Michigan Avenue

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The day passed as the group walked along Michigan Avenue.  The group walked slowly.  They kept a five pace distance between each other to avoid noise.  Michigan avenue was carpeted with a rainbow of iron colors from abandoned cars attempting to escape the city.  Tall grass grew underneath the cars trapping them in place. The infected were scattered and wandered within the cars.

A fence lay on the ground in front of the group. It lay upon several cars.  Erik stood near the back of the group.  He placed his duffel bag upon a small white car and opened it.  He pulled a bottle of whiskey from the bag and drank what was left.  He then tossed the bottle out into the grassy field to the left.  The others in the group gasp.  The bottle fell near a tall, awkward looking man.  It’s eyes gone and half the face covered in a…

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