“I hope your not looking for an apology,” Erik said as he entered the back room.

“How’s your shoulder?” Erik added but the tall Haitian man had disappeared into the darkness.

The light from Erik’s flashlight traced prone figures upon the ground. The large room sat quiet except for a moan near the back door.

“Who’s in here! Get out of my store!” Will shouted.

Jean Claude stepped forward with a wounded man in his arms.

“He’s infected,” Erik snapped.

“Not anymore,” Jean Claude replied and walked past him.

“What do you mean not anymore. What did you do,” Erik shouted.

Jean Claude turned and bared his long hollow teeth.

“Oh my god,” Erik began. “I knew you weren’t up here for any good reason. I knew there was something wrong with you!”

“What are you going to do now kill us all?”

A breath of air chilled Erik. Paralyzing him as he stood.

“I’m not killing anyone, even a troubled soul like you. A man so reduced to nothing he can barely stand. I may just save you life one day.”


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