The Creature Army – Story conclusion

I’ve finished up the book. At least the first draft. I now need to work on draft two.

Monster Hunters – Hunters blog

“Your decision has been accepted.”

Immediately after, a woman screamed.  The scream echoed through the darkness followed by the a chorus of men groaning.  Objects shuffled violently as the darkness again pressed upon Erik’s chest.  He gasp for air but it slid through his clenched teeth like a thick soup.  He took a desperate breath as the groans and screams dissipated.  His head became heavy and his eyelids weighed like steel.

Erik woke.  He opened his eyes slowly.  The scene was painted in screams in front of him.  Ambrosia bounced violently.  Large feathered wings struggled behind her.  Upon the young woman’s skin was a thick fur grey in sections but generally white short hair.  When she screamed Erik could she thin, but sharp canine teeth.  Outside of the room Erik notice other creatures bounding upon the floor.  He sat up slowly.  His head throbbed.  Ambrosia turned her head and stared…

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