Erik, the Brave

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Patrick walked into the store.  He stepped over the aluminum shelf.  “What’s up?”  He asked.  Erik hadn’t shaved in weeks.  His hair was wrapped in natural oils and other bodily fluids.  It stood at attention in several places upon his head.  “What’s up with you?” Erik whispered, cleared his throat and repeated.

Patrick smiled.  “Fighting vampire and zombies, here.”

“Looks like it,” Erik replied.  “Enjoy yourself.”  Erik turned the large man around and showed him the door.  “Dude, you look familiar outside of the crap in your hair and the beard.  There was once this man, called Erik, the Brave.  That has become his name.  He is rumored to be unkillable.”

“Is that so.”

“Yeah, and you look like him.”

“Your full of crap,” Erik snapped.  Patrick laughed.  “I think you are the one full of crap.”  He then pulled a dark mass from Erik’s hair.  “Don’t touch my hair!”…

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  1. Vampires and zombies always make for an incredible mix. Great story!

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