”Sure, let’s do that. That makes a lot of sense.” She replied. “Maybe we can look in the phone book.”

”I’m not that old,” I said being 30 at the time phone books were before my time.

”Maybe we can Goggle it.”

”Goggle it,” I replied with my own laugh. “We could Google it but the internet has been dead for years.”

”What do you suggest?” She asked. 
“I say we go back and make a deal.”

“They’re going to kill me,” Rebecca countered. 

“You’re a vampire, immortal remember?  You’re a supervillain.”

“It doesn’t work that way.  Like with everything vampirism doesn’t work as it says in the fictional section of the bookstore.”

“You have never been to a bookstore,” I said.  “The world fell apart when you were 5 years old.” 

“It’s part of the lexicon of life Erik.  Everyone knows what a bookstore is.” 

I smiled but it was short-lived. 

Something tapped on the door that served as our exit.  It was a gentle tap, which gave away that the Resurrected did not know we were behind it but it wasn’t the only tap.  There was a procession of tapped caused by a mob of Resurrected walking, absentmindedly past the door.  

“Well, we can’t use this door right now.. there is likely a whole troop of these assholes trotting by.” 

“We can’t go back,” Rebecca protested. “I’m not immortal.  They can kill me with a blow to the head.” 

“Ok, sure they can kill you but you can just duck… a lot.” 

“Sure, that will work.. what do you want me to do, bounce around like an idiot who took too much sugar.”  

Rebecca then began to bounce her head and chest around like a boxer sparring with no one.  I laughed, which was not the right thing to do.  

My laughter has always boomed louder than necessary.  A trait that would not normally cause problems unless a hundered-some pack of angry undead is passing buy, just outside the door your sitting behind.  

Immediately, the consequences of a burst of happiness drew in two… four… six then eight hands banging on the door.  The others began to bang on the walls surrounding the door.  

“What are we going to do now?”

“That door still locked?”  

“It is now.” 

“For right now, say nothing else.  We don’t want to give them a reason to bang harder to knock the door down.” 

We sat there for 15 min waiting for the Resurrected to forget about us.  The volume of banging began to slow when the steel door at the bottom of the stairs opened and the baker twins stepped inside.  
“You two prodigal citizens, the Station Commander is looking for you… especially you vampire lady.”  

I tried to motion to the two, who were already obnoxiously loud to be quiet shut up or just not be themselves but both stomped up the stairs in their black garb all the while warning us they were coming up. 

Behind the door, the slapping increased but now the Resurrected were confident something was behind the door and they began to shake the door handle and push.  I had cursed like no one had heard before, it even stopped the twins for a moment and they smiled. 

“Dudes, you need to shut up.  They are going to push through the door.” 

“Nah, they can’t,” Andrew replied.  

“Your nieve.” 

Several additional guards appeared and walked up the stairs.  I waved to stop them.  They stopped, heard the commotion, and began to recede. An old man, far older than you would expect to head up a guard unit appeared and ordered all the subsequent guards to secure the area. Andrew, closest to Rebecca grabbed her and lead her down the stairs.  Sean snatched me and did the same.  As we filed down the stairs other guards, with portable welding kits and iron bits and pieces walked up the stairs. 

“There goes that escape route,” I said which received a cold stare from Rebecca. 

The old man, the Sargent of the guard, ordered Rebecca to be bound and taken away.  I protested. Got myself arrested and joined her. 
The guards led us past Station 2 and past the train car. We stayed in the pit and into the darkness that haunted me about a week ago, but thankfully they had flashlights. The cones of light searching the darkness for danger. We walked in silence till B we stopped at the exit to the bus station. The guards led us around a dozen broken bodies, all Resurrected. The Resurrected were strong but most of the fear of them came from the anger and determination to kill you. A few of the bodies still struggled to reach us. Others sat still. 
“That snake woman is a bad-ass,” I said only to receive a stern look sprinkled with fear of the unknown 

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