Ground Rules

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Erik stepped forward from the dark room as Siren’s long tail slid through the room.  Several things fell from shelves as the tail unconsciously knocked them over.  “Could you be a little quieter?”  Erik looked back to see only the creatures green eyes staring at them.  “Damn it.. that’s just too creepy.”  Erik attempted to push the door forward but stood quietly in front of the beautiful queen of the vampire.”

“I have come to retrieve you but it looks like you have already unlocked the door.  The queen will be unhappy when I report this.”  A large human guard said as he let Erik and Siren from the room.  “The queen sits within her room.”

“I want you to free Kali!”  Erik demanded.  “I am not authorized to do that, sir.”

“I don’t care!” Erik began toward Kali’s room when the human guard quickly shoved him into the hard…

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