A to Z – Chupacabra

Officer Reyes struggled as the paramedics tried to stop the acidic beast digesting his right leg.  The small, greenish, circular blob inched up his leg as it grew larger.  It wrapped tightly around the officer’s leg leaving smoke and the smell of burning flesh within the small, portable ER.

The hospital was only moments away but the officer’s contaminated leg prevented the ambulance from leaving the scene.

“We have to tourniquet his leg,”  shouted Emily Watson, an EMT, over the noise of the siren above her.

“We can’t get the tourniquet on his leg.  This blob, or whatever it is, keeps moving up it’s leg,” replied the second EMT.

“Grab that bottle of water and dilute the object.”

“It’s acid based and a creature.  Won’t that just push it too the floor?”  Replied the second EMT.  Emily paused for a moment, lost in thought.

“Guys, use this soda ash on the creature.  It causes it to melt into a puddle.”  Sean Baker stood in the large, open doorway of the ambulance with a bag of soda ash in his hands.  “Trust me, this took out the big guy.  The tox guys are mopping him up right now.”

Emily shouted orders and they began to pour the ash onto the officer’s leg.  Within moments the gelatin began to breakdown and fell upon the white sheet below.

“We need to replace this sheet.”  The paramedics replaced the sheet, with help from the hazmat team they contained the remaining remnants of the blob.  The driver of the ambulance pulled forward and headed West toward  the hospital.  Officer Reyes screamed as the team tightened the tourniquet.  The pain overwhelmed him and he began to struggle.  A stone, hidden within his breast pocket, wrestled free and fell, unnoticed between his exposed forearm and side.  Darkness began to swirl within the stone and within moments officer Rayes was unresponsive.

The paramedics panicked but officer Reyes began to dream…


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