Sir, we are hunters

Several shafts of light approached Erik as he stood behind the steel shelf.

“Sir, don’t be frightened we will not hurt you.” The Frenchman added.

“I’m not frightened you idiot. I don’t want you here in my shelter.” Erik shot back.

“Maybe we should just leave him… no then he would bitch too much. Let’s just kill him.”

“No Sean,” said the Frenchman. “Sir, my name is Jean Claude Anacius, hunter of monsters. My companions Sean and Andrew Baker are also hunters.

Erik’s ankles throbbed. He attempted to lift the plywood trap but the space between him and the wall restricted his movements. Erik watched as the cones of light came closer. The light highlighting an image of Erik within a nearby mirror.

“You know they are after you,” said his doppleganger. They are hunters. They are looking for Erik, the horrible.”

“I did not do what they accused me of,” Erik shouts back. The image disappears.

“Hey, bro… We ain’t judging you,” said Sean, the younger brother. “They got us too. Hell if it was trumped up.”

“Ha…” laughed his brother.

“Just help me,” Erik pleaded.

The trio of flashlights converged on Erik revealing a fifty year old disheveled man. Half of Erik’s face was covered in curly gray and black hair, his head revealed patches of pale baldness.

Presumptive end of Chapter 1

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