raced ahead as Eric drove between the trees of an old country road.

It was midnight on a Sunday.  Work would appear early in the morning.

Eric pushed on the gas and the car surged forward.  The trees blurred and he gobbled up the road.

Intuition made him slow as he imagined the impact of deer bones upon the small hood of his small Ford.

A shadow on the left caused him to search through the darkness.

Eric focused on the road ahead.  The road twisted right then left.  Eric allowed the car to wander left then right as he hit the curves faster than he should.

The road was straight and his house waited only a pair of miles ahead.  Eric pushed the gas then slowed as something approached again from the left.

Eric searched the trees but saw nothing.

Another hint and he slowed further.  He was now growing paranoid and searched both the left and the right.

A shadow on the right alerted him and he pumped the brakes followed by another on the left.  Something was out there but he couldn’t make it out.

Deer appeared moments after appearing as a shadow.  Eric saw nothing that gave him any clue.

Another shadow and a sudden thump.

Eric freaked and pushed the brake hard.  A gigantic, semi-opaque creature stepped from the trees.  It was taller than the trees but hard to see in the darkness.  Eric could make out the frame of the creature reflected of the dull light of the moon. The creature stepped into the road with a thump.  Eric stopped the car a couple feet from the stomp of this creature.  He craned his neck backward and up to try to see ‘whatever this was’ through the windshield.  He could only make out the hint of a solid form.

Erik watched the large black foot stand upon the ball of it’s feet as it brought in the other foot.

Eric was unable to react fast enough as the second foot wrapped over the hood of his small Ford and crushed it.  The metal screamed as the creature pushed it down.

Eric stepped from the car and stared.  It was a gigantic shadow of a man.  Stood twenty-five foot tall, at least.  It’s legs were box-like and so were the arms.  It waved the arms forward like it was strolling through the park on the way to someplace important.

Eric watched as the shadow man walked through the trees on the right side of the road.  His car wrecked he called his wife and recalled the incident.  His wife laughed the story sounded unrealistic.  Eric demanded that she drive to him to see and waited.

Hard boiled – Saint and Company

“See, I just poofed my candle on.”

“That’s preety cool, Lou.  Can you make it bigger?”

“Are you serious?  Is that all you think about it that and the woman you use it on?”

“Dude, think what I can do.”

“Stop that thought.  I just saw a woman pass by the door.  I think she’ll come back around.  Probably lost.”

“I can find her for you, Lou.”

“No, sit your sick ass on the seat and shut up.  I’ll find her.”

Louis Saint stood from behind his desk. Books, cups and beer cans fell from his desk.  He stepped over the trash and around his desk to the door.  He opened the and stepped out into the dim, lit hallway.

She stood twenty feet from him and cupped her hands over the dirty glass of the door next door.  A beautiful woman, far surpassing the dingy apartment slash business condo Lou and Jed worked in.  He swallowed hard before he spoke and almost swallowed the few words he was able to say.

“Excuse me, are you looking for a…”  Lou stopped and his jaw fell loose.  The woman, so beautiful from the expensive pumps on her feet to the perfect white blouse, stared at him with greenish eyes.  The irises with the eyes extended horizontally.  Her nose was large and extended forward.  Her skin struck with orange hair and black stripes.

“I’m looking for Saint detective agency.  Can you help me?”  She asked.  Her voice sweet behind a pair of sharp, meat-eating incisors.

“Um, certainly.”  Lou said, stumbling a bit.

“Hey, is she hot!”  Jed asked loudly.  Lou tried to ignore him then recalled what the room looked like.  The beautiful tiger woman began to walk toward him and Lou stuck his head back into the room.  Large piles of trash lie in the corners of his office.  His desk was partially buried in paper and beer cans.

“Get the desk cleared off.”  Lou said between his teeth.  Jed stood up immediately and began to shove the trash upon the floor.  Lou winced and partially closed the door.  The woman stood in front of him.

“Is there a problem?”  She said.

“You know.. ”  Lou stalled. “My office is not very clean.”

“It’s Ok, Mr. Saint.. I assume.  This whole building is not very clean.”

“That is very true.. well if you would like.  You can have a seat in front of my desk.”

“Yes, please.”

Lou Saint stepped to the side and heard a crash.  He stepped into the room to see Jed struggling to stand after falling from his chair.

“Excuse my partner.  He is a bit clumsy.”

The tiger woman kept quiet.  Adjusted her skirt and stood in front of Lou’s desk.

“So what can I do for you?”  Lou said.

“Well, I may have killed my husband.”

Terrence, the terrible

They called him Terrence, the terrible.  An oaf of a man that stood eight-foot tall on a bad day and ten-foot tall on a good day.  He was a giant in a world of four-foot tiny men and woman.  Terrence did not enjoy towering over the others in the village.  He didn’t enjoy much.  His height was a curse brought on my Mother Earth to punish his mother.  His mother, bless her soul, died during childbirth and this stain colored his mood for life.

Terrence lived on the outskirts of the village.  A carved out hole in the side of Mt. Hope served as a home for Terrence.  Most nights he would sit outside the carved out hole and stare at the village.  Stare at the people that were once his family.  “Well, they were never his family”, Terrence corrected his thought.  They removed him from his home when he was only two years old.  He had barely quit nursing, from a foster mother that appeared on a regular basis every couple hours.  The nurses shared the responsibilities of raising Terrence from birth.  They often made it clear that Terrence was lucky to be alive after killing his mother.

“It was a rough life”, Terrence thought as a fly circled his right ear.  The buzz drove him nuts as his right eye twitched and then moved to follow the little winged creature.  Terrence’s height wasn’t the only trait that mysterious cursed his body.  His head was squared and his eyes sat along the sides of his head.  His ears were large and the tops hung downward.  The fly flew within inches of Terrence’s right eye and paused in flight.  The fly examined the strange spherical sight in front of him.  The translucent globe that followed its every move.  “Friend of Foe,” thought the fly till a long wet tongue wrapped itself around the fly.  The tiny morsel, that was the fly, screamed its fly scream then passed out from fright.

Terrence chewed on the fly for moments then swallowed it.  He then stood, turned and walked into the hole that was his home.


Mitch and Kyle find uneasy shelter

Just dug this up from the archives 🙂

Teraphobia - Two Shades and a World Changed

“What the hell is wrong with you, man?”  Mitch stood over a large bald man.  The bald man lay on his chest with his face buried in dirt on the cave floor.
“He was trying to eat me,” Kyle protested as he slid a small pistol into his over-sized coat pocket.
“You idiot… Mitch shouted.  “…he was talking.  Have you ever seen a zombie talk?”
Suddenly realizing his mistake Kyle stammered…”Son..of..a..bitch..”
Mitch smacked him hard on the back of the head. Kyle turned instinctively and swung.  Mitch dodged the blow but tripped over his feet.  He fell onto the cave floor.  A cloud of dirt rose and enveloped Mitch.
“Stupid ass… I told you not to hit me on the head anymore” Kyle cursed.

Mitch and Kyle had found this cave just hours before.  Prior to that they had fought through the city of Kingsboro then climbed the Grey Mountains…

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Alex stared forward.  The Buick fell from above but it felt like a large bump in the road.  In front of him was a crop of trees on the left and right and a strip of asphalt in the center.

“Wasn’t I just here?”  Alex thought.  A worn sign swung from the right side of the road.  It was bent mid-height.

The Buick had quit during the fall.  Alex turned the key, started the Buick and began forward.  He picked up speed as he watched the trees flip past him.  The fall quickly became a curiosity when Alex approached Woodsilver.  The Quarter Bar quickly approached on the left and Leo’s was on the right.  Alex pulled into Leo’s and parked next to a silver plated gas dispenser.  He opened the door to step out but someone approached.  Alex looked up and squinted at the hair-covered chest of a horse-like creature.  He paused.  Frozen with the unfamiliarity of the situation.

“Can I fill you up, sir?”

Alex stared at the long, thin, brown legs then the round chest of the horse.  Above the chest was a hair covered human chest and arms.  The face of the horse-like creature was young.  It matched a young human adult just out of highschool.

“Sir, can I help you out?”

Alex stuttered and finally said yes.  He watched, his door partially open, as the horse-like creature placed the nozzle into the Buick and started the pump.

“Can I wash your windows?”

“Uhm, sure.” Alex stood and looked into the large front window of Leo’s and found several creatures milling around the small c-store beside the road.

A mouse-like creature stood behind the counter.  It’s nose protruded half a foot from his fur covered face.  A large abominable snowman checked out several items and placed them on the counter.

“So how long have you been here, sir?”  Asked the horse-like creature.

Alex stood silent for several seconds then responded.  “Barely ten minutes.”

“That’s what I thought.  My name is Benny.  Welcome to Woodsilver.”  Benny offered a hand and Alex automatically shook it but then paused.

“This isn’t Woodsilver.”

“I don’t know how you got here.  No one ever knows but this is Woodsilver and you’re here.”


The gas nozzle clicked and Alex stepped over to it and removed it.  He looked at the dispenser, checked the amount and offered Benny his credit card.

“That’s not going to work here.”

“Of course but I only have ten dollars cash.”  Erik searched his wallet and pulled out the thin bill.

“That does not work here either.”  Benny stood and smiled.  He wasn’t at all surprised that Alex had no silver. No one ever did when they entered Woodsilver.  “I can cover this for you.”  Benny offered.  “But I will need a favor.”

Three o’clock in the morning

Three o’clock on a Sunday morning was usually quiet but this morning it was shattered by the spinning wheels of Alex Boxer’s red Buick.  He held the brake and worked the wheel as he waited for the right moment to let go.  A pair of headlights crested over the large hill behind him.  Alex released the brake and held tight to the wheel.  The Buick twisted through the intersection.

Gotlingburg disappeared within moments.  Alex growled as he sped past his home town.  The trees blurred within the darkness of the early morning.  Alex was heading to Pottsburg.  A larger city stuck in the Midwest tract of corn and wheat farms.  A job sat waiting for him.  Some sloppy factory job that involved nasty chemicals and standing all day but it was miles from Gotlingburg.

Alex noticed the familiar colored lights of a police cruiser.  “My god, man,” he told himself.  “This town will not let me go.”  Alex pushed the Buick forward.  The lights hung far from him and seemed to hang midair as the lights crested over another hill.  Alex began up a hill himself and slowed near the top.  He knew at this speed he wouldn’t stay on the ground.  He slowed but the hill crested faster than he expected and the Buick set off as the ground fell away.  Everything within the car, including Alex’s heart shot to the ceiling.  The Buick fell toward the ground nearly twenty-five feet from the crest of the hill.  The ground seemed hundreds of feet below.  Alex braced for impact as the ground raced to meet him but it never came.  The Buick sank into the ground.  The road folded underneath him and disappeared into darkness.  Alex watched as the scene above him disappeared.  He watched the road contour and disappear into the night sky.

Having a Grumpy day

I’m in a terrible mood.  I have a good idea what it is but this is a writer’s blog and not a complainers blog.. so…

Terence was a big man.  Monstrous in comparison to other 8 foot giants.  What am I kidding, Terence was unique and nothing else compared to the size and girth of the man.  Hell, he was barely a man anymore.

In the Army he had his legs ripped from him.  Replacing them were steel posts shaped into muscular mechanisms.  These were not the thin blades or the leg cover ups that others got.  These were leg replacements provided by some secret mad scientist off the coast of Some-young island.  They were attached to nerves near the end of his stubs.  The legs were permanent but he could remove them easily but that’s not Terence’s only change.  A steel plate was attached to the right side of his face and an additional plate buried under a plot of hair right above it.  With all the robotics the clinic was unable to save his right arm.  It was void of muscle and dangled against his side.

It was insane to be pissed off at an arm but Terence hated his arm.  The minuscule rod hung from his shoulder and it enraged him.  The fact that he had to look at it even set him off.  Terence did have a fully functional left arm.  It was the only original limb left on his body but it was only a memory of times before he didn’t want to recall.  A time when he was just human.

Terence stepped from his apartment, ducking under the door frame and into the steel-plated world of Platonic.  Everything shimmered in the early morning light.  Everything but Terence.  Forever a grump Terence growled at the pleasantries of every day life.  “Get away from me,” he shouted as a familiar pattern tap..tapped up to him.

“Hi Terence,”  said a small voice.  “I told you to leave me alone.”  Terence insisted.

Terence passed several people and heard no reply.  He swallowed his anger and looked back.  A small girl walked behind him smiling and perky as ever.  Terence tried not to smile but it slid in behind his growl.  “Why?  Tell  me why?”

“Cause I like you?”  The little girl said.  “That’s not a reason,” Terence replied.

“Yes, it is.”

Terence grumbled and continued walking.  “Where you going?”

“I’m going to work,” Terence replied.  “I bet you get there really fast. Cause you have super legs.”

“I guess.”

“My friend has super legs.  Hi… my friend has super legs.”

“What are you doing?”  Terence turns and looks as the little girl shares her glee with other city residents.  “I’m sorry,” the little girls says with a pout.  “Listen…”  Terence turns.  He kneels and still stares down at her.

“I’m not a friendly Platonic resident.  I don’t like people.  I would rather be left alone.  Please go.”  The little girl smiled.  “Why are you smiling?”  Terence asked.

“You didn’t say to don’t like me.  I think you like me.”  Terence wanted to grumble.  He wanted to scream but he couldn’t.  This little girl was a distraction and Terence appreciated the distraction.

Terence stood and began to walk again.  “Don’t you have a family?”