Opening Scene 1

“Loosen these ties that bind!” Erik shouts as he struggles with his bound hands. “If not tie them like a hangman’s noose and send me to heaven.”

“Kill me now and save me the struggle of this horrific dystopian life. I do not want to be transported in this archaic way to my death. I wish to go no further to prove the world of corruption we live in.”

A large guard, clad in a black uniform, approached Erik and shoved him. This caused the other prisoners, tied to Erik, to fall leaving a mass of flailing legs laid upon the ground.

A train, spewing white smoke, blew its horn and approached the concrete floor of the train station. Other uniformed guards mixed within the flailing mass and attempted to help the prisoners.

A smaller guard with a red arm band stood next to the larger guard and shoved him but her smaller stature failed to move the larger guard.

“You idiot. Why? What is wrong with you.”

The large guard growled. “He was running just mouth again, Sargent. I don’t allow such insolence in my prisoners.”

“You run your mouth all the time Private Perry… ie why you still have a dick rank in front. Been in the BlackAdder guard four years right? Clean this up and get the prisoners loaded for the Devil’s Gate.”

The Sargent then turned and left.

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I'm a part-time writer, full time father and programmer. I am still working on City of Zombies but the reality is it is a city of monsters. I try to post weekly but many times I get held up by life and work as an artist.

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