“Every time I try to write about these vampire my mind goes somewhere else, like it’s frightened of the thought of those creatures. Those flying humanoid freaks looked and acted like vampires from books and movies. They thirsted for blood and drained their victim and there was no scientific reason for it.”

It took almost two months of watching at all hours to finally see one of these creatures. The original flyers appeared their bodies thinned out. The originals all had thin leathery wings. The originals were infected but something seemed to alter these creatures to adapt to co-exist with the parasite within them.

The flyers body starved of all human nutrients, needing only the proteins and lipids present in human blood.

The human victims, drained of a lot of blood become pale, listless and many die but the ones that live begin a gradual change to the advantage of the parasite.

The first symptom is sudden weight loss. The weight loss isn’t the only change to the human body. The manipulative parasite changes the human face, extending the teeth and jaw. Psychological changes forcing the human host to take blood and also obsessive need to pass the host infection to a new host.

Many of the books and movies play out that the hosts could just fight off the infection, live a life as a vampire but this isn’t reality. Once the parasite overwhelms the brain the human host becomes even less of a human. The parasite zombifies it’s host but because there is a slow progression many infected get an initial hit of adrenaline. This adrenaline allows for super human strength and thoughts of immortality.

The originals largely ignore the strife of its victims with their own thoughts of immortal grandeur but ultimately the originals are mortal but tougher to kill.

The six originals infected scores of vampire who in turn turned others. This started the Resurrected epidemic. The epidemic spread throughout the large villages around the Black City then outward. The uninflected remaining, targeted the originals killing three but the others escaped and spread throughout the country. Soon the Resurrected began appearing in other places.

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