The Marchers.. (City of Zombies part two)

Finally moving forward again 🙂

Monster Hunters – Hunters blog

The zombies marched forward as the prisoners ran.  Erik could see an opening as a zombie marched forward and turned toward the group. He pointed and headed for the opening.  The zombies seemed to noticed the opening and began to close up the gap.  Erik escaped, without any issue but the hungry arms and hands of the infected slapped at Andrew and Jean.  Sean, trailing near the back pushed his way through the group but was swept from his feet.  He fell hard upon the ground.  Needles pressed hard into Sean’s back and he grunted.  An ugly, bruised face stood over him.  The eyes painted white and the nose flattened against its face.  Sean noticed the zombie’s teeth were perfectly sculpted canines just before he was pulled from under the group.  Andrew and Jean pulled Sean by the ankles into the ditch that they stood within.  Erik lay in a…

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