Never Been Human

Vampire Maman

Sometimes we leave lovers because they’re rude and stupid. Or we are with them in the first place because we’re stupid. Being lovers with someone with warm blood and a short life span is usually extremely stupid as far as I’m concerned.

A long time ago (a very long time ago) I was involved with one of them. I went out into the morning sun and closed my eyes, feeling the warmth on my sensitive bare skin.

He said, “You do that because you miss being human.”

I said, “I’ve never been human.”

“Pity,” he said, “you would have been good at it.” Then he thought for a moment about what I’d said,  “Excuse me Jewels, what do you mean you’ve never been human?”

I left him but not before making sure he’d have nightly horrifying nightmares for the next three years. Lucky me. I’m a Vampire, I can do…

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