The wall was cold as my right hand traced the bumps. The subway was quiet as we concentrated on not falling. I followed the wall for several moments when I heard tumbling bodies behind me. I knew immediately it was the Resurrected. They had broken threw the bus station walls and managed to navigate the stairs… Badly, but they were behind us.

The darkness pressed down upon me as I imagined the violent creatures right behind me.

I was scared to make a noise, to put out any indication of my whereabouts. The Resurrected were blind so darkness wasn’t a problem for them. I was sure they would find a way around the trap soon.

“Keep going forward,” I heard as a grainy, mechanical-sounding whisper.

The whisper did its job and kept me moving forward in the darkness. I heard the Resurrected behind me speaking in what sounded like gibberish. It was a mixture of grunts and nonsensical words. Honestly, it’s the first time I had even noticed they communicated at all.

The realization didn’t help my anxiety at all and I fished through my pockets for a sample bottle of liquor. I kept them everywhere, just so I would have something to get me through in times like this. I found a bottle and drank it. I felt the river of fire trace its way down my throat. I felt the confidence to step forward and did.

After two dozen steps, I thought I left the Resurrected behind but I heard the stumbling stride of the monster behind me and there were several approaching. I picked up my pace. My hand upon the wall.

“Where is the exit?” I finally shouted. My wits had left at that point and I didn’t care but I should of because I heard the shuffling pick up.

“Keep going,” was the response back from the darkness. “We are sending someone to help.”
“Thank god!”

The Resurrected had made up some ground on me and I could clearly make out the grunts and words again. My heart, if only they heard that beating. I would have been in more trouble.

Ahead of me, I heard a noise as something fell over, then I heard the terrifying sound of scales sliding over the ground. This scaly creature slid past me. I clung to the cold, stone wall, unsure what else I could do and I braced for death.

The creature stopped and whispered, “sweetheart, I am Setron. I have no interest in harming you. Just keep going. You will be fine. I will take care of the Resurrected. Do not worry. The doorway is 50 meters forward on the right.”

Setron slid past me and toward the Resurrected. I detached myself from the wall. I marched the last 50 meters and attempted to step into the open doorway. A flash of light behind me caught my attention. I turned to see a woman’s figure sitting atop a huge snake-like body. The mags had a flashlight in one hand and she was casting spells with her other. Unlike the Magician at the gate, this naga was a Taur and a Magician. A very powerful combination. 
The naga seemed to rip shadows from the walls and she was able to bring life to them. Those shadows fought the Resurrected that escaped the trap. Every time one of the Resurrected would approach her or slide past her, she would turn the flashlight on them and her shadow minion would beat them back. 
It was fascinating to watch till someone grabbed me and I went stiff.

“We need to go,” insisted Scotty from the darkness. “I will guide you Setron can take care of those.”

”Are you not fascinated with what she does?” I asked the man, who was now lead me forward and held my hand. 

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