The Marchers — part two

part two

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Erik stared out the charcoal colored windows.  He watched as the two zombies fought as shadows in front of the falling sun.  One of the zombies stuck the window hard and Erik leap into the passenger seat.  He expected to see a busted window but the zombie only managed to clear a section of the window with his face.  The other zombie held it against the glass.  Pulled back and smashed it again.  Erik watched as the zombie blinked then its face disappeared from the window.  Erik waited barely 30 seconds and then crawled forward to the driver’s seat and looked through the window.  Erik opened the door inches when the edge of the door was grabbed and pulled hard.  Erik grabbed the leather bridge that stood over the door handle and pulled the door back toward him.  A zombie growled near enough to his face to make him hesitate…

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