How to Make a Book Cover in GIMP

Working on this Right now Wanted to post for future reference and viewing of my readers.

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

I’ve been discussing covers, and I am supposed to be posting the final part – “How to Make a Pesky Back Cover”, however, I’ve changed my mind. I had some questions on the wordpress blog, so I’ve decided to actually do some short tutorials on making the cover – using the three programs I mentioned: Paint brush, gimp, and Paint Shop Pro

We’re going to attempt to make the same basic cover in each program. Though, you’ll see that it won’t look identical, still, the idea is there.

Yesterday I showed you how to use Paint Brush to make an eBook cover, so today I am going to show you how to make the same cover in Gimp. Why are we doing it in multiple programs? Because, that way you can get an idea of the difference between them.

First, you may need to get GIMP. It’s a free program…

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  1. kingsboro2008 says:

    Are you asking me? I have not done any professional work. My artwork and my writing compete for my attention.
    The underwater airplane piece is one of my best works. It’s the first time I placed any of my artwork on anything other than paper and digital frames.
    I appreciate the praise. I need to do more artwork this year.

  2. The book covers you’ve shared are super nice. As a graphic professional & art director I’d say thumbs up. Your illustrations are great (do you do any professional work.) Seriously, I’m not just saying that to be nice. I’m saying that because it is true.

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