A-Z -The Blob – Part 2


“Yes, yes I know I’m busting our budget but we have a monster epidemic going on.  I need to hire more investigators.”  Brian Tipene explains as he sits with his feet upon a small desk.

“No, we are the only investigators right now.”  A small brunette woman walks into the room.  Her face hangs as tears fall from the corners of her eyes.  Brian’s gut sinks before he excuses himself from the phone call.

“Susan, what’s going on?”

Susan brushes the tears from her face and struggles to talk.

“Please, don’t tell me something happened to Alan.”

Susan stumbles.  Brian struggles to move from behind his desk but catches her before she falls.

“My god, this is not good.  What happened to him?”

After some time Susan explains that Alan was involved in a chemical accident within his truck.  She relayed that he was stripped to the bone.

Brian swallowed hard.  He was responsible for the death of his brother-in-law now what was he going to do?

Brian helped Susan, called her family, then sat within his small sportscar.  “I have to check out the scene,”  he thought to himself.  “He told me he picked up an odd box.”  Guilt washed over him as he started the car but he couldn’t drive forward.

“I have six agents now.  They are all family and friends.  What have I got myself into…”

“…Brian?”  A CB radio installed under the dash broke the thought.  “I just heard about Alan.  What are we going to do?”

Brian picked up the CB receiver and replied.  “Tom, we are going to figure out what happened.  What do you know?”

Tom explained the details of the accident.  He explained the chaos when the firefighters opened the door of the truck.

“They said a green goo fell from the truck.  They talked about bringing in the FBI but apparently they got impatient and opened the door.  The blob of green goo then chased off the rescuers.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, that’s what I heard. What are we going to do?”

Brian snapped out of self-reflection and back into work.

“We are going to figure out what this is and defeat it.  That’s what we do.”  Brian pulled from the driveway of his small home and headed toward the accident scene.

A-Z -The Blob – Part 1

Alan’s truck was beaten and ran badly but it got the job done. The strange gelatin sat in a the box he found it in.  The gelatin seemed to move but he couldn’t confirm that and headquarters wasn’t helpful, like usual.  Alan placed the box on the back seat and left the farm.  The pot holes from the dirt road jarred Alan’s old truck but he eventually made it to Interstate 75.  The sun hide behind a set of clouds as it settled in for the night.  Alan turned the truck lights on and drove South.

Nearly two hours into his trip Alan began to get drowsy and he pulled into a truck stop.  He relieved himself, bought a cheap cup of coffee and got back into his truck.  He checked the box in the back seat and noticed the lid sat a little off center and corrected it.  He felt something push up on the lid slightly but ignored it.

Alan got back on the highway, noticed a thumping.  Looked back and saw nothing.

The highway droned on for another hour when the thumping began again.  Alan looked back and noticed the top of the box was jarred again.  He reached back.  He knocked the corner of the lid to the left but the lid leap ajar again.  Alan adjusted the steering wheel before he drove the truck off the road.  He looked back and noticed the box lid was half off.  The gelatin substance rippled.  Alan reached back, grabbed the box lid and covered the gelatin.  As he slid his fingers from the box pain racked the tips of his fingers.  His left hand struggled to hold the wheel straight.  Alan pulled his fingers from the box, noticing the tips were dark pink and pulsing with pain.

Alan held his right hand in a tight fist waiting for the pain to go away.  He listened as the lid of the box leap and slid to the seat next to it.  Alan looked back and watched as the gelatin draped itself over the right side.

A small exit approached and Alan quickly took it.  Street signs posted the name of the city as Grayling as be began to slow down.  Alan listened as the box flipped up and spilled the gelatin.  A small car sat quickly at the end of the exit.  Alan looked back to verify what he heard and slammed into the back of the small car.

Everything in the cab was thrown forward.  Trash in the passenger seat. A pair of jumper cables in the back seat and then the gelatin.  The mass of green gelatin flew toward the front of the truck and struck Alan in the back of the head.  The remainder of the gelatin wrapped around Alan’s head and held tight.  Alan attempted to breath through his mouth only to inhale the mass.  The small amount of air available under his nose was replaced within moments.  The pain started at the bridge of his nose and extended along his cheekbones then the left side of his head.  His lungs screamed silently as they were starved of air.  His face burned as the acidic nature of the gelatin burned away at the layers of skin.  Alan placed his hand over the gelatin only to have the pain transfer to the palms of his hands.  He tried to clear his mouth only to have it replaced by the mass.  After calmly trying to clear a breathing path Alan began to panic and shook his head.  He screamed but the noise was muffled.

Outside of the trunk a young woman stood.  She examined her wounds then looked over the remainder of her car.  She looked at the driver of the truck and stared as the man shook his head like a maniac.  His hands, covered in a green goo, were planted on the driver’s window.