Monster Hunters – Out of the City

My Monster Hunters have escaped the city. These are the further adventures

Monster Hunters – Hunters blog

“Oh my god,” Erik swore loudly while fighting with a sticky mass stuck to his arms and chest.  The thick white goo was shot from the abdomen of a spider woman on top of him.  “Can you stop!”  He shouted before barely avoiding a mouthful of the stuff.  The woman was five foot seven inches tall with a large spider-like abdomen.  Six thin legs supported the abdomen and she stood over Erik and attempted to press a hollow tube through him.  Lucky for Erik his arms were still fairly mobile and he was able to wrestle the thin fangs away from him.  This monster born from the God stone just months ago was still inexperienced enough to allow Erik a chance.  The fangs grew from the palms of her hands extending the length of her arms two feet.  Poison dripped from the ends and had already paralyzed Erik’s legs and waist.  Erik…

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