Message from the Queen

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Erik stared at Kali.  Her abnormal, elongated face, stared back within the leather restraints that bound her.  “Death would of been better,” Erik thought.  One of the human guards stayed with Erik.  The atmosphere within the underground changed immediately after the notification of the zombie breach.  The organization broke down.  Vampire and human ran around aimlessly.  Siren approached him slowly from behind.  There was a round ball-like mass on the end of her tail that banged into the iron framework of the walkway.  “What are we going to do now?”

Erik noticed a vampire pushing through the crowd below.  He knocks of a small wooden concession stand and looks up toward the survivors.  He then stretches his wings outward forcing several humans to duck out of the way.  They begin to complain but he ignores them.  He screams at them to move as they squeeze to close to him.  He…

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