The View

The pungent smell of death was everywhere.  It burned your nose, not like a flame but like a punch to your brain.  The view, outside the garage, was unreal.  Neighbors standing in the corner of the yard staring at nothing.  Body parts dangling from gnawed bones.  Others following the leader beside the privacy fence in the back yard.

“We can head into my house,” Jacob offered.

“No Sharon is in there and Barbara.”

Jacob took in a deep breath in all the commotion yesterday he had forgot that his wife Barbara had been the first to fall.  They were less than a foot from the exit when Michael’s wife Sharon was ripped from his arms.

“Oh god,” Jacob almost fell to his knees and stepped back into the garage.

“You are not dying in that garage by yourself,” Michael whispered.  “I am not going back in there.  Are you going to follow me or not?”

Jacob looked at his friend.  In two days Michael’s face had aged twenty years.  His blue eyes hidden within the swelling of a black eye and lack of sleep.

“What the hell you looking at?  Let’s go.”

Jacob followed Michael from the garage.  They leapt over to the house and followed the outside wall.  At the first window Jacob stopped and looked inside.  Michael continued to the next window.

She was in there.  Her perfect hair screwed up.  Her face long and drawn down.  Her jaw slack and her arms to her side.  She stood staring at nothing till she saw him in the window.  Something flashed inside her and she began forward.  Jacob felt Michael tug at him but Barbara was coming.

“Maybe she hadn’t been bitten,” he thought.  “Maybe she wasn’t part of this.  Maybe all this will go away with one more look at her.”


Michael jerked him to the side just before Barbara appeared at the window.

“Ass!  She was fine,” Jacob shouted then realized what he had done.  He had just alerted ten… maybe twenty infected undead to his location.

Three standing in the driveway woke up suddenly.  Their eyes burst with excitement.  They took one careful step then another.  One of them jolted forward and both men ran toward the front of the house.  They stopped mid-front yard and looked at the view ahead of them.  The population of human corruption stumbling in lines forward and backward.  Lives missing and replaced by a corrosive mental condition called the Darkness.

Ahhhh! Hungry

“Ahhhh!”  Michael screamed, stood against the garage wall and laid his face upon the cold stone.

“Don’t scream, man you will attract more,” Jacob replied.

“Don’t tell me what I already know!”

Jacob stood next to Michael.  “Come on, please dude.  If you lose it what the hell am I going to do.”

Michael sighed but stared at the back of the garage.  He watched the undead remnants of a woman walk slowly past a window.  The woman, no longer human, wore a white wedding dress smeared with darkness, likely blood.  The sight infuriated Michael but he stood perfectly still overtly signaling to Jacob.  Jacob saw the woman and noticed she stopped and stared into the window.  It looked like the woman was curious.  Was she wondering what was inside?

Both men stood statue-still watching as the woman rubbed a nasty hand over the thin glass window but within seconds she had covered the outside of the window in grim.  A minute later she became bored and left.

Michael turned and fell to a sitting position.  Tears fell and welled up for seconds upon the pronounced cheekbones of the 20 year old man.  Jacob stood, silent then turned away struggling to hold back the emotion.

“We’ve been here two days!”  Michael finally said.  “I am hungry as hell.  We can’t stay in here any longer.  Jacob.”  Michael wiped away the tears.  “You are my best friend but if you try to stop me I will kill you.”

“What do you expect me to do, dude?  Stand in your way.  You are a big boy.  I’m just telling you it will be much more painful out there then in here.”

“Starving to death isn’t painful?”

“I don’t know, man, I haven’t gone more than four hours without food.  It feel like I’m starving now.  I have very little energy to do anything.  How are we going to fight what twenty of those things?”

“We have to do something.”  Michael walked across the concrete floor and over to the wooden garage door.”

“I wish I could see through this damn door.”

Jacob stood behind him then banged hard on the door.

“What are you doing?”

Jacob was quiet and listened then said, “If they were close one of them would of smacked the door but it didn’t.  We can try this.  Just far enough to find a house with food.”

Intake – Revision 7

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The chains and iron shackles clanged loudly as the BlackAdder guards helped a middle-aged man from a non-descript white van.  The chains were wrapped around his waist and then followed up his back to a leather strap around his neck.  Erik Lynn Moore did not resist the harsh treatment.  He had been dreading this day for five years.

“Put him next to the others!”  Shouted an overweight man dressed in black.  Upon his shoulders was a pair of red straps that identified him as Sergeant of the Guard.

One of the guards pulled on his chain causing him to stumble.   Erik and the two other guards walked to a line of other prisoners.  They stood in front of a long, double walled fence.  Wrapped throughout the fence was razor wire.  The guards placed Erik between an older white man and a pair of young black men.  Next to the older…

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The Wagon… (Take that Writer’s block.. )

The wagon jerked as the tractor pulled forward.  Erik, Sean Dean and Steve Summers fell from the wagon.  The infected horde stepped forward as all three men struggled to stand.  Erik looked up and watched as an infected, middle-aged woman stood over Steve Summers.  Her eyes were pale and hollow.  The skin on her face torn and hung under her right ear.   Steve screamed as the woman fell to her knees and began to pull at anything that may tear easily.  Steve had fallen on his chest and struggled to turn over as the infected woman tore open his thin shirt.  The infected woman grabbed and pulled at the overweight man’s waist.  Steve screamed as his skin stretched.  His daughter, Kali, screamed as she watched from the wagon.  Erik stood and shoved the infected woman backward.  She fell into the tall grass but was quickly replaced by two other infected men.  Sean Dean stepped forward and helped Erik lift Steve from the ground.  The two infected men stepped forward.  Erik, Steve and Sean turned and ran toward the wagon as it slowly pulled away.

Sean caught the wagon first and attempted to rejoin the others.  The driver of the tractor suddenly fired over the heads of the remaining prisoners on the wagon.

“Get off my wagon!”  He shouted and fired again.

Sean struggled to climb aboard ignoring the driver.  The driver threatened to fire into the small crowd upon the wagon and Sean slid from the wagon.  His brother, Andrew leapt from the wagon followed by Kali and her mother, Andrea.

“What are we going to do now?”  Andrea shouted.  Steve threw his torn shirt into the grass.  He ran to his wife, ignoring the cries of his young daughter.  “We will be fine,” he said as he redirected Andrea toward the right.  A horde of five infected stumbled forward.

“Is this Michigan avenue?”  Asked Andrew as his brother, Sean helped him too his feet. “Let’s go,” Erik said as the infected began to surround them.

The group ran nearly two-hundred feet when Erik stopped and leaned on a small car buried in rust and green vines.

Keep on Fighting

From my City of Zombies draft..

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“Son of a Bitch!  I can’t believe I’m back in a god damn frickn box.  Oh my God, let me the hell out of here!”  Erik continued while he banged upon the iron door that sat in from of him.  Erik paused to take a breath.

“Brother, keep on fighting.  You are worth more alive then dead.”  A familiar voice echoed from behind him.  That sweet Caribbean juxtaposition of French and Spanish calmed him immediately.  “Jean, my God it’s nice to hear your voice.”  Erik said as he look behind him within the darkness.  Behind him he only saw a pair of glowing globes floating just below his chest.  “What the hell!”  Erik stepped backward and fell upon the floor.  Beneath him he felt the scale and slime that was the sirens tail.  “What the fuck!”  The pair of green eyes approached within the darkness.  “Stay the hell where your…

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Midnight Snack

Peering through the windows of the garage Kali could see it was dark.  A fluorescent light flickered highlighting a shadow.  The shadow paced in front of the garage door. “Where did they go,” said one voice speaking to others somewhere outside.  Kali could hear the muffled whispers of other people talking and walking on the tin roof of the garage.
“We have to find them, Aaron is already pissed we wasted another day getting off on zombie blood, said another as he approached the shadow in front of the garage.  “They gotta be in the garage,” insisted the first shadow.  Kali’s heart jumped but the other seemed to dismiss it.  “No, they would of broke into the house first.  We check that.”  Kali watched both shadows move away from the garage door.  She could then hear them upon the roof of the house.  The windows on the second-story were unblocked.  Kali heard the windows break.  They entered the house then screams escaped into night air.  Chills raced throughout Kali’s body and she fell to the cold concrete floor. She looked over to Erik but he was completely unconscious.  Another situation left to deal with alone.  Laughter erupted after the screaming.  A chilling realization that these creatures didn’t care.  Kali stepped forward and stood under the light of the moon.  Her forehead barely reached the high windows on the garage door but she could see the vampire walking upon the roof of the house.  A pair of vampire paced outside the busted second-story windows as more screams erupted.  Kali looked over to see Erik stirring but didn’t wake.   The nurse still lay staring at Kali with her infected gaze.  with hopes that Erik heard the commotion but he was still asleep and the nurse still lay bloody on the concrete floor. Kali looked out the window again only to crouch quickly when a figure leapt up to look in from the other side. “Hopefully,” she thought, “he didn’t see her.”
“Hey, guys I think I found her,” said the young voice to the others on the roof.
“Doesn’t matter, ” said one of the others, “we have fresh meals all in this house. Tony says its a safe house. Let’s go.”
“..but guys,” the young voice protested.
“Come on, dumbass. If you did find her they won’t go very far. Their stuck in a garage.”
“Fine but its your ass.” Kali watched as a young man, not too much older then her leapt from the ground and onto the first-story roof of the house. He then disappeared threw the broken window. The others followed and Kali had to wake Erik.