Thoughts on Ego

It is difficult trying to be honest with things. Especially writing. Facing the uncomfortable facts that I am not as awesome as I thought I was. Writing something short and coherent is different then writing a long, drawn out novel. I’ve spent so much time on this zombie novel and it’s just not glued together. I don’t think it will ever be completely glued together. Add this to my disappointing attempt to sell a short story on Amazon and my ego has left the building.

The ego, boy does that guy think he is special. Does the ego ever think he is not special? I figure he is just drowned out by reason and negativity. Ego is the only thing that keeps us getting up in the morning. Always an optimist.

“Boy, I’m going to get up this morning and rock it at work,” he says. Till you sit down and find out you screwed up. Slap in the face and bam reason takes over and paranoia.

“Your getting fired,” they say. “Dude, you shouldn’t do this job. You are terrible at it.” They continue. While you ego quietly says, “your doing great. Don’t listen.”

The problem is the louder voice prevails. As humans this is almost always true. Whoever speaks the loudest prevails. No matter if it’s untrue…

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I'm a part-time writer, full time father and programmer. I am still working on City of Zombies but the reality is it is a city of monsters. I try to post weekly but many times I get held up by life and work as an artist.

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