Fear and writing

Let’s talk about what I like to write about, that would be my individual fears. Whatever would potentially scare me keeps me interested.

My favorite shorts are the ones that I was able describe the best. With Charlie, I found I was able to portray the fathers distress over losing his daughter. Followed by the fear that she returned as a serpent with uncertain intentions.

I am certainly afraid of my daughters turning into monsters and forgetting who I am. Imagine meeting and then fighting for your life.

In Big Mouth Billy Stokes I explore a favorite subject of mine. After death retribution. This is, for me, a fear of karma. I try my best to be my best.

My last thought, at least for now, is the fear that you will fail your children. I explored this in The Harkin. A huge alien invasion has struck the earth. Humans have accepted defeat and moved on. What would you do if one just walked down your rural street? It could happen at any time. I have a huge complex when it comes to my daughters. The fear is constant. What if you were in battle mode all the time?

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I'm a part-time writer, full time father and programmer. I am still working on City of Zombies but the reality is it is a city of monsters. I try to post weekly but many times I get held up by life and work as an artist.

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