The Pie Project

So I am changing gears for a moment.  Stressed out a bit and my writing gets to deal with it..

I have a Project that is bugging me a lot.

The Pie Project

Medium: Acrylic on Glass

Medium II: TBD – I may add a background seen.

Material: Old wooden windows I have stacked in my garage.

The Plan:  Paint a pie in the window and add a scene to paste to the back on the window.  The idea will be to make it look like the pie is sitting on a window sill.

Due date: End of December

I have never set goals for my art so this is new.

I have started on a pencil sketch of the scene.

This should be done by next weekend.  I will then start another in a different medium.  I want to be comfortable before I try to paint this on the glass.

the pie

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