The Black Glove (a very short fairy tale of no consequence)

Vampire Maman

My daughter (aged 15) and I have decided that we’re sort of tired of the Cinderella story and won’t be seeing the new zillionth remake. Honestly if a man can only recognize a woman by her shoes I don’t want my daughter dating him. I did like the version with Drew Barrymore called Ever After (1998). So I’m taking about ten minutes to pound out my own version of the story. Stay with me folks, I’m making this up as I go.

Cinderella as told by Vampire Maman

Once upon a time there was a man without a wife. He was alone in the world with his small timid daughter called Elenore. As a horrible judge of character and a wimp who couldn’t raise a child on his own, the man married a woman who only loved him for his money and social standing. It wasn’t a lot of money but…

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