A divorce of sorts

I think I’m leaving City of Zombies. We are separating. Over 10 years work but it’s just not working out. It’s me City of Zombies, not you.
It should of been an amicable divorce… well…
It will not sign the papers!
We have agreed that huge things need to change. Better storytelling, improved character development. The scenery is atrocious and how did the characters even get where they were?
We have not agreed to separate completely. A full separation where we leave the characters in limbo for the rest of my life.
Can you believe the answer? No, I can’t just abandon the work. I have to WORK it out. City of Zombies even suggested consoling but I’m not ready.
So with the silliness over… lol
I am contemplating re-writing the bits and pieces I do like. Complete character appearance make-over and I am moving the whole world to Shadowlands. Shadowlands is a world I started to build but it got lost because of City of Zombies.
Shadowlands is a mythology based world. It’s an afterlife of our world. You enter using the Spirit of Darkness. A large black steam locomotive. The lifeline of the world are these Spirit trains… oh snap..
There is a Spirit of Light that has been locked up and deactivated. What if… what if they can free that train. Get it working again… nice
So conclusion, City of Zombies is done. Can I make this new idea work?

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I'm a part-time writer, full time father and programmer. I am still working on City of Zombies but the reality is it is a city of monsters. I try to post weekly but many times I get held up by life and work as an artist.

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