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Nine long steps forward.  Every moment that Erik’s feet hit the leaf-littered the Minotaur stepped closer.  The world slowed as he recalled stepping through the gate of the city.  Watching the men die in the field.  Innocent men torn to pieces because of corrupted human laziness outside the walls.  The easy way out, Erik enjoyed the easy way so why was he leading a gaggle of stupid humans to their death in moments?  It was a valid question, he thought as he stepped forward again.  The Minotaur snorted blowing crap from his enormous nose.  “This is a stupid plan?”  Erik suddenly thought.  Erik stepped forward with his right foot.  Kicked his left foot from beneath him.  He leaned to the right and aimed for the large hybrid human monster’s feet.  Erik flew through the air like a human 2×4.  Stiff and tough as nails, Erik landed right at the Minotaur’s…

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