Mitch and Kyle find uneasy shelter

Just dug this up from the archives 🙂

Teraphobia - Two Shades and a World Changed

“What the hell is wrong with you, man?”  Mitch stood over a large bald man.  The bald man lay on his chest with his face buried in dirt on the cave floor.
“He was trying to eat me,” Kyle protested as he slid a small pistol into his over-sized coat pocket.
“You idiot… Mitch shouted.  “…he was talking.  Have you ever seen a zombie talk?”
Suddenly realizing his mistake Kyle stammered…”Son..of..a..bitch..”
Mitch smacked him hard on the back of the head. Kyle turned instinctively and swung.  Mitch dodged the blow but tripped over his feet.  He fell onto the cave floor.  A cloud of dirt rose and enveloped Mitch.
“Stupid ass… I told you not to hit me on the head anymore” Kyle cursed.

Mitch and Kyle had found this cave just hours before.  Prior to that they had fought through the city of Kingsboro then climbed the Grey Mountains…

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