Draft 3 – City of Zombies

I updated my opening paragraphs for City of Zombies. It was boring and I couldn’t get a snail to read it… well, if snails read I couldn’t… enjoy.. this is 100% better

Monster Hunters – Hunters blog

The sunlight burned.  Erik opened his eyes to see the sun staring back at him from his feet.  A scream to his right rattled him and another on his left.  Several feet rumbled past him as he got a hold of his bearings.  He sat upon the uneven wooden floor of a hay wagon.  His hands were tied behind his back but he slipped from them easily.  A large tractor moved slowly through the field in front of him toward a large gate.  A second tractor followed from the left side.  The driver of the second tractor struggled as a man attempted to unseat him. A finally blow sent the man backward and into the large rear tire.  The driver screamed at the men at the gate to open it.

Erik watched as the gate opened and two rows of Blackadder troops stepped into hell on earth, which was the city of…

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