Opening Scene 2 – Dramatic

A tall blond woman approached a disheveled man sitting beside the front door of First Bank of Ransom. She kicked him hard with a well-worn heel. When he didn’t respond she kicked him again. “Hey, I’m sitting here,” the man shouted. “Oh, it’s you,” he added with a drunken slur. “I think your starting toContinue reading “Opening Scene 2 – Dramatic”

Opening Scene 1

“Loosen these ties that bind!” Erik shouts as he struggles with his bound hands. “If not tie them like a hangman’s noose and send me to heaven.” “Kill me now and save me the struggle of this horrific dystopian life. I do not want to be transported in this archaic way to my death. IContinue reading “Opening Scene 1”

Day 1 – Healing the relationship – COz

So I’ve been discussing the relationship with my novel COz and there has been some more progress during the reconciliation. Thoughts of reworking and organizing bring back excitement and thoughts of grandiose. One issue was character introduction. I initially introduced my protagonist and a small group of supporting characters. I tried to make it aboutContinue reading “Day 1 – Healing the relationship – COz”

Reconciliation- C.O.z

So, as with most relationships, I’ve had consistent thoughts about reconciliation with my ex-novel City of Zombies. Don’t tell him though, this is between you and me. The issue is I am working off a flawed idea. A path for the new novel that I never fleshed out. City of Zombies was maybe 50% completedContinue reading “Reconciliation- C.O.z”