The God Stone – Part two

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The God stone felt cold in Erik’s hands.  It was glossy black and began to blur.  Erik shook his head.  He looked up and squinted as the image of Ambrosia meshed with his oldest daughter.  The room stretched sideways then horizontally and finally darkness.

Ambrosia jolted over to Erik’s side saving him from crashing upon the hard floor.  She tried to remove the stone from his hand but screamed.  The stone shot out a frightening electric charge that reached out toward her then retreated.  Ambrosia stood.  Stepped back and wondered what could be done.  Outside of the small room the two large, well armed, soldiers walked slowly through the prison floor looking for both Ambrosia and Erik.  They were followed by a group of green-eyed men slithering down the stairs.

To Erik the darkness was overwhelming.  The air was thick and Erik struggled to breath.  A bright star appeared above…

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