The fall of the Queen

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“Gabriel!” shouted Erik as the vampire pushed upward and toward the center of the city.  Erik repeated it loudly but the vampire continued forward.

The Queen lay upon the ground.  The soldiers she fell upon stood over her.  They were hurt but still alive.  The joyous attitude of the army suddenly turned.  Anger beat back any progress the Network had made by defeating Gabriel’s army.  The zombies still fought and clawed to turn the human survivors into dinner.  They created a parameter around the Queen.  “Even in death,” Eric thought, “she was still the most beautiful creature.”  The queen wore a torn white dress.  The boots she wore underground were replaced by bare feet, decorated with cherry red toenails.  Her large wings were broken.  One folded behind her, the small bones within the wing broken and tearing from the skin.  A vehicle approached from behind what was left of the…

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