A look into the unknown

Vampire Maman

This morning as I drove my sixteen year old daughter to school I asked her to reschedule a meeting with her math tutor.

She said, “Mom, I’m an adult. I can take care of it. Well, almost an adult. You know what I mean.”

Being a parent is weird because if you do it right, you prepare your child for adulthood. Then when they become adults the bottom drops out of your universe, even if it is just a small drop, the reality is just so final.

Yesterday my brother Aaron asked me to come see something weird at his house, or the house he now uses as his law office. Weird was the key word. Anytime something weird happens he calls me, as if I’m supposed to take care of it, or know what it is, or have a profound thought on it.

When I got there Aaron took…

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