Kingsboro Journal

Time for change…

The Darkest Fairytale

Four years now, I’ve hidden in this shell,
Now I’m coming out, I’m rising from hell,
From all the pain, carried from being a child,
I’m turning the page, it’s going to get wild.

I’ll no longer hide, I’ll no longer run,
It’s time to let myself go, and have some fun,
Why should I be alive? And unable to live,
I haven’t learned, what this world has to give.

I can block it out, and I can turn the switch,
I go from passive, to unstoppable bitch,
All is in my control, so get out my way,
A new girl is rising, and she’s here to stay.


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By kingsboro2008

I'm a part-time writer, full time father and programmer. I am still working on City of Zombies but the reality is it is a city of monsters. I try to post weekly but many times I get held up by life and work as an artist.

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