Resurrected were strong but most of the fear of them came from the anger and determination to kill you. A few of the bodies still struggled to reach us. Others sat still.
“That snake woman is a badass,” I said only to receive a stern look sprinkled with fear.

“Sorry, but it’s true.”

”That’s great,” said one of the guards. “I’ll tell her next time I see her.”

“How did you stop the mob,” I asked.
“It wasn’t a mob. It was only a dozen or so.” He added.
“We helped her.”

”This fool talks all the time,” Sean said as Andrew nodded in agreement. “I bet he didn’t do a damn thing.”

”I secured the bus station with the rest of the crew.”

” You’re full of shit,” Sean said.

”You talk a lot of shit for starting a week ago,” the young guard growled.

“I’ve seen twice as much as you, we can go… let’s go.”

“Sean shut the hell up,” Andrew said. He shoved his brother into the pit wall. “This is not the place to start shit.”

The squad commander pushed the twins and two other guards to push forward through the darkness. The flashlights led the way forward past the entrance and toward a dim light. After several hundred feet we approached a new scene. Ahead of us were multiple subway cars wedged diagonally across the pit. It looked like the scene of an accident. They lead Rebecca and me to a ladder. Above the pit and 50 feet further was another dimly lit station called Station 1.

We entered the station and into a steel door on the left. Up a set of stairs and through a hallway was an office.

Inside the office were cubicles and people working in waist-high rooms.

Rebecca and I were restrained, our hands behind our backs. We were led through the small aisles to an open office door. The squad commander instructed us to wait outside.

After about 30 minutes I watched as a seven-foot-tall snake woman slid from the door. She wore a white blouse covering her human chest and waist. She had a beautiful blond head of hair and a round human head. Below the dress was a brown, scaly torso that tapered off to a small tail.  The end of the tail sat nearly seven-foot behind her.

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