Fear and Prejudice

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An old rusty truck bounced hard, falling within a saucer shaped pothole.   Erik lay prone next to the spider woman.  He was thrown into the air and fell upon the bed of the truck hard.  “Damn it!”  He swore as he held his head.  That was before he realized the large abdomen of the spider woman lay next to him strapped to the bed of the truck.  “What the hell?”  He shouted but Ambrosia and Brittany heard nothing.  Ambrosia drove the truck.  The Calico fur ,upon her face, blowing from the wind of an open window.  Brittany, a tall half human/half goat satyr sat in the passenger seat.  Erik banged on the glass separating the cab of the truck from the back of the truck.  Brittany turned and smiled as Erik fell upon his back after the truck hit another pot hole.

Ambrosia slowed the truck and pulled into a…

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