The Pegasus and her Rider

The Ultimate Monster.. I am a huge fan of Pegasaus


I couldn’t believe he had chosen me. I was the youngest and there was nothing extraordinary about me. I hadn’t even learned how to fly yet. But nonetheless, there he was, looking at me. This was the the night I had been waitng for. As he felt my wings, a sensation I had never felt overtook me and I neighted quietly at him as I nuzzled his shoulder. I looked at him and saw that he was different then the rest. I also saw his wings. They were like mine, but smaller and not fully formed. His orange eyes stared at me, leaving me to wonder what was going on in his mind. I noticed how much shorter he was then most of his kind were. Maybe he was like me in more then one way. Maybe he was the youngest. His blue skin matched the light blue hue of…

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